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QA Fest 2016. Яков Крамаренко. Ликвидируем Безграмотность: Implicit & Explicit Waits, PageFactory

  1. prefacE…
  2. illiteracY eliminatioN waitS & pagEfactorY c# versioN
  3. plaN (basics) 1 FAIL: simple e2e google test 2 PARTIAL FIX: implicit waits 3 FIX: implicit + explicit waits 4 FIX: explicit waits with locators 5 FAIL: explicit waits with elements 6 FIX: pagEfactorY for explicit waits with elements 7 FAIL: pagEfactorY limitation for inner search 8 FAIL: no any help from implicit waits 9 FIX: complex custom conditions for explicit waits 10 FAIL: atomic tests for solid coverage 11 FIX: additional waits and custom conditions
  4. plaN (upgrades) 12 :( even more waits and custom conditions 13 UPGRADE: NSelene for the same but “implicit” and so concise 14: pagEobjectS: hello boilerplate! 15: UPGRADE: still simple with NSelene
  5. codinG sessioN
  6. summarY weBdriveR impliciT waitS - useless in dynamic world weBdriveR expliciT waitS + reliable - explicit => boilerplate - needed clumsy pagEfactorY or “By locators over elements” - lack of conditions - non-informative error messages weBdriveR pagEfactorY + gives dynamic elements for waits - only via pagEobjecT - only via fields with bulky [FindsBy] => boilerplate - only for first level of search (does not work for inner/indexed/etc elements) - magic
  7. summarY weBdriveR expliciT waitS + reliable - boilerplate & non-informative… NSelene/Selene/Selenide + the SAME but + implicit => concise + informative + powerful weBdriveR pagEfactorY + gives dynamic elements - boilerplate - pared down…
  8. q&a
  9. @yashaka thanK yoU
  10. [“free”] QA fesT 2nd day: “taminG dinO-frameworkS” [paid] october 3rd: “widgetS workshoP (javA)” [paid] november: “fixing selenium waits and pagefactory course (javA)” [paid] now: “fixing selenium waits and pagefactory videos (c#)” available at @yashaka nexT