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Q-Sensei FeedBooster - Advanced Feed Reader


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Q-Sensei FeedBooster - Advanced Feed Reader

  1. 1. Q-Sensei FeedBoosterPower, Speed and Control to get the most out of RSS and Webfeeds Version: 2012/06/07
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  3. 3. A New Search Experience for FeedsFeedBooster is an advanced feed reader that offers a new way ofdiscovering relevant and timely information from the wealth of RSSnews, blogs and business webfeeds.Based on Q-Senseis powerful search and indexing technology,FeedBooster helps you stay on top of your favorite feeds and get themost out of them.  With FeedBooster you will:  Find personally-relevant news from your trusted sources quickly and easily Always stay on top of the latest news on topics that are important to you Control the flood of feeds Personalize your reading experienceConfidential Information 3
  4. 4. Multiple ApplicationsFeedBooster can aggregate diverse news sources to suit diverse needs under one dashboard. Thefollowing are areas of interest one could track all in one go. Competitor/Market Tracking Technology Analyze competitor news and find product- Get the latest news on the most recent related keywords for your SEO. gadgets. Social & Customer Trends Tracking Finance Keep track of customer feedback about your Track general financial news and news company, service or products in blogs, trends on stocks you follow. social communities, etc. Blogs Entertainment Read posts from your favorite journals and Get the latest gossip on the entertainment blogs as soon as they are published. scene – music, film, etc. Health & Medicine Food Keep up with medical developments, new Get reviews, updates or promotions from treatments, alerts or preventative care tips via restaurants, bars, etc. in your neighborhood. medical journals and related webfeeds.Confidential Information 4
  5. 5.  FeedBooster Key Features • Dashboard − Feeds Dashboard − Feed Control - Search and Filters − Quick Reference Tools • Customization Settings How to get started Build FeedBooster into any app/service - FeedBooster API1.0Confidential Information 5
  6. 6. FeedBooster Dashboard - OverviewDesigned to provide control, speed, and flexibility to quickly access valuable news and informationfrom your personally-curated feed subscriptions. FeedBooster is highly customizable so you can see thenews/webfeeds the way you want to read them. 3 4 2 1 Feeds – curate the sources 1 you trust. 2 Unique Feed Filters and Powerful Search – to control the flood of feeds. 3 Quick-Reference Time- Saving Tools Customization Settings – 4 personalize the look and feel of the feed readerConfidential Information 6
  7. 7. Feeds: The Latest NewsStay up-to-date on the latest news. FeedBooster delivers real-time updates for feeds supporting livestreaming (PubSubHubbub Protocol) and frequently updates every 15 minutes for non-streaming feeds.FeedBooster is highly customizable and empowers you to control the layout to best suit your browsingneeds and reading preferences.Grid for longersummaries and photos Index for summary briefs Table for headlines onlyConfidential Information 7
  8. 8. Feeds: Read, Bookmark, Discover, Share Stay on top of the latest news. Read and bookmark news, discover related articles and share interesting information with your colleagues and friends.Read the full article with a Bookmark an article for Discover similar or related Share interesting news viaclick on any feed title. later reading. news to get broader email, Twitter and context on a news topic. Facebook. Confidential Information 8
  9. 9. Feed Control: Filters and Search PowerUnique to FeedBooster – a column of dynamic filters and a powerful search bar that lets you hone in onsubsets of news with SPEED and CONTROL. A column of filters provide guided navigation through a thorough analysis of your feed subscriptions organized by date, folder, source, author, tag and language. “My History” tracks previously read, bookmarked and shared articles to easily revert back to items that previously caught your attention.Confidential Information 9
  10. 10. Feed Control: Layered Search & Navigation Search-within-a-search and deeper guided navigation. A separate search bar lets you search within your filters. Dynamic real-time interaction with your feeds. As you type a search term (e.g. Jobs) a menu of potential options ranked by frequency – quickly guides you to the right information. FeedBooster dynamically presents a real-time analysis of the contents in your FeedBooster so you can get more out of your webfeed subscriptions.Confidential Information 10
  11. 11. Quick Reference: Time-Saving Tools Designed to provide time-savings to quickly access the news topics you frequently track.Search Profiles. Create one-click links toretrieve the latest news on as many specifictopics you want to follow.Search Profiles enable ultimate newscurating power –set very specificparameters to control the wealth ofwebfeeds.My History. A folder with quick access torevisit articles that you have already read,shared or bookmarked. Confidential Information 11
  12. 12. Settings: Personalized Dashboard Personalize FeedBooster to your specific feed reading tastes via customizable features and layouts.Sort order capability for Two different layouts for Three browsing formats – Easy on-off, order andevery filter (by A-Z, Z-A or the filter positions (left grid, index and table frequency control lets youFrequency) column or right column) layouts for longer or short decide which and how summaries, or just many filters to display on headlines. Easy on-off for your dashboard. infinite scrolling and images. Confidential Information 12
  13. 13. Settings: Curate and Manage FeedsManage Feeds Section: Curate your favorite and trusted sources of news and information.Subscribe to as many feeds as desired, without the angst over “information overload‘.Building FeedBooster and managing the feed sources -- adding or deleting feeds -- is easy. Three easy ways to add feeds: Securely import feed sources from your Google Reader for seamless transition or import your subscriptions from other feed readers using an OPML file import process Use starter Feed-Sets of popular feeds on news, politics, business, technology, science, entertainment, food, Classify feeds (optional) into sports and music The search bar and the search folder names of your choice. Easy Add individual feed URLs filters let you find specific buttons to edit folder names or to feeds in your subscriptions. delete unwanted feeds.Confidential Information 13
  14. 14.  FeedBooster Key Features • Dashboard − Feeds Dashboard − Feed Control/Search and Filters − Quick Reference • Customization Settings How to get started Build FeedBooster into any app/service - FeedBooster API1.0Confidential Information 14
  15. 15. Three Easy Steps to Get Started Enjoy a power feed-reading experience Curate FeedBooster Sign In Go to your dashboard and browse, search, discover and share your feeds in a new and Curate FeedBooster with the exciting way. FeedBooster provides you with news and webfeed sources you control to define and find what news is trust. Add feeds by single feed relevant to you and the power to narrow inCreate a free FeedBooster URLs, import feeds from Google on a manageable set of information from theaccount or securely log-in Reader or from other feed wealth of feeds.via Facebook, Google, Yahoo, readers using an OPML fileTwitter or Open-ID. import process or use our starter Feed-Sets on various topics.Confidential Information 15
  16. 16.  FeedBooster Key Features • Dashboard − Feeds Dashboard − Feed Control/Search and Filters − Quick Reference • Customization/Personalization How to get started Build FeedBooster into any app/service - FeedBooster API 1.0Confidential Information 16
  17. 17. FeedBooster API 1.0The FeedBooster API 1.0 addresses the deluge of news and empowersend-users to search and cull the most relevant news and informationfrom RSS webfeeds. The API can be used to:  Embed the search technology in any website, web service or application  Develop new applications and services  Provide users with a more organized search experience for webfeeds and RSS data More information on API can be found on our website. Information 17
  18. 18. Q-Sensei FeedBoosterPower, Speed and Control to get the most out of RSS and WebfeedsFor questions or further information contact us:Phone US: +1.718.858.1473Phone Europe: +49.361.660.112 .20Email: feedbooster@qsensei.comWeb: http://feeds.qsensei.comTwitter: @FeedBoosterConfidential Information Last Update: June, 2012 18