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Infographic: Q-Centrix workforce


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When you see the impressive qualifications of our quality information specialists, it's easy to understand why more than 300 hospitals trust our team with their quality data abstraction.

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Infographic: Q-Centrix workforce

  1. 1. Expertise in 23 local and national registries Applicants undergo a rigorous interview and pre-hire testing process to identify the best and brightest. 73%Are registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practicing nurses (LPNs) in Healthcare With experience in hospital management For more information visit: or email us at +and are growing each day (QUALITY INFORMATION SPECIALISTS) Experience with EMR 49 VENDOR TOOLS and 59 *in 2014 We strategically choose a PERMANENT SUPPORT TEAM that becomes an extension of our partner hospitals' department. Q-Centrix receives an average of JOB APPLICATIONS/DAY* 50 49STATES Located in Certifications Have CMS Experience Together hold more than Have QIO Experience 83% 50% 1,200 100 90 10+ Years EXPERIENCE Q-Centrixhas QUALITY INFORMATION SPECIALISTS