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Qcm Service Brochure


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A brief synopsis of our consultancy services, including case studies, hints and tips and data regarding renewables and sustainable marketing.

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Qcm Service Brochure

  1. 1. IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT book of know, a little how
  2. 2. Construction marketing that’s based on know, how not Know-it-all Ask anyone who they’d like as the surgeon carrying out Eco no-nos and Eco know, how their operation or the pilot flying their plane and they’ll be keen to put their welfare in the hands of experts. But The PR battle to be greener than the next guy is sweeping when it comes to marketing, it would seem that the industry. After all, where there’s a marketing everyone’s an expert. At least, they’d like to think they bandwagon, there has to be a willingness to jump on it, or are. But devising and delivering marketing strategies risk being left behind. that add value to a business and revenue to its bottom line requires much more than a know-it-all approach. It But real marketing, with strategy and substance, is about requires a genuine knowledge of the sector, an in-depth much more than jumping on a bandwagon. It’s about seeing understanding of the business and an ability to integrate the potential opportunities – and obstacles - ahead and marketing know-how with commercial goals all the way having the vision to plan them into your marketing strategy down the line. with clear commercial goals. In the construction sector, that’s a tough ask. It’s a That’s why the kind of green wash that some construction sector that covers, from £multi-million developers to tiny, sector firms are using to masquerade as credible specialist contractors, adding up to a vast array of environmental credentials is simply transparent. This is not products and services. It also involves lots of the latest marketing fad with a number of off-the-peg different routes to market and each layer of the supply marketing initiatives that companies can use to be trendy: it’s chain equates to a different marketing audience, each a commercial reality and it’s here to stay. with their own agenda. Our understanding of sustainable construction is helping us What that means for the marketing team is a complex develop all our clients’ eco credentials. Part of our approach task of defining the proposition and the audiences, is to interrogate their commercial strategy, question their selecting the most effective route to market, establishing green credentials and seek out the opportunities that will a brand that will stand out from the crowd and benefit both their reputation and their business. communicating both the brand and the proposition ef- fectively to all the potential audiences. A one-size-fits-all Yes, being seen to be green is important; increasingly so. approach to communicating with all stakeholders simply But the substance behind that green PR machine is business won’t work, particularly in these recession-bruised times. critical and we work with our clients – often introducing them If marketing is really going to be visible on the bottom to specialist partners – to ensure that their green strategy is line it has to be strategic, targeted and demand a clear credible, viable and robust. commitment right at the heart of the business. Here are just a few of QCM’s ‘Eco’ clients: All of that takes expertise. Not all marketing consultants who say they are construction industry specialists really understand the sector and not all marketing consultancies will ask you what they need to know instead of just acting on what you tell them. Taking the energy out of data cooling solutions We will. And that’s QCM know-how. Real construction expertise, no nonsense. RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS WATERPROOF INSULATION BOARD
  3. 3. uest construction marketing know, how
  4. 4. Marketing consultancy know, how How do you select a marketing consultancy to help you tricks, that’s not an approach that works for us. Instead, we deliver a marketing plan that works strategically with the will look at any issues or opportunities within your business company’s commercial goals and delivers tangible results? with our marketing expert’s eyes. Product development, sales performance, market conditions: they are all It’s a killer question. But to us, know-how begins with marketing issues and we’ll throw them all into the mix to knowing how to ask the right questions and until we really design a programme that delivers the outcomes you’re know our clients – warts and all – we don’t really know looking for. anything. The Know, How Then it’s about applying our expertise to your business and We’re marketing people, you’d expect us to be able to ‘talk your aspirations for that business. Our research into your the talk’, but that doesn’t actually make us experts in the marketplace and our ability to get under the skin of your construction sector, right? business is only part of the story. It establishes our starting point and informs us what we have to work with and what And the proof of our expertise lies not only with our client we’re up against. But then it’s time for the next killer list. Our people have actually worked in the construction question: Where do you want the business to go next? industry; we understand how the industry works and its culture. We’ll respond to it with can-do. We’ll make sure we understand your commercial strategy, sales objectives We’re proudly and undeniably down to earth. Which is why and the challenges of your marketplace. That combined we won’t try to make your business fit a pre-conceived with our experience will ensure we develop marketing marketing model. We’ll observe your business, analyse programmes that consistently deliver improved business its requirements and design a programme to deliver. No performance. short cuts and no stereotyping.......but no long-winded naval gazing either. After all, marketing spend shouldn’t be about spending a budget, but about investing in the company’s future. We’re called QCM (Quest Construction Marketing) because that’s all we do – marketing for the construction sector. The Challenge Next question: What do you want your customers to do? Is there really such a simple approach that will deliver Effective marketing doesn’t just reach your stakeholders; it tangible results? motivates them to do something. That something could be as simple as understanding your business. It could be as There is when you know how. ambitious as recognising your company as a leader in the marketplace. It could be as fundamental as ringing you up to place an order. Whatever the desired action is, QCM will base our strategic advice and tactical programme on achieving it. How do we do that? By looking at your business as a whole. While some marketing consultancies may consider marketing in isolation and pull tried and tested ideas out of their bag of
  5. 5. Did You Know?.... Having an online presence is essential – but simply being online isn’t nearly enough. CONSTRUCTION, ELECTRICAL and MECHANICAL For example, with so many architects and CONTRACTING MADE EASY specifiers now sourcing products digitally, building products firms need to integrate their online Sharon Henderson Managing Director Quest Construction Marketing Ltd presence with their sales Merrehill Leek Road Gawsworth Macclesfield SK11 0JQ 17 December 2008 and technical support Dear Sharon departments to offer a Contracting Made Easy This is an example of how the proposed new corporate dentity for our client Marmox UK Ltd would look when applied to stationery. totally joined-up service. TKR is a company changing the way contracting Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Fusce iaculis forte. Pellen- within the construction industry operates. The website can and tesque ligula tortor, cursus eget, se lobortis eu, iaculis vel, nunc. Proin consequat felis quis ligula pellentesque habitant morbi tristiquesenec et eu turpis. A truly unique service offering, the company consists of the attractive TKR service offering: Phasellus feugiat congue erat. Vivamus lacinia dignissim dui. partnership between a building contractor, electrical contractor and • Design and build mechanical contractor, all experts within our fields. • Refurbishment • Data centre infrastructure Integer cursus mauris imperdiet dolor. Vivamus fringilla fermentum enimem. Ut purus mauris, congue eu, gravida sit amet, aliquet et, justo. Phasellus blandit sodales should be a one-stop resource with Acting as a single point of contact for a wealth of specialist services, • Acoustic engineering lorem. Phasellus laoreet sollicitudin libero. Etiam est dolor. TKR offer an innovative, cost-effective and flexible solution to securing • Electrical engineering all the experienced contractors you need to deliver a project on time, • Mechanical infrastructure downloadable catalogues, in budget and to specification. Kindest regards We have an impressive client list and an enviable track record that spans both new build and refurbishment projects across commercial, industrial, leisure and technology sectors. specification tools and email response quotations. “The Plaza is a showpiece building for Bruntwood in Liverpool and we have since made it our own headquarters. To reflect this, we needed to ensure that the fit-out was of the highest quality. TKR took a very professional approach to delivering the project within this challenging environment.” Bruntwood uest construction marketing know, how
  6. 6. PR consultancy know, how From time to time a company appears that, out of Case study: Stanley Security Solutions nowhere, seems to grab all the headlines, win all the awards and become the name on everyone’s lips. Often, A UK market leader in the design, they’ll have been around for years, then, suddenly, they installation and maintenance of security, seem to be everywhere. It’s no co-incidence, it’s just communication and time management effective PR. solutions, Stanley came to QCM for help with its PR. Whether it’s ensuring your customers read about you in all the right places, communicating specific messages, Our campaign focused on both news and feature editorial in relevant trade publications, plus vertical media and making them feel valued or converting leads into sales, online coverage. We also developed a bank of case studies to PR should lie at the heart of any marketing programme in support the PR programme and provide sales collateral. construction. Consistent results for 2 years; average of 10 individual pieces We know how to make that happen. Seamlessly, of coverage per month; articles in over 30 key trade magazines; consistently and with the kind of passion that ensures 3 x advertising equivalent; attended national sales meetings your customers know you’re great at what you do. Stories culminating in an increase in demand for marketing and PR without substance might get you on a few tender lists but support. they won’t actually help you win the tenders. What we do is help you identify the messages and stories that will set Sales team activity utilising marketing materials to help improve your business apart – in print and online. results. Our creative approach will ensure that you maximise the PR potential of everything you do and we’ll leverage our Did You Know?.... media contacts to make sure your key journals don’t just cover your business, they understand it too. A soft approach to PR can often be more effective than a more obvious opportunity to ‘plug’ the company. By-lined opinion Of course, PR doesn’t begin and end with the media. In pieces provide an opportunity to make the company the ‘voice of the industry’, positioning you as the experts and offering you many ways, the media is just the middle man. That’s why an opportunity to set the agenda in the media. QCM also believes in driving direct communication between our clients and their clients. That could be Third party endorsement is also a useful tool: finding through corporate entertaining, exhibitions, online forums opportunities to co-author features with clients strengthens and social networking or the humble customer letter. relationships and results in excellent media coverage. Whatever the tactic, our approach means that it will be targeted, strategic and integrated with your commercial goals. We know how to help you say the right things in the right ways to the right people. uest construction marketing know, how
  7. 7. Brand consultancy know, how In any recession – and the construction industry has Case Study: CryoCentrix survived a few before now – it’s not the companies with the biggest advertising spend that weather the storm most When our client decided to leverage its expertise in effectively, but the ones with the strongest brand. providing a ground breaking innovation in cooling for the data centre sector by launching a specialist system, it came That’s because, while advertising is all about being visible to QCM to develop the strategy for launch. - right here, right now - brand is all about substance: a long-term commitment to building a proposition that We began by recommending a brand and name and created customers both trust and understand. a brand expression which defined the proposition. Following a structured brainstorming process the name ‘CryoCentrix’ At QCM, we believe that branding is about communication, was chosen along with the strapline ‘Taking the energy out not decoration. It is the basis for all marketing as without a of data cooling solutions.’ strong brand to bring all the strands of a marketing programme together, communications activity risks From here, we created a complete marketing programme becoming a series of disparate noises. That’s not just including an image style, literature, online presence and PR. wasting budget; it’s leaving the company vulnerable to The brand was launched at the world’s largest data centre fading into the background in an increasingly competitive exhibition, Datacentre Dynamics. market. Brand positoning has already set them as one of the major Branding requires a clearly and succinctly defined purpose specialists in the market. The launch garnered 50 new blue and proposition. That’s why it’s important to work with an chip-class leads and a database of more than 1,000 new expert in the sector to understand what you do, what contacts. challenges you face. The brand needs to differentiate not just the product or service but the way in which it is Ongoing PR and targeted direct mail post launch has delivered, that will inspire trust and loyalty. ensured that the CryoCentrix has maintained the brand’s momentum. We help you develop your brand values and put them at the heart of your communications activity, from visual concepts right through to sales processes. We work to sustain and build brand equity, providing a tone of voice that has synergy, individuality and distinction. energy Branding is the difference between a company people know and one that they believe in. We know how to make that difference. Taking the Ta k i n g t h e e n e r g y o u t o f d a t a cooling solutions out of data i centre solutions
  8. 8. LIKE TO KNOW MORE CALL OR EMAIL US For more information please contact us: QCM UK LLP Electra House Electra Way Crewe Business Park Crewe CW1 6GL Telephone: 01270 270 027