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French industrial quantum use cases: EDF


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French industrial quantum use cases: EDF
Stéphane TANGUY - CIO & CTO at EDF Labs, EDF, France
Quantum computing main use cases at EDF: material ageing modelling, safety probabilistic study and combinatorial optimization for energy management. Explore the EDF quantum journey to address them.

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French industrial quantum use cases: EDF

  1. 1. ORGANIZED BY JUNE 20TH 2019 French industrial quantum use cases Stéphane TANGUY CIO & CTO EDF Labs, France
  2. 2. | 2 Oser le futur et innover au présent Quantum computing @ EDF Labs Stéphane Tanguy EDF Labs CIO & CTO
  4. 4. Generation (Nuclear, Renewable, Hydraulic, Thermal, Environment) Network / Smarties (smart-grids, smart-cities) Energy Management COMPUTING ALL OVER THE GRID !! PHYSICAL SIMULATION AND DATA ANALYSIS Nuclear : a particular domain • TOP 100 HPC machines - 700 Million CPU hours per year • Unique simulation code portfolio covering major domains of Physics • >500 Engineers/year either developing code or delivering HPC based studies • Total of 120 PHD students Computing assets & resources to deliver
  5. 5. | 5 MAIN USE CASES FOR QUANTUM COMPUTING @ EDF MATERIAL AGEING MODELLING SAFETY PROBABILISTIC STUDY Modelling ageing phenomena's with quantum physic laws Stake : foresee material ageing patterns to gain operational margin. Contribute to regulatory studies for ASN IRSN Decision support tool for real time risk analysis Recalculate risk based on operation current state and maintenance operation Avoid roll back in case uninttended events COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT Smart charging : optimizing VEs charging for the grid operator/charging operator/user Decentralized energy systems, exploiting large data volume
  6. 6. | 6 EDF APPROACH TO QUANTUM COMPUTING 3. Experimenting & feed back loop QAOA on ATOS QLM, Pasqal (Quantum annealing start up) 1. Exploring What does it mean for EDF ? Where to start ? Main uses cases ? Our quantum journey PHDs (LORIA, LIPN..) H2020 Pasquans Project 2. Building our eco system Academics, Industrial & Quantum machine providers Teratec, CIGREF .. Courtesy of Institut d’Optique
  7. 7. | 7 QUANTUM ALGORITHM FOR OPTIMAL BATTERY OPERATION Every battery model has a capacity, a power range and a lifetime (charge cycles). When a battery is used, either to deliver capacity or frequency response, it ages. Before investing, the financial scenarios are investigated using forecasted prices. To integrate higher volume of renewables, EDF plans to install large batteries on national scale power grids. But optimising the investment and the life time operation of these storage systems is a problem whose complexity exceeds the capabilities of classical computing. This ‘hands-on’ experiment is being developed in the EDF Energy R&D UK Centre. Formulation in a Knapsack problem (NP complex) Adaptation of a recent quantum algorithm (QAOA) Implementation on Quantum Simulator . . . Scope of work
  8. 8. | 8Calcul quantique | 03/2018 #1 FORMULATION An in-depth review of Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm. Working with business experts to reformulate the problem in a standard form: Knapsack. #2 DEVELOPMENT A new formulation of QAOA for Knapsack on Universal Quantum Gates. A novel quantum circuit architecture and subroutines. #3 IMPLEMENTATION AN implementation into the IBM QisKit package. Experiments with a simulator and evaluation of behaviour and sensitivity. QUANTUM ALGORITHM FOR OPTIMAL BATTERY OPERATION (2)
  9. 9. | 9 CONCLUSION ▪ Agnostic position in relation to Qubit technology ▪ We are focused on ramping up our R&D capability to develop/use quantum algorithms ▪ We won’t go alone .. Leveraging multiple partnerships in particular the rich quantum ecosystem of Plateau de Saclay ▪ We welcome initiatives to boost academic training & research capabilities and develop cross domain labs ▪ Realist but positive about the future of quantum computing.. Beware of overhyping !! ▪ Opportunity for Europe to regain some of it’s digital sovereignty