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Big Data Landscape 2019


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Die QAware Big Data Landscape gibt einen detaillierten Überblick zu den relevantesten Big Data Technologien, vornehmlich aus dem Open-Source-Ökosystem.

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The QAware Big Data Landscape provides a detailed overview over the most relevant Big Data technologies, most of them open source.

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Published in: Software
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Big Data Landscape 2019

  1. 1. For more big data know-how see: Ingestion Data Sources Data Lake Processing Data Warehouse Analytics User Interface Dashboards Distributed Filesystem NoSQL DB Efficient data serialization formats: Integrated compression Column-oriented storage Predicate pushdown Data Workflows ETL Jobs Massive Parallelization Data Logistics Stream Processing Charting Libraries pandas shinydashboard Thrift Index Machines: Fast aggregation and search. In-Memory Databases: Fast access. Memcached Graph Databases NewSQL: SQL meets NoSQL. Time Series Databases ImpalaSQL Pig Streams Rickshaw NVD3 InfoVis Vaadin Charts dc.js Highcharts ChartJS RazorFlow AtlasPrometheus STRUCTURED DATA LAKE: The eternal memory. POLYGLOTT PERSISTENCE & ANALYTICS ANALYTICS FRONTENDSALGORITHMS MICRO ANALYTICS SERVICES: Subsitutes for reporting servers. Tarantool Heroic Kylin Flink QAware GmbH +49 89 232315-0 GraphX Streaming Flink Flink For more big data know-how see:Big Data Landscape 2019 Interactive Analytics Reporting & DashboardsData Science