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IN PICTURES | Sierra Leone Civil War (1991 - 2002)


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The terror & brutality of civil war gives way for a hopeful renaissance of peace, justice, order & prosperity for the Sierra Leone people.

This story in pictures, of the devastating 10-year conflict that plagued the West African country, ends with resounding optimism and hope. Ernest Bai Koroma was named President in 2007, after successful democratic elections. The brutal & villainous warlord, Charles Taylor, is currently on trial for crimes against humanity, in the Hague.

IPPSL, Inc., a Washington D.C. based 501(c)3 nonprofit agency, has been working toward public sector reform, while in partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, since 2008.

IPPSL | Intl. Professional Partnerships for Sierra Leone, Inc.
2042 SWANS NECK WAY | RESTON, VA 20191 USA | +1 202 390 5375 [PH] |

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