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Dcs display control_server_spec_sheet

  1. 1. Data Sheet No. DCS_Display_Control_Server_Spec_SheetEZcall™ EnterpriseDCS – Display Control ServerDescriptionThe Display Control Server is the core component of an EZcall™ system. The Display Control Server receivesand processes all alarms, events and schedule activity on an EZcall™ system. A DCS may be operated as astand-alone application directly connected to a single input system and a single output system, orcomplemented with various input, display and output client applications. The DCS may be expanded toaccept numerous output client applications by adding an MDS (Message Dispatch Server) which allowsseveral different output connections to reside on a single system as well as adds group, naming alias, Emailand message centre networking capabilities.All display, RTLS, and alarm input clients network with the DCS over a standard Ethernet LAN or WANnetwork using the TCP/IP protocol. A single EZcall™ DCS will support up to 10,000 supervised clientconnections of each type, and a single MDS connection over a network allowing over 10,000 alarm systemsmore than 10,000 messaging/output systems and over 10,000 display clients to be networked into a single-node EZcall™ installation. Multiple DCS servers may be networked into a central DCS server for multi-siteapplications. Watchdog signals are used between the DCS and all client applications to ensure reliablecommunications.The Display Control server is a hardware agnostic platform that can interface and integrate various types andbrands of alarm systems into a single system to share alarms, reporting and dispatching. The DCS alsoprovides added functionality to basic alarm systems, by adding user features such as dementia monitoring,door control and other similar features to simple alarm or i/o systems.Features • TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RS232, RS485 communications support • Secure encrypted server communications • Rapid setup and deployment for small or large systems • HL7 (Health Level 7) integration support • Multi-site support, or multi-node server support • Fail-Over/Standby high availability options • May be run as an application or a supervised Windows service • Virtual COM port support • Support for standard and proprietary protocols including XML, SOAP, SNMP, HTML • Integrated simulator for testing & troubleshooting • Direct output or networked output support • Wireless coverage test tool built-in supports coverage testing using any system • 3-click device swap provides user-friendly device replacement for repairing hardware • Direct input, networked input, or combined/mixed input • Remote client control with built-in remote-access engine • Integrated error logging and reporting • Integrated database maintenance utility, with support for SQL, MSDE • Configurable login schemes; per user, per access level, or per function • Large button touch-screen support • Skin’ able desktop allows the operator interface to be customized • Multiple language support, c/w English, Dutch, French, Chinese (simplified) 1939 144 Street th • Integrated history reporting utility Surrey, BC V4A 7M7 • Provides primary output, secondary and backup T. 604.812.SOFT (7638) • Support for static, dynamic, or scheduled assignments E. sales@qbsoft.ca W. www.qbsoft.caSpecifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010 – QBsoft Solutions All trademarks, and trade names shown here are the property of their relative owners.
  2. 2. • Configurable assignment options; by area, by room, by ward, global • Easy-to-use schedules; day, evening and night shifts may be individually configured • Smart SAM (Sensor Activity Monitor) ensures device sensors are always operational • PC Watchdog card support & integrated software watchdog • Configurable icons • Global priority standardization, up to 9999 system priorities • Packaged with; Paging Encoder Emulator, Virtual Null Modem Application, EZtext server, Time Sync Client, EZstart application launcher and Ascom OAP emulator utilities • Extensive log reports simplify system troubleshootingSupported ApplicationsEDC – Event Display Client TDC – Target Display Client TPH – Touch-Panel HostAIC – Alarm Input Client NWC – Network Watchdog Client BBC – Button Bar ClientPDC – Popup Display Client MDS – Message Dispatch Server EGW – EZcall™ GuardRFID WrapperVKC – Virtual Keypad Client TTC – Text Talker Client EEW - EZcall™ Ekahau WrapperWAC – Web Access Client iServer™ – Inovonics Wireless ServerEWC – EZcall™ Wireless Client SAS – Spider Alert ServerFCC – Facility Control Client TMC – Text Messaging ClientVAC – Virtual Alarm Client EZtext™/LoginOut™ ServerSupported Direct Output ProtocolsVisiplex paging output Globestar ConnexAll TMDP (Text Message Dispatch Protocol)COMP2 paging output TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol) 1.8 paging direct serial outputAscom enhanced TAP output TAP 1.8 dial-up paging outputSupported Direct Input ProtocolsHill-Rom LightCom nurse call system networkMaxivox Maxicomm I nurse call system networkMaxivox Maxicomm II nurse call system networkGE/Dukane StaffCall Pro nurse call system networkRaw Data inputAdded Applications/FunctionsStaff location/presenceDementia monitoring w/Artificial Intelligence auto-configurationStaff rounds monitoringGuard tour monitoringPatient/Resident check-inService requirementsDoor monitoring and alarm w/access control supportCCTV popup and control supportRTLS equipment location monitoring and alarm supportSystem RequirementsCPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core or Equivalent, >200MHzOS: Windows XP, 7, Server 2003, Vista UltimateMemory: 2GB minimum (4GB recommended)LAN/WAN: 10/100 (Gigabit recommended)Hard Disk: 160GbInterface: RS232 db9/Ethernet (alarm and paging system dependent) 1939 144 Street th Surrey, BC V4A 7M7 T. 604.812.SOFT (7638) E. sales@qbsoft.ca W. www.qbsoft.caSpecifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010 – QBsoft Solutions All trademarks, and trade names shown here are the property of their relative owners.