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QA Fest 2017. Gerlof Hoekstra.The Art of Test Planning – Expect The Unexpected

The idea is that lots of test plans are big, complex, rigid, detailed. I think we can do much leaner. The key is that you have to accept that unexpected things will happen and be prepared & flexible enough to handle change, rather than try to nail everything in stone. It is about letting loose, trust the team and finding balance between planning and skilled improvising, but without losing control.

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QA Fest 2017. Gerlof Hoekstra.The Art of Test Planning – Expect The Unexpected

  1. 1. The Art Of (Test) Planning Meet "The Doctor" Mission, focus, drive, motivation Some kind of master plan Very good improvisational skills Embraces change No dogmas Smart travel companions Our first holiday abroad: route plan 215gr / 15 min 860gr /Hr 6,5 Kg a day Monster Planning Lot of maintenance! Nobody can understand all those details, so you concentrate on your own activities Be prepared to change the plan Allow the plan to breath The control freaks' idea: minute to minute test plan Monday 09.00 - 09.30: Execute tests 1- 10 Monday 09.30 - 09.45: analyze results Monday 09.45 - 11.00 am: fix defects etc.... Maps are better than scripts Rough map for the whole journey Detailed map only when needed, for a specific region No one can understand a detailed map of the entire world Train and trust you travel companions Make sure they can use maps Don't tell them what to do But tell them about the goal In general, targets are moving all the time Agile planning Breaking up the problem in smaller pieces THAT ARE USEFUL FOR SOME CUSTOMER Horizontal slicing First deliver database Then data manipulation layer Then services Then GUI Vertical slicing First deliver menu screen Then deliver logon screen Then deliver import standard customer data etc... This is really an art you have to learn If you think breaking up is not possible, you probably did not try hard enough Example test plan formats Worst Word Does not really promote collaboration One way communication I am the writer, you are the reader Boring Many obsolete words Linear Better Powerpoint Short and brief Meant to present to others Promotes dialog Still linear Even better Mindmaps Invites for real collaboration Non-linear thinking Overview AND detail The process of creating a test plan Classic Theory How I prefer A lean test plan The 1 page test plan Word ain't that bad Mindmap 'demo' When can we go live? Don't ask the test manager When will testing be done? Testing should take as long as it delivers useful information to some stakeholders Planning test execution troughput time Depending on Amount of tests to run Number of defects found Time to repair defects New defects introduced by repairing Tip Plan 'sunny' scenario, assume reasonable #defects Then make 'SLA's' for defect repair Monitor, learn, take actions The Art Of Planning.mmap - 18-9-2017 - Mindjet