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Lack of Marketing - The Biggest Threat to Your Insurance Agency


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Salespeople have lost their power; the power now rests with the buyer. Buyers are self-educating and have made a majority of their buying decision before ever meeting with a salesperson. Marketing is THE opportunity for insurance agencies to become part of the educational process as early as possible.

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Lack of Marketing - The Biggest Threat to Your Insurance Agency

  1. 1. If your prospects can’t find you, you don’t exist
  2. 2. You are selling in a new era and the buyer reigns supreme
  3. 3. Just because your agency has survived the last 50 years doesn’t mean it will survive the next two.
  4. 4. Buyers USED to need you to help them find . . . Prices Product Information Answers
  5. 5. In today’s online world, they can find all of that on their own BUT, that doesn’t mean they don’t need you more than ever before
  6. 6. However, when buyers think “all brokers are the same”, it’s up to you to explain why they need you. It comes down to your MARKETING STRATEGY
  7. 7. And, here is where it falls apart
  8. 8. An effective MARKETING STRATEGY is your single biggest difference-maker But, it’s also non-optional
  9. 9. You MUST get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, in the right places Overwhelming? Absolutely But, anything less and you fail
  10. 10. Your current message, if you even have one, is likely being ignored
  11. 11. We live in a time of information overload
  12. 12. 44% of direct mail is never opened 86% skip TV commercials 91% unsubscribe from emails 200 million say “Do Not Call”
  13. 13. Do you know why you’re being ignored? Any message you send to a prospect likely sounds just like everyone else’s message, including their current broker
  14. 14. We’ve been in business for 112 years We’ll quote for free We have the carriers We have “value-added” services We provide great service We’ll be like an extension of your HR department
  15. 15. It’s time to transform your marketing into something people LOVE, WANT, and NEED image courtesy of HubSpot
  16. 16. The right marketing strategy will have prospects knocking at your door image courtesy of HubSpot
  17. 17. Top of the Funnel 75% of Website Traffic Middle of the Funnel 22% of Website Traffic Bottom 2-3% It starts by understanding what your prospects and clients are looking for during their buying journey. Specific information on your agency and how you can satisfy their needs Educational information on the challenges affecting their business Educational information on the type of solutions that can help satisfy their needs CONTENT IS KING image courtesy of HubSpot
  18. 18. Blogging Social SEO Tools to Attract Visitors Tools to Convert Leads Tools to Close Customers Landing Pages Forms Email Marketing Automation Analytics CRM Sync Calls-to-action Lead Management Strong brand and predictable growth And, it continues with the proper application of the proper tools to share the content and convert prospects into clients. image courtesy of HubSpot
  19. 19. Executing on an effective Marketing Strategy may not be easy, but, when done well, it makes the rest of selling infinitely easier
  20. 20. Are you ready to learn how to turn your greatest threat into your greatest COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?
  21. 21. How prepared are you to effectively market to today’s buyers? Click to download Q4i Marketing Readiness Assessment