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I server nurse call sales doc

  1. 1. EZcalliServerNurse Call System.EZcall iServer is a powerful wireless nurse call system Voice talk-back option.specifically designed for retrofit installations & system Many wireless call systems do not provide voicereplacements. iServer comprises of a powerful call server communications between the patient and care staff.with mobile and fixed call stations that can be deployed in iServer can.far less time than conventional nurse call devices. iServer also includes various wireless alarm sensors suchUnlike other wireless duress products, the iServer as water, temperature, smoke & heat detectors, motioncontinually supervises all system components and can pre- sensors and door contacts that can be installed anywherealert maintenance before attention is required. The in the wireless mesh to provide additional security.integrated maintenance planner ensures that the system isfully operational 24/7/365.  Protect staff – Staff duress systems have many applications such as psychiatric wards and facilitiesWhen iServer receives an alarm, the system will inform where violent incidents may occur.responders of who activated the alarm and preciselywhere the event was activated.  Protect patients – Wireless emergency call implementations allow elderly care facilities to provide Reduced installation costs – iServer utilizes the added security to their residents & patients. latest in wireless mesh technology allowing a new or retrofit system to be installed in less time with far less  Protect property – Security alarm sensors hassle. strategically located in a facility can be used for theft and intrusion protection. Accurate locating – Many similar wireless systems have difficulties in determining the location of mobile devices. The iServer system will indicate the room and floor where a mobile device was used. Fully supervised – All components of an iServer installation are fully supervised including; repeaters, controllers, nurse call devices and batteries too. Reliable operation – When you use the iServer, there is no guessing if a system component is operational or not. Maintenance alerts indicate all components that need repair or battery replacements. Budget conscious – Due to the reduced amount of system components and simplified cabling requirements, a networked iServer system can be installed for the same cost as a stand-alone wireless duress or nurse call system is less time, providing more features & functions, and for less cost. Copyright 2009 QBsoft Solutions
  2. 2. Medical-Grade Reliability. All hardware components are fully CSA, cUL, ETA, and/or CE rated for their specific application so that you can rest assured that you have the right product for the right application. Multiple Alarm Displays. iServer provides you with the flexibility of choosing how to display alarms. You can monitor alarms on PC’s displays of fixed LED annunciators, or use EZcall’s  Various call device options include; call cords, powerful interfaces that allow responders to receive geriatric call cords, sip-&-puff cords, twitch-switches, alarms while remaining mobile. This saves precious bed exit sensors, incontinence sensors, bed seconds when responding to urgent calls. occupancy sensors, pull cord stations, pendants.  Text messaging alarm events are sent as text messages with the exact description of who initiated the alarm and accurate location of where they are located.  Immediate reply – EZcall enhanced alarm messaging provides the ability for mobile devices to cancel or acknowledge events. Optionally a system can be setup to encourage responders to only cancel events at the point of origin thus ensuring immediate response.  Active floor plan display – If you would like a more graphical display of alarms, EZcall can be sued to display alarms directly on floor plans of your facility. This option is ideal in facilities where security staff turnaround is high. Casual staff respond much faster when they can see a map of where an alarm is.  Send a text message directly from mobile devices to summon additional assistance. This feature also helps to respond much faster to emergency situations.  Activity Reporting allows managers and administrators to review history reports of alarm and response activity. Print an online report of call activity or staff response times without the need of installing complex reporting software.  Call assignment – When EZcall dynamic assignments are used, the assignment window lets your staff assign which alarms to receive on their mobile devices. Staff sign in and out is simple when it is browser based. Powerful Integration.. EZcall iServer ..Made EasyQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144th Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - www.qbsoft.ca - support@qbsoft.ca