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Dr. Raj Reddy's presentation at QITCOM 2011


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May 24 | Day 1 | INNOVATE

Session 2: Digitizing Arabic Content - Lead the Way

Speaker: Dr. Raj Reddy, Mozah Bint Nasser University Professor Of Computer Science & Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Topic: Online Digital Content: Unfinished Agenda

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Dr. Raj Reddy's presentation at QITCOM 2011

  1. 1. Online Digital Content: Unfinished Agenda Raj Reddy Carnegie Mellon University May 24, 2011 Talk Presented at QITCOM Doha May 24, 2011
  2. 2. Digital Libraries for Digital ContentLandmarks 1975: Stanford Connection  McCarthy Proposal 1981: The French Connection  Centre Mondial Informatique Marseilles effort 1995 to Present: CMU Connection  1995: Electronic Library Workshop  1996: MCC Austin Workshop on DL  1997: Shamos – Scan everything  2001: NSF Funding and Launch of UDL: Start scanning books  2003: MBP MOU signed  2005: First ICUDL Conference
  3. 3. The Grand ChallengeCreate Access to All published works online Instantly available Anywhere in the world Searchable, browsable, navigable In any language By humans and machines
  4. 4. The Challenge:
  5. 5. BooksTitle Structure Des Molecules Title Rig Veda Title Jawahar Ali JoyviyahAuthor Victor Henri Author Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya Author Dr.Ilyas lomasLanguage French Language Sanskrit Language ArabicSubject Chemistry Subject Philosophy Subject Metrology
  6. 6. News PapersArchive 1000 Newspapers for 1000 years
  7. 7. Magazines
  8. 8. Paintings
  9. 9. Music
  10. 10. Movies, Video, Lectures
  11. 11. Monuments
  12. 12. Million Book Project: Research Challenges Providing Access to Billions everyday  Distributed Cached Servers in every country and region Easy to use interfaces for Billions Multilingual Information Retrieval Translation Summarization
  13. 13. Million Book Project: Policy Challenges  Compensating for Creative Works  5% out of copyright  92% out-of-print and in-copyright  3% in-print and in-copyright  Options  Tax Credit  Usage based Government funded compensation  Analogous to Public Lending Right in UK and Australia  Usage charges to the user  Compulsory Licensing  Digital Submissions to National Archives of all books that are “born-digital”
  14. 14. Can we do it?The Grand Challenge: Create Access to All published works online Instantly available In any language Anywhere in the world Searchable, browsable, navigable By humans and machines
  15. 15. Unfinished Agenda DL of Music DL of Newspapers and Magazines DL of Lectures DL of Talks DL of Monuments
  16. 16. Next Steps for Digital Contetnt Business Models have overtaken some of our Agenda  Google, Apple and Amazon already provide access music, movies and books  Criterion: willingness to pay for content  Content of Long Term interest and value may be lost Setup an International UDL Society to promote archiving and data permanence of all content, especially content of marginal value today  To change national policies including digital copyright conventions in support Digital Archiving  Create National Digital Archives of content of all media types:  Book archives  Newspapers, Magazines, Scholarly Journals and other periodicals  Paintings archives,  Music archives,  Lecture archives,  Movie and TV archives,  Monument archives: Virtual Tours  Provide technical support for digitization, annotation and storage of archival content  Research into digital preservation technologies
  17. 17. Title Rig VedaAuthor Pandit Sriram Sharma AcharyaLanguage SanskritSubject PhilosophyPublisher Sanskriti Sansthan BareliYearAbstract Rig Veda is the oldest of the Vedas. The Rig Veda is the oldest book in Sanskrit or any Indo-European language. Many great Yogis and scholars who have understood the astronomical references in the hymns, date the Rig Veda as before 4000 B.C., perhaps as early as 12,000. Modern western scholars date it around 1500 B.C., though recent archaeological finds in India (like Dwaraka) now appear to require a much earlier date
  18. 18. Title Gulzar-A-BadeshaAuthor Khader BadeshaLanguage UrduSubject LiteraturePublisher Namipress, ChennaiYear 1919Abstract Literature
  19. 19. Title Structure Des MoleculesAuthor Victor HenriLanguage FrenchSubject ChemistryPublisher Taylor and FrancisYear 1925Abstract This is a unique book that explicates, in detail, the structure of molecules and touches upon certain specific characteristics of molecules with particular reference to Benzene