Twitter marketing from a to z


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Some twitter marketing tips

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Twitter marketing from a to z

  1. 1. Twitter Marketing from A to Z by Aaron on June 5, 2010 How do you use Twitter as a marketing tool? I’ve came up with an A – Z guide to help you. A longer version of this blog post will be posted in the future. Don’t miss it. So what are the twitter marketing from A to Z? Lets start! Always Be Listening – Social media is a great tool. A lot of people teach you “how to market your product” which is the wrong way to start marketing. You should always start by listening. Going straight for the sell will be a bad marketing if you seem to pushy. Be Personal - Nobody wants to talk to a salesman. Everyone wants to talk to a human being. You have to be personal and approachable to people. Gain the trust and you will get the sale and earn friendship along the way. Communicate – Communication is one of the most important. You have to learn how to communicate with your customers properly. My advice would be think of them as a friend and not a customer. Don’t Make it A Business – The bad method is going to twitter and looking at it as a business or how to earn a quick buck. The right way is going to twitter and looking at twitter as a way to help your customers and finding a way to solve problems on twitter Engage - Engagement is important. That is why there is “social” in “social media”. Don’t forget that. Follow – It is not always a good way to WAIT for followers. Go LOOK for followers instead of waiting to be followed. Make sure you’re following the right people. Goals - What are your goals? Are you looking to help customers with their problems? Are you looking to gain new leads? Always have goals before you set up your twitter strategy. Help – Helping people on twitter is important because it helps to build a great relationship. Always be genuine when helping others. Don’t fake it. It can be seen. Influence – Twitter allows you to be influential. When you engage properly with the right people, help others and stand out. You will be influential. It’s all about how you are helping others not how they are helping you. Jump In - Don’t be afraid to jump in a conversation. @Loic mentioned that someone tweeted a rumor that @Crocs was going bankrupt. Then @loic tweeted that @Crocs was going bankrupt on his twitter and @Crocs replied to him that it wasn’t true. If you’re an individual business, don’t be afraid to jump in normal conversations. KISS aka Keep It Simple Stupid principle - Always keep it simple and don’t complicate things too much. Twitter is about about having fun and engaging with your future customers. Be there and be helpful. Don’t worry too much. Be genuine and you’ll be alright. Listen, Listen, Listen - Need I say more? Monitor – Always monitor what people are talking about your brand. I blog about Four Seasons Hotel and how Four Seasons Hotels use twitter to monitor what people are talking about them. You can start by
  2. 2. using twitter search. Are your customers happy with your brand? If they are thank them. If they are not then help them to overcome the problems. Network - Twitter is one of the best way to network, you can network with people with similar interest, similar business and meet future customers. Offer Help – Always offer help and not trying to push a sale. When you see someone asking a question or having a problem. Why don’t you offer your help or expertise? Participate– If you get to meet up with your fellow twitterers, why not? Do a tweetup. @DannyBrown mentioned in his tweet that if you have a cafe, organize a tweetup there. Participating in events like tweetups helps you build your network. Question – Sometimes if you want more information just ask. “Ask and you shall receive” Research – With twitter you can do a simple research via twitter search. It won’t cost you as much as normal business research. Ohh by the way. Twitter search is FREE. Support - Do you have a support for your business via twitter? Companies are doing customer services on twitter not. Don’t be left behind. Get started today so that you can help your customers. Tools - To simplify and help be more organized, try twitter tools. You can use tweetdeck, seesmic (recommended by @chrisbrogan) or try cotweet (recommended by me, @askaaronlee) Utilize Twitter Search - Always utilize twitter search. Twitter search is very simple. Just insert your keywords on your brand and search. I wrote a blog post on how to use twitter search effectively. Value - Are you offering value to your followers? You can offer values by sharing your expertise via blog, retweeting great contents that you find, and helping others. Don’t just post tweets on your blog. Share other peoples blog as well. They will share yours too. Word of Mouth – Twitter is word of mouth. Be genuine and engage and it can help you in return when you post a tweet. Do it right and people will be talking about you. X-pect Nothing When Helping Others - When helping someone, you shouldn’t expect something in return from them. Always be genuine when helping others. You are in control - Yes you are in control, although there is a myth that your customers are in control, it is partially true. You are in control on where your business is going. - Your customers are in control. Sorry, they’re not. They do have a very huge impact on how you do business; but you control your business, full-stop. Get thatright and you get your customers right. Period. – A quote from @dannybrown’s blog Zip it - A little too harsh? Marketing is more on listening. So sometimes you have to zip it and not talk too much. Always listen.