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Data Sheet No. EEW_EZcall_Ekahau_Wrapper_Spec_SheetEZcall™ EnterpriseEEW – EZcall™ EkahauWrapperDescriptionThe EZcall™ Eka...
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Eew e zcall_ekahau_wrapper_spec_sheet


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Eew e zcall_ekahau_wrapper_spec_sheet

  1. 1. Data Sheet No. EEW_EZcall_Ekahau_Wrapper_Spec_SheetEZcall™ EnterpriseEEW – EZcall™ EkahauWrapperDescriptionThe EZcall™ Ekahau Wrapper is a bi-directional interface between an EZcall™ system and an Ekahau RTLS system. TheEEW integrates directly with an Ekahau RTLS server using the proprietary Ekahau XML-based protocol to allow all Ekahaualarms to be received and processed by EZcall™, as well as allowing an EZcall™ system to dispatch alarm messages toEkahau WiFi badge tags. Every EEW networks to an EZcall™ DCS (Display Control Server) over a standard Ethernet LANor WAN network using the TCP/IP protocol. A single EZcall™ DCS will support up to 10,000 supervised EEW clientconnections over a network allowing that many systems to be networked into an enterprise EZcall™ installation. Watchdogsignals are used between the DCS and all EEW applications to ensure reliable communications.Features • TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RS232, RS485 communications support • Secure encrypted server communications • Secure encrypted RTLS server communications • Rapid setup and deployment • Real-time location and alarm information monitoring • Message dispatching to badge tags • May be run as an application or a supervised Windows service • User configurable priorities and messages • Integrated badge tag simulator for testing & troubleshooting • Extensive log reports simplify system troubleshootingSupported Systems/ProductsEkahau RTLS serverEZcall™ DCS serverSystem RequirementsCPU: Intel Core2 Duo or Equivalent, >180MHzOS: Windows XP, 7, Server 2003, Vista UltimateMemory: 2GB minimum (4GB recommended)LAN/WAN: 10/100 (Gigabit recommended)Hard Disk: 60GbInterface: TCP/IP XML-based protocol 1939 144 Street th Surrey, BC V4A 7M7 T. 604.812.SOFT (7638) E. W. www.qbsoft.caSpecifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010 – QBsoft Solutions Ekahau is a trademark of Ekahau Corporation Inc.