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Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool


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Do you use social media as a customer service tool?
Now it is more important than ever to be on social media and communicating with consumers. What are you waiting for? Here's some tips on how to start.

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Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

  1. 1. HowtoUseSocialMedia as a Customer Service Tool QCSS Inc.
  2. 2. What you'll be learning - Social media insights - How to use different social media platforms for customer service purposes - How to use social media as a tool - How NOT to use social media as a tool QCSS Inc.
  3. 3. Insights - Facebook has about 2 billion users - Instagram has about 700 million users - Twitter has about 328 million users - Snapchat has about 300 million users - LinkedIn has about 106 million users Social Media Some facts about social media Source QCSS Inc.
  4. 4. Facebook And Customer Service - Facebook tracks the response rates of companies, so respond QUICKLY - Monitor Facebook daily - Use the platform to address product or service issues - Be transparent QCSS Inc.
  5. 5. Instagram - Be sure that your brand is using the business profile that Instagram offers - Provide a URL, phone number and email address on the account - Track and use the analytics to see information about followers - Use direct messages to reach out to consumers Customer Service with QCSS Inc.
  6. 6. Twitter - Carry serious customer service interactions over to direct messages - Use the Customer Feedback tool that Twitter has been rolling out - Think about getting a direct handle solely for customer service purposes Customer Service with QCSS Inc. Twitter is a very public platform
  7. 7. Snapchat Tackling Customer Service - A simple and quick way to address consumers - In real time especially if your brand is using video - Not a very public platform, but don't ignore customer complaints and concerns - Gives you the opportunity to call a customer, right away without a number - Puts a face / faces to your brand QCSS Inc.
  8. 8. LinkedInAnd Customer Service - Encourage client and customers to like your business page - A great platform to connect with consumers personally - Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from connections LinkedIn is a more professional social media platform QCSS Inc.
  9. 9. Social Media DO: - Monitor social media platforms all the time - Acknowledge the genuine things that your followers are saying about your brand - Use your personality - Have fun with your followers - Find ways to stand out against competitors - Acknowledge complaints and issues Best Practices on When Dealing With Customers QCSS Inc.
  10. 10. Social Media Worst Practices DON'T: - Ignore complaints or issues - Ignore any type of engagement from consumers - Be rude to people who reach out to your brand on social media - Think you're being witty and funny when you're actually being rude - Post low quality content - Ignore analytics that are being provided to your brand through social media QCSS Inc.
  11. 11. Thankyou. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are QCSS. Quality Customer Service & Sales. QCSS embraces communication & innovation to transform human interactions into powerful & passionate customer experiences.