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QASymphony + OpsHub: Integrating Testing with Your Tech Stack


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Most enterprise organizations have a wide range of software development tools that power their product’s speed to market. Whether is project planning, requirement tracking, or code management, teams use different tools to achieve agile transformation. However, while there are an abundance of tools, organizations struggle to make the proper connections with test activities to ensure quality at every stage in development. By combining QASmphony’s qTest platform with the integration capabilities of OpsHub, teams now can now seamlessly connect their favorite tools to ensure proper test coverage.

Learn about the partnership between QASymphony and OpsHub. OpsHub OIM client offers the flexibility to integrate into the qTest Platform for a range of agile testing scenarios.

In this webinar, Kevin Dunne, QASymphony’s VP of Strategy and Business Development and Sandeep Jain, OpsHub CEO will discuss the integrations, including a live demo:
Why Best of Breed Tools Enables Agile
Connected ecosystems and the importance of best of breed tools
Cover popular tools that integrate with qTest like TFS, RQM, HP ALM and CA Agile Central (Rally)
Live Demo Flow focusing around defects, test cases and requirements

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QASymphony + OpsHub: Integrating Testing with Your Tech Stack

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  7. 7. April 18-19, 2017 | Email to be entered to win a free ticket. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! #RiskBasedTesting#TestAutomation WIN A FREE TICKET!
  8. 8. OUR PRESENTERS Kevin Dunne VP Business Dev & Strategy QASymphony @KevinDunneQA Sandeep Jain Founder, CEO OpsHub @Opshub Sandeep Jain is the founder and CEO of OpsHub Inc. His vision for making software integration and migration a customer- friendly affair is the driving force behind OpsHub. Kevin Dunne is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at QASymphony, ensuring their continued commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software.
  9. 9. AGENDA Why QAS Partnered with OpsHub OpsHub and Best of Breed Solutions Demo: ServiceNow + TFS + qTest Manager Q & A Demo: Salesforce + CA Agile + qTest Manager Demo: HPQC Live Migration
  10. 10. AVERAGE FORTUNE 100 BANK Applications Waterfall Agile Continuous Delivery ApplicationsApplications Legacy Systems Packed Software HRM, CRM Common Tools HPQC HPALM Rational Functional Excel, Word SharePoint Subversion Common Tools Atlassian Stack (JIRA) TFS VersionOne Jenkins GitHub Plugins Common Tools Open Source Jenkins, CircleCI Puppet New Relic GitHub Selenium Newer Technology IoT Mobile .Com Integrated Systems POS Terminals, Mortgage, Credit Limits Apps
  11. 11. DEVOPS MATURITY MODELSame Company, Diverse Technologies Stacks CI / Test Automation ALM Issue Management Requirements ManagementCRM Source Code
  12. 12. September 25, 2015 Introduction to QASymphony for [INSERT COMPANY NAME] How do you ensure quality, independent of methodology?
  13. 13. OPSHUB PARTNERSHIP ALM Build Test Defects JIRA Rally VersionOne TestPlant Selenium Rally VersionOne JIRA
  14. 14. Enabling Heterogeneous DevOps Requirement Support Sales App Dev Quality
  15. 15. Integrate qTest with Best-of-Breed Tools • Clear effective communication and collaboration across Biz, Dev, Ops functions to avoid any delay in test plan and execution • End-to-end automation for high quality software releases • Establishing traceability and coverage of test assets • Fulfilling customer expectations on time
  16. 16. Migrate From Traditional Quality Tool to qTest • History Preservation Traditional Quality Tools • Versions & transitions • Change traceability with relationships/linkages maintained
  17. 17. #DevOpsTesting DEMO
  18. 18. #DevOpsTesting Q&A
  19. 19. #DevOpsTesting Thank You