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E zcall implementation_guide

  1. 1. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise An implementation guide designed for: contractors IT professionals designers consultants engineersQuick Business Software Solutions Revision 1.2 – January 12, 2011
  2. 2. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy EnterpriseAn implementation guide designed for: contractors, IT professionals, designers, consultants, and engineers Table of Contents Introduction 1 Part 1. EZcall Layout & Architecture 3 Part 2. EZcall Software/Programs 9 Part 3. Applications & Solutions 19 Part 4. System Requirements 23
  3. 3. About QBsoft SolutionsQBsoft stands for Quick Business Software Solutions. QBsoft Solutions is a Canadian software manufacturerthat specializes in on-demand custom interfaces for healthcare. QBsoft Solutions consists of a small-dedicatedteam of software developers in Western Canada who work collaboratively to create the best-of-breed software-hardware interfaces. For the past 15 years, QBsoft Solutions has been providing integration software for carehomes and hospitals throughout British Columbia and Alberta. QBsoft’ flagship platform; EZcall is a full suite ofsoftware applications designed to operate together to provide any healthcare facility a powerful yet easy tooperate interface and integration platform to share and log alarm information across various different alarm andcommunications systems.Our MissionTo provide reliable, customizable, on-demand solutions to improve workflow and help care facilities providebetter, more efficient care and a better quality of life for patients & residents. We strive to provide the bestsolution with the best support at the best price on time.Our Values Efficiency Integrity Innovation Customer Focus
  4. 4. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise IntroductionEZcall is an integration platform made of several to a competing product without needing tosoftware applications. EZcall Enterprise is an completely redesign or replace the integrationexpanded version of EZcall with added functionality to platform and interfaces.provide control over several sites or buildings from acentral location. EZcall Enterprise allows each This guide is provided to describe the structure of anfacility or site to operate independently while having a EZcall Enterprise system and is in not way intendedcentral location for all maintenance and archiving. to be used as a replacement for EZcall classroom training.This guide is provided to describe the components EZcall is a pre-designed software suite. If you find anand architecture of an EZcall implementation. Thisguide will describe how EZcall is used and what it is application or interface that is nor readily provided by an EZcall client or server program, feel free toused for. This document will make you familiar withall of the different components of the EZcall software consult with your QBsoft Solutions salessuite. representative for a customized solution. Please also be aware that we are always improving andThis guide also describes several applications and growing the EZcall client programs, and newsolutions that may be done by implementing an versions are always available with new interfaces andEZcall installation. The applications described within solutions. Always refer to your EZcall salesthis document are only a sampling of the numerous representative for the latest release.applications that may be provided. You shouldconsult your installing contractor for a customizedlist of applications that may be useful for your facilityor installation.EZcall was designed to be the main centralintegration platform for an entire facility. EZcallprovides the flexibility of monitoring event and alarmactivity from all alarm and communications systemsfound within your facility. By implementing an EZcallinstallation, you will also benefit from never having tobe forced into a particular product or manufacturer’solution. With EZcall you can mix several differenttypes and brands of products to all functiontogether, and you may also change from one system 1
  5. 5. EZcall is a non-proprietary,open-architectureintegration platform.Using EZcall does not ‘lock’a facility into using anyparticular product orsystem. EZcall providesthe freedom to choose orchange the hardwareplatform & even mixdifferent brands ofsystems together.
  6. 6. EZcall Layout & Architecture part 1. 3
  7. 7. 1. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Overview EZcall Enterprise is an integration platform that supports various third-party alarm and communications systems. The EZcall software suite includes server-client based applications as well as versatile web browser-based applications to support the different systems and functions. EZcall monitors and logs events from virtually any alarm system and may be used to dispatch alarm messages to other alarm systems or communications devices such as wireless telephones or pocket pagers. EZcall also enhances building alarm systems by providing consolidated alarm management reporting for an entire site or multiple sites, as well as provides added functionality to systems like guard tours or dementia monitoring and asset management. Reliable Client-Server Architecture EZcall uses dedicated client applications for mission-critical components such as alarm system input monitoring, communication system interfaces and dedicated alarm displays. Several client programs may be used on a single PC to help reduce hardware & support requirements. Some client programs act as both servers (or sub- servers) as well as clients, to reduce overall system traffic and complexity. The core EZcall server application is the DCS (Display Control Server), which centrally manages all alerts, databases and message dispatching & display outputs. Client application connections may be setup as connectionless or fully supervised for added security. Includes dedicated client applications as well as web-client support. All client connections are fully supervised.4
  8. 8. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 1.Fault-Tolerant High Availability Enterprise Grade CommunicationsRedundant Server EZcall includes built-in databases with integratedMultiple DCS servers may be implemented in a database management, as well as providesnested master-slave-slave configuration to provide redundant database synchronization to external MShot-standby functionality. SQL databases or clusters.All connected clients will automatically redirect to the EZcall is structured to support multiple systems,slave server if they lose communications with the floors, buildings, sites and users. Information maymaster DCS server. This configuration allows be shared across the entire system or protected tobackup (slave) servers to be implemented on provide privacy for sensitive shared information.different physical locations on the LAN/WAN foradded protection. Client and server data information exchange is secure and encrypted to prevent data snooping andSlave DCS servers may also host a slave server. provide real-time data protection.This allows a single EZcall Enterprise installation tosupport as many redundant DCS servers as desired. There are virtually no limitations to the quantity of operators, clients or systems that may reside on aAll master-slave DCS server databases as single EZcall Enterprise network.synchronized to ensure that no data is lots evenduring device or network failures. This ensures Reduce maintenance, support, upgrade andcontinued operation with little or no downtime. implementation costs by sharing a centralized server. Normal State; Slave Server waiting on standby Slave database is synchronized with the Master Server’ database Failover State; Operates normally using the Slave Server Slave database operates normally Clients automatically reconnect to the Slave 5
  9. 9. 1. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Versatile Browser-Based Applications EZcall also includes a web browser server that may be used to support user applications over standard web-browsers to prevent the need of installing and supporting dedicated client programs installed on numerous PC’s. Most mobile browsers are supported to allow wireless mobile devices to have the same functionality as desktop workstations. All mainstream web browsers are fully supported. Includes full reverse compatibility with older legacy web browsers using HTTP 1.0 Embedded web server is not susceptible to viruses, Trojans, or other malware. Browser-based applications allow EZcall to be operated on virtually any operating system including; Mac-OS, Windows, Unix and Linux. Facilities remain free to use any brand of workstation while still maintaining all functions on the EZcall network across multiple brands and types of workstations.6
  10. 10. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 1.Supported SystemsEZcall has an ever-growing list of alarm and communication systems that are supported and have previously beenintegrated to. Please refer to the most recent list of supported systems for each client application for a detailedlist of the most up-to-date version.Among the different hardware and software systems supported by EZcall, the following systems are supported byoff-the-shelf EZcall applications. Please note that not all systems are shown here and the following list does notinclude custom interfaces that may have been created for specific products or applications; Nurse Call Systems Pocket Paging Systems Intercom Systems Telephone Systems Paging/Sound Systems Wireless Telephone Systems Fire Alarm Systems Message Boards Intrusion Alarm Systems Admit/Discharge/Transfer Systems Wireless Duress Systems Voice Badging Systems Wander Prevention Systems Access Control Systems Infant Protection Systems CCTV/NVMS Camera Systems RTLS/RFID Systems Monitoring Stations Medical Alarm Systems Energy Management Systems Synchronized Clock Systems Staff Scheduling Systems Building Automation/HVAC Systems Fence Detection Systems PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) Asset Tracking Systems Building Entry-Phone Systems Media Retrieval Systems Bed Management Systems Telemetry Asset Tracking/Locating Systems Electronic Medical Records Temperature Monitoring Elevators 7
  11. 11. EZcall Enterprise providesa reliable, feature-richintegration platformsuitable for small, large ormulti-site facilities. Byusing the mobile web-browser engine, virtuallyany device or anyoperating system mayoperate on an EZcallnetwork.
  12. 12. EZcall Software/Programs part 2. 9
  13. 13. 2. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Server Programs EZcall Enterprise consists of a series of different software applications. This section briefly describes each different application and it’s uses within the EZcall suite. Some of the applications are servers, some are clients, and some are both. The DCS (Display Control Server) is the core server program that all other programs report to or receive messages from in one way or another. The EZcall programs are sometimes separated into one of three groups; input programs, output programs, and display/control programs. Input programs receive alarm messages from various hardware systems, output programs send text messages to hardware systems such as wireless telephone or pocket paging hardware, and display/control programs are used on PC’s for management & alarm display. DCS – Display Control Server EMS – EZtext Messaging Server The DCS server is the main central hub for any Similar to EZcall, EZtext is a suite of applications EZcall installation. All input, output and dedicated to PC-to-PC text messaging. An EZtext display/control client programs connect to the DCS server handles all communications from numerous application. Each DCS may have a slave server EZtext personal messaging clients, or LOGINout associated to it to function as a failover hot-standby clients. EZtext personal messaging clients are used server. The DCS application manages all database on desktop PC’s to allow users to text instant activity for an EZcall implementation providing a messages to other similar clients as well as view and central point for system management and archiving. display current status. LOGINout clients provide Only one output client may be networked to a DCS staff in/out and messaging capabilities. An EZtext server, while any number of input or display/control server acts as a client display/control application client programs may network to the DCS. when networked with a DCS application. When used with a DCS server, EZtext messaging clients have MDS – Message Dispatch Server the ability of also sending unified text messages to any EZcall output device. The EMS server also has a The MDS is a subset of the DCS and may be used to built-in web-server that allows the messaging and enhance a DCS. Only one MDS may be used with staff in/out capabilities to function and be accessed each DCS application. The MDS allows multiple using any networked web browser. output client applications to be networked to a single DCS, and handles all output messaging traffic to WAC – Web Access Client keep the DCS free for alarm processing. The MDS also adds output group capabilities to a DCS server. The WAC is a display/control client to a DCS server When an MDS is used, it is typically installed on the that acts as a web browser server to provide same server computer as the DCS application. The browser capabilities for; alarm & graphical alarm MDS also adds email & message centre output display, history reporting, instant messaging, and capabilities to a DCS server. call assignments.10
  14. 14. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 2.Input Client ProgramsEZcall input clients are used to interface 3rd party alarm systems or other components to relay all alarm events andmessages to the DCS server for logging and processing/messaging. Any number of these client programs may benetworked to a single DCS server, allowing numerous systems and sites to all communicate to a centralized server.Some input client interface also include bi-directional communications capabilities with their interfaced system toallow the DCS to also be used to control outputs on the hardware platforms. AIC – Alarm Input Client VKC – Virtual Keypad ClientAIC clients include parsing algorithms able to The EZcall Virtual Keypad client provides an inputinterface a very large number of different alarm and output interface to most commonly usedsystems from nurse call & intercom systems to fire intrusion alarm systems and panels. Using thealarm & access control systems. The AIC also appropriate hardware interface, an intrusion alarmincludes interfaces to several other products system may be controlled and monitored by the VKCincluding PLC’s and industrial i/o boards. An ever- client to allow all alarm events to be monitored bygrowing list of interfaced systems is always being the DCS. The VKC also includes an on-screen virtualadded to the AIC’s list of supported systems The keypad that fully emulates the interfaced intrusionAIC links directly with the interfaced hardware system allowing full control over the intrusion alarmsystem by a serial, IP, or other proprietary method panel as if used directly on a hardware keypad. Anyto receive alarm messages from the 3rd party number of VKC clients may be networked directly tosystem. All monitored alarm messages are a central DCS server, allowing up to 9999 intrusionimmediately forwarded to the DCS for handling. The alarm systems to interface with a single EZcallAIC provides a method of supervising every system system.interface to ensure continued operation. Should asystem or product stop responding, a related NWC – Network Watchdog Clientsupervision alarm will be triggered on the DCS. The The NWC is a client application that may be used byAIC networks directly to a DCS server using a IT professionals to monitor the status of virtually anysupervised TCP/IP communications link. Any network device using SNMP traps, ping, or ARPnumber of local or remotely networked AIC clients calls. Each NWC supervises network devices andmay be interfaced directly with a single EZcall DCS. reports missing devices or other alarms directly to the DCS server. 11
  15. 15. 2. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Enhanced Input Client Programs The input client programs listed on this page act as bi-directional clients. These programs provide alarm monitoring of their hardware systems as well as the capability of sending output messages or controlling output devices on the related hardware platforms. These programs all act as input & output clients for their hardware platforms, able to fully control the hardware and devices. The following client programs (SAS and IWS) may also act as server applications to host any number of WWC clients. WWC (Wireless Wizard Clients) provide alarm display and management capabilities to simplify the addition, editing and removal of wireless devices on the SpiderAlert or Inovonics systems. These two-way clients provide full control of their interfaced systems. SAS – SpiderAlert Server IWS – Inovonics Wireless Server The SpideAlert Server fully controls and manages a The Inovonics Wireless Server fully controls and Visonic SpiderAlert wireless duress system. The manages an Inovonics wireless duress system. The SAS can communicate directly with several SLC’s IWS can communicate directly with several FA or (SpiderAlert Loop Controllers), completely eliminating EchoStream Serial Receivers, completely eliminating the need for using the Eiris software to manage a the need for using the other software to manage an SpideAlert network and transmitters. Any quantity Inovonics network and transmitters. Any quantity of of WWC (Wireless Wizard Client) programs may WWC (Wireless Wizard Client) programs may also also report to the SAS to distribute and simplify the report to the IWS to distribute and simplify the alarm alarm display and wireless tag management on the display and wireless tag management on the associated SpiderAlert system. Each SAS also has a associated Inovonics system. Each IWS also has a built-in web server that allows any PC with a built-in web server that allows any PC with a standard web browser to login to the proper URL to standard web browser to login to the proper URL to view; active alarm, alarm maps, alarm history, and view; active alarm, alarm maps, alarm history, and to manage wireless devices. to manage wireless devices. EEW – EZcall Ekahau Wrapper EGW – EZcall GuardRFID Wrapper The EEW provides a direct link between an EZcall The EGW provides a direct link between an EZcall DCS server and an Ekahau EPE or RTLS server. The DCS server and a GuardRFID Argus server. The EEW receives all alarm messages from the EGW receives all alarm messages from the interfaced Ekahau server and relays them instantly to interfaced Argus server and relays them instantly to the EZcall DCS. This program may also be used to the EZcall DCS. The EGW extracts all tags, user accept outputs from the DCS to activate Ekahau and hardware information form the Argus server outputs or send text messages to Ekahau badge when connected. EGW supports bi-directional data. tags.12
  16. 16. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 2.Output Client ProgramsEZcall output clients are the interface to allow an EZcall system to send text messages to other 3rd party systemsor devices. Only one output client may be used directly with a DCS server, or an MDS server may be implementedto support up to 9999 of each type of output client into a single centralized EZcall network.. CAC – Command Argument Client SPC – Serial Paging ClientThe Command Argument Client is a simple and The SPC allows various on or off-site pocket pagingversatile program that allows output messages to or messaging systems & services to interface withtrigger any command-line argument. This client may an EZcall system. Up to 9999 SPC clients may allbe used by IT professionals to trigger applications, or network into a single MDS server to support multiplecontrol older legacy software or software-controlled systems and multiple sites on a single EZcallproducts or systems. A single CAC may interface to network. Various brands and types of proprietarya DCS server, or up to 9999 CAC clients may all and industry-standard protocols are support by theremotely network into a single MDS server to SPC client including TAP (Telocator Alphanumericprovide multi-site support. Protocol) for on and off-site paging system interfacing. TPC - Telephone Paging Client OCC – Output Control ClientTelephone Paging Clients are the primary text-messaging interface between an EZcall system as a The OCC application interfaces several differenttelephone or wireless telephone system. The TPC output systems such as CCTV & two-way radioincludes interfaces to most popular wireless systems and other messaging systems from a DCStelephone systems such as Spectralink, Cisco, or MDS server. Any quantity of OCC clients may beVocera, and Ascom. The TPC interfaces directly networked to a single MDS server.with a DCS, or multiple TPC clients may all networkto a central MDS server to allow for multiple TTC – Text Talker Clientdifferent telephone systems to be integrated into a The TTC client incorporates several high-end text-to-single EZcall system. The TPC also includes support speech engines that are used to link an EZcallfor other non-conventional telephone systems such network with an external paging or intercom system.as older analog systems and SIP integration into Alarm messages may be automatically broadcastnewer VoIP telephone systems. from a DCS server anywhere on the network. 13
  17. 17. 2. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Display/Control Client Programs Display and Control programs are used on an EZcall network to provide alarm display and management of an EZcall installation. Display clients include various different PC alarm display programs that are used to display on-screen alarm and event messages in real-time. Management clients provide management reporting and call assignment control of alarm messages to output devices on an EZcall network. All of these applications network directly to the EZcall Display Control Server and may be on a LAN, WAN or through the internet. . EDC – Event Display Client PDC – Popup Display Client Up to 9999 EDC clients may be locally or remotely PDC clients may be installed on computers anywhere networked to a single DCS server. The EDC is used on an EZcall network to provided window popup to display textual alarm messages and/or events on messages of alarms and text messages. a PC display screen. The EDC is typically used to be displayed on large-format display screens for an at-a- FCC – Facility Control Client glance view of system alarms and events. Multiple The Facility Control Client is a combination of several EDC clients may be setup on a single PC allowing clients packaged together for use as a dedicated different alarm types, different locations or a EZcall alarm display and control workstation. The combination to be separated and displayed FCC client provides the ability for CCTV camera simultaneously on a PC display. The EDC is generally display & control, alarm display in real-time, instant used an a workstation alarm display screen, or for text-messaging, call assignment, alarm history central monitoring of alarms such as central fire viewing, and many more workstation related alarm and code blue monitoring of multiple sites at applications. facility switchboards. RMC – Remote Management Client TDC – Target Display Client The RMC is a powerful management and The TDC is a unique program that allows facility and programming tool that allows EZcall call points and department managers to view at-a-glance the output devices to be managed remotely from the responsiveness of their healthcare workers. A TDC DCS server. The RMC also provides an easy-to-use is installed on a PC and setup to a dedicated ward or call assignment management tool that managers multiple wards. The manager then sets target may use to alter the instant alarm dispatching of alarm response times and any patients calls left alarm messages to output devices. longer than the target time are instantly reported on- screen and on a large overtime counter.14
  18. 18. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 2.Instant-Messaging Client ProgramsEZcall Enterprise includes several different programs that allow instant text messages to be sent to any outputdevice(s) on the EZcall network. The FCC (Facility Control Client) client and WAC (Web Access Client) also provideinstant-messaging functions in addition to the other features offered by those programs. The following controlclients provide a dedicated instant-messaging interface to desktop PC users. LOGINout and the EZtext PersonalMessenger programs function using an EZtext server, which may operate as a stand-alone server program or as aclient to a DCS server to allow for messaging to EZcall output devices. If EZtext remains as a stand-alone server,LOGINout and EZtext Personal Messenger will only be able to send text messages to other similar client programs. TMC – Text Messaging Client EPM – EZtext Personal MessengerWhen networked to a DCS the TMC program allows EZtext Personal Messenger is a desktop computerthe operator to view a list of the output devices and application that is used to instant-messaging fromgroups on the network and send instant or PC to PC. Any number of EPM clients may bescheduled text messages to any or all output networked to a single EZtext server. Whendevices. The TMC can send messages to any output networked with a DCS server, EPM clients will havedevice from pagers & phones to email and LED visibility to and be able to also send instant-message centers. Up to 9999 TMC clients may be messages to EZcall output devices. EPM clients alsonetworked to a single DCS server. Each TMC also let users set their current status (online, offline,provides full control of LED message centers on the away, temporarily unavailable) for other EPM usersEZcall network. Operators can select a message to see their status. EZtext is an enterprise-classcenter to view current messages being displayed as instant messaging system designed for businesseswell as add or delete messages as needed. and office messaging & collaboration. VAC – Virtual Alarm Client LOC – LOGINout ClientThe VAC client is a customizable user interface that The EZtext LOGINout client is a unique programcan be used to display alarm events as well as designed to provide visibility of other co-workers /outcreate virtual on-screen call buttons. Virtual call status. Using LOGINout with an EZtext serverbuttons may be setup as window buttons or images provides a desktop application where operators canto provide a fully customizable operator interface. select their status from in, out, away sick, onVAC clients interface directly to the DCS. vacation, in meeting, or at lunch. LOGINout users may also view their co-workers status at a glance or send instant messages to other users or groups. 15
  19. 19. 2. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise Other Support Programs The EZcall Enterprise suite of applications also includes several other programs that may be used to help test and troubleshoot a new installation. The following support programs are not needed for an EZcall installation to function, but are included with the EZcall setup package to provided additional tools and utilities that simplify certain interfaces and maintenance. . EZstart Application Launcher iPocket232 Setup Utility EZstart is an on-screen menu program that can be The iPocket232 Setup Utility is a tool that helps used to manually select & run other programs. simplify the setup of Precidia iPocket232 serial-to-IP EZstart also allows programs to be automatically adapters for use with EZcall programs. started when Windows starts, and allows automatically started programs to be staggered to Virtual Null-Modem Cable ensure server programs are running prior to client This program creates a pair of virtual serial ports on programs trying to connect. EZstart includes drivers the PC where it is installed to allow programs that to be able to run ant EZcall program as a supervised require serial ports to communicate to one another or unsupervised Windows service. without physical serial ports. This program includes EZcall Reporting Application a virtual serial port driver that creates com ports on the PC that are seen by other programs as standard The reporting application is a simple-to-use tool for serial ports. viewing, sorting and printing alarm history reports and call response reports on an EZcall network. The Virtual COM Port to IP-Link reporting tool can view current and archived Like the virtual null-modem cable, this program database logs to allow managers and administrators creates a virtual serial port on a PC and links it to view trends and staff response times to alarms. directly with an incoming or outgoing TCP/IP Server Watchdog Client connection. This program allows hardware serial-to- IP adapters on the network to be associated with a The watchdog clients may be used to supervise virtual serial port where this program is installed. server programs and restart them or reboot PC’s if a server stops responding or does not automatically start. This program is generally used when the programs are not run as Windows services.16
  20. 20. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 2. PCrenew WWC – Wireless Wizard ClientPCrenew is a small stand-alone program that allows Wireless Wizard Clients may be networked to a SASyou to created schedules to shutdown or reboot a (SpiderAlert Server) and/or IWS (Inovonics WirelessPC. PCrenew also lets you as trigger command-line Server) for wireless transmitter administration or toevents or launch applications on one-time or view active alarms. Up to 9999 WWC clients mayrepeating schedules. be networked to a single SAS or IWS server. The WWC provides administrators with a simple PEEPS interface to add/remove/edit wireless transmitters on the system.PEEPS (Paging Encoder Emulator Pager Simulator) isa program that fully emulates a pocket paging TSC – Time Sync Clientencoder/transmitter and provides an on-screenpager simulator. PEEPS is a useful tool for The Time Sync Client allows a PC to be synchronizedtroubleshooting pocket SPC connections prior to to an external timeserver either on a LAN, WAN, oractually connecting to a paging transmitter. PEEPS to Internet time servers. This time synchronizationis also helpful when providing EZcall system client provides an alternate to using the windowsdemonstrations. The on-screen virtual pager internal synchronization tools on PC’s where theoperates exactly as a real pocket pager would. Windows synchronization will to function properly on LAN-connected timeservers. Ascom OAP EmulatorThe OAP emulator is a utility that simulates anAscom wireless telephone system OAP interface.This program also includes a virtual on-screenAscom IP phone to simulate the exact responsewhen interfaced to EZcall. RSC – Remote Serial ClientThe RSC program is used with the SAS SpiderAlertServer to allow connection of one or more remoteSpiderAlert SLC-5 controllers to the SAS server.Serial-to-IP adapters such as Precidia iPocket232 orDigi SP-One modules may also be used. 17
  21. 21. EZcall Enterprise provideshigh availability operationthrough the use of hot-standby nested master-slave servers. This uniquearchitecture allowsmultiple failover servers tobe utilized at variousnetwork locations foradded redundancy.
  22. 22. Applications & Solutions part 3. 19
  23. 23. 3. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise E.R. Patient Throughput Optimization – decrease wait times, and improve care. Management reports provide tools to assess times when more staff are required. Optimize equipment utilization by automatically locating needed devices. O.R. Throughput – Improve workflow by automatically notifying PARR of surgery’s nearing completion. Instantly request an anesthesiologist from a single button to eliminate time wasted searching or calling for assistance. Check surgery status from message boards to prevent needing to locate & walk to the O.R. Bed Status Management – reduce bed turnover times and monitor housekeeping staff efficiency. Faster bed turnover equates to higher revenue & fewer wasted resources. Automated message dispatching saves time and eliminates human error. Predict which beds will soon be ready or should be ready to help improve bed turnover. Automatic Alarm Messaging – Improve response times by automatically alerting staff of patient calls on mobile devices. This helps reduce wait times, and frees staff to attend to more duties. Automatic messaging allows staff to perform other duties while still efficiently responding to patients needs. Management reports allow decision makers to continually re-evaluate staffing, allowing for more staff only when required. Passive Dementia Monitoring – automatic dementia patient profiling and monitoring alerts staff of abnormal behaviors. Help prevent agitated dementia sufferers by attending to their needs before their irritation escalates. Monitor more dementia patients more closely with fewer patient interruptions. Transport Management – instantly dispatch the nearest available porter, track detours, and automatically end requests. Staff Rounds – Manage and monitor staff to ensure their rounds are being performed without being there. The staff rounds feature allows managers to view a previous shift, day, week or month’s rounding by monitoring staff presence and staff location. Quality improvement and management reports assist in scheduling more staff when required and fewer during slower periods. Staff Time & Attendance – automate clock in and out, track attendance and verify rounds automatically. Guard Tour – ensure patient safety by automatically monitoring guard tours.20
  24. 24. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 3.Enhanced Security – Monitor contractor locations, track visitors, and help controlaccess by integrating with asset tracking and interfacing patient wander & infantprotection alarms with access control systems. Assist security personnel inlocating and confining dangerous situations.Increase Patient Satisfaction – reduce overall noise in the facility by discreetlyalerting staff of alarms and alerts on mobile devices. Less noise throughout thefacility reduces stress and improves the overall quality of care.Temperature Monitoring – automatically be notified of high or low temperatureconditions while logging all temperature activity on fridges, server rooms and othercritical equipment.Fire Alarm Dispatch – immediately send fire alarm messages to keep the earlyresponders informed as soon as a fire emergency is triggered. During anemergency, every second counts. Receiving instant messages of fire alarm andcode events aids in responding quicker to emergency situations.Hand Wash Station – ensure compliance with infection control requirements.Staff-Patient Interaction Monitoring – keeps logs of interaction times for billing.Wander Prevention – know when potential wanderers are about to escape.Infant protection – track & supervise all infants to ensure safety for newborns.Asset Pilfering Prevention – EZcall keeps track of your assts to help prevent wardsfrom hoarding/hiding equipment to keep handy. This helps reduce equipment costby allowing all existing hardware to be tracked, protected & located when needed.Asset Locating – find your equipment anywhere on site when it is needed.Asset Theft Prevention – create virtual geo-fences to prevent equipment fromleaving an area or building. Keep tabs on where your valuable hardware is at alltimes.Staff Duress – wireless duress available anywhere in your facilities. EZcall lets allalarms be send to the right people at the right time.Patient Emergency Call 21
  25. 25. If you cannot find hesolution you need, ask aQBsoft customer servicerepresentative forassistance. There is agood chance that yourapplication has alreadybeen created for othercustomer sites, or we caneasily customize a solutionthat will fit yourspecifications & needs.
  26. 26. System Requirements part 4. 23
  27. 27. 4. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise PC & OS Requirements The following pages describe the IT resources necessary for an EZcall installation. The requirements shown here are only suggested minimum requirements. By improving on these requirements, system performance may be enhanced. Several EZcall applications may reside on the same PC without affecting proper operation. As a general rule; server programs should be installed on a dedicated server PC, and no more than 8 clients on a PC. Server Applications Client Applications Server programs such as the SAS, IWS, WAC, Client programs may be run in duplicate on the EMS, and DCS should each be installed on dedicated same PC when using a 1.5Ghz or faster x86 PC or server-grade PC’s as shown below. The MDS should faster. Although not recommended, some client always reside on the same PC as it’s associated programs may be run on the same PC as a server DCS, but it is not mandatory. program on smaller installations. Server Operating Systems Client Operating Systems All EZcall server programs are fully tested for use on All EZcall client programs are fully tested for use on any of the following; MS Windows XP Pro, XP Home, any of the following; MS Windows XP Pro, XP Home, HP Media Centre Edition, Windows 2000, Server HP Media Centre Edition, Windows 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, *Vista Business, *Vista 2003, Server 2008, *Vista Business, *Vista Enterprise, or Windows 7. 32-bit or *64-bit. Enterprise, or Windows 7. 32-bit or *64-bit. All server applications are also approved for All client applications are also approved for operation operation using virtual servers such as Citrix using virtual servers such as Citrix XenServer, XenServer, VMware, or Pivot3 OS. VMware, or Pivot3 OS. Server PC Minimum Requirements Client PC Minimum Requirements RAM: 2Gb or more (>4Gb recommended) RAM: 512Mb or more (>1Gb recommended) CPU: Dual or Quad Core w/1.8GHz or faster CPU: Intel Atom w/1.2GHz or faster NET: 10/100/1G RJ45 (2 ports suggested) NET: 10/100/1G RJ45 HD: 160Gb Minimum HD: 120Gb Minimum * Running as Windows service and other functions will not function on 64-bit & Vista operating systems24
  28. 28. + Powerful Integration.. ..Made Easy Enterprise 4.Compliance Charts Security of Data & Encryption Compliance Comments Encryption of server data Yes Workstation data storage encryption N/A No data is stored on workstations Transmitted data encryption Yes Only personal data and passwords is encrypted Internet transmission encryption Yes Remote access security protection Yes Remote access is determined by the customer Encryption of wireless transmissions N/A Wireless communications is by others WEP/WAP Cisco LEAP/TKIP/PEAP support Yes Wireless security is determined by the facility Encryption of patient personal information Yes May depend on HL7 support of 3rd party program Protected & secured database Yes Can others access the database No Database outputs must be used for data sharing Shared database No Citrix compatible Yes Support for ZenServer Virtualization CCOW compliant No Windows service operation Yes Not supported on Windows Vista Thin-client support Yes VMware support Yes Not certified by VMware Configurable user access per user Yes Audit-trail for user interactions Yes Audit for dementia profiling changes only Configurable dementia profiling Yes Per access level Audit-trail of assignment changes Yes Per user access Audit-trail of report generation No Audit-trail of account activity No Maintenance Compliance Comments Security patch management policy Yes Security patches to be managed by the facility Anti-virus policy Yes Anti-virus policy to be managed by the facility Maintenance agreement Optional Maintenance agreements available upon request Mandatory maintenance contracts No Service/Support agreement Optional Service/Support agreements available upon request Service/Support maintenance contracts No Performance monitoring Yes Determined using reporting application Automatic Maintenance alerts by email Yes Output device (pager/phone) notification Yes Software failure notification Yes Per each individual application & instance Supervised Server programs Yes Using software and/or hardware watchdogs Automatic backup & recovery Yes Using built-in maintenance tools Disaster recovery plan Yes Backup and restore guidelines set by QBsoft Customer specific plans managed by the facility Remote access/control available Yes User and security determined by the facility Failover Hot-Standby Server Yes Multi-Building Support, Central Management Yes Unique individual login per user Yes Simplified general access login Yes Multiple user name format support Yes 25
  29. 29. With EZcall you canautomate numerousbusiness processes anddramatically improveworkflow and patientcare. EZcall will helpreduce liability risks andwaste and save you moneyby integrating all yourbuilding systemsenterprise-wide.