EZcall GE telligence sql interface sales doc


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EZcall integrated GE's Telligence

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EZcall GE telligence sql interface sales doc

  1. 1. GE Telligence & GE Telergy are registered trademarks of General Electric Corporation. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. The internet Explorer logo &MS are trademark of Microsoft Corp. EZcall GE Telligence Interface TM Direct SQL Server Interface With Web Browser Alarm Display. Due to popular demand, QBsoft Solutions now provides an Leveraging the power of the web browser. interface directly with the SQL Server of a GE TelligenceTM The EZcall AIC application now includes an integrated web nurse call system. server that can be used to troubleshoot/test a GE Unlike most other interface methods that require a GE TelligenceTM interface. Alarms can be displayed on a local Telergy server to output a TAP string, the new EZcall AIC or remote web browser. TM interface directly monitors the SQL Server database for Monitoring alarms from an AIC on any web browser active alarms. The EZcall AIC (Alarm Interface Client) can provides a powerful tool for deploying and testing this be used to display alarms directly onto a web browser, or interface. The built-in web server can also be used to to forward alarm activations and cancellations to an EZcall display global nurse call alarms on virtually any PC within DCS server for alarm messaging and dispatch. the facility. Setup of the browser interface is simple: This new connection method to a GE TelligenceTM nurse • Install the AIC – Simply install the AIC application on call system can be used in conjunction with an existing GE the same PC as the SQL server or link to it (remote- TelergyTM integration, allowing a single GE TelligenceTM connection not available when using MS SQL TM nurse call system to be interfaced to multiple output Express). systems. • Setup the web server – Enable the web browser • Independent – The EZcall AIC only monitors SQL server and select an IP address and port to use for database activity and in no way interferes with the browser connections. The web server operates without normal nurse call system activity or with TelergyTM. the need of using the MS IIS Service. TM • Reduced integration costs – The EZcall AIC does not require or rely on a complex GE TelergyTM • View alarms – Activate alarms on the nurse call system, open a browser on any networked PC (using integration platform for operation. This allows various EZcall output clients and systems to take full advantage the servers’ IP address and port as the URL), to view alarms in real-time. of system alarms with less interface requirements. • Simplified interface – The EZcall AIC interface client is very simple to deploy on any GE TelligenceTM server and can be setup and running in less than ten minutes. • Reliable – Even when used together with a GE TelergyTM integration package, the QBsoft AIC interface will continue to operate normally regardless of changes made within GE’s TelergyTM Platform. Copyright 2009 QBsoft Solutions EZcall EnterprisePowerful Integration.. ..Made EasyQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144 Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - www.qbsoft.ca - support@qbsoft.ca th