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BigDataEurope - Food & Agriculture Pilot (SC2) in Brief


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The goal of the SC2 Pilot is to demonstrate the ability of Big Data technologies to complement existing community-driven systems (e.g. VITIS for the Viticulture Research Community) with efficient large-scale back-end processing workflows.

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BigDataEurope - Food & Agriculture Pilot (SC2) in Brief

  1. 1. SC2 Pilot in Brief Dr. Pythagoras Karampiperis (Agroknow)
  2. 2. “Huge volumes of data may be compelling at first glance, but without an interpretive structure they are meaningless” - Tom Boellstorff, Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method “Research is a Data-driven process”
  3. 3. Grapevine-powered Industry addressing cross-sector problems Agriculture (Grapes) Food (Wine) Health (Cosmetics)
  4. 4. Data Spectrum extremely heterogeneous (& Big) Satellite Distribution / Financial Genomics Sensor / Weather Bibliographic data in-field observations
  5. 5. Data Challenges in the Big Data era Volume Velocity Variety Veracity “ But, all the volumes of fast-moving data of different variety and veracity have to be turned into value! This is why value is the one V of big data that matters the most ” Why only one of the 5 Vs of big data really matters Bernard Marr, IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub
  6. 6. Sector-specific Research  turn Data into Knowledge / Value • Ampelography • Molecular methods • Improved and healthy vine propagation material Identification of grapevine varieties • Impact on growth and quality • Impact on the developmental physiology and ecophysiology • Adaptation of varieties and rootstocks Viticulture and climate change • Phenotypic • Genetic • Phenolic Full profile of grapevine varieties … affecting all sectors of the Grapevine-powered data-value chain
  7. 7. Viticulture & Winemaking a cross-boarder activity Italy (Piedmont) France (Bordeaux) China (Ningxia) Greece … and many more
  8. 8. What we have achieved so far
  9. 9. VITIS Intuitive Visualization of information on the core 68 grape varieties cultivated in Greece
  10. 10. VITIS Large-scale Linguistic Pipeline full-text mining over PDF files ingested from AGRIS, PubMed and CORE
  11. 11. VITIS Atlas of Viticulture Research relevant to VITIS grape varieties [ extracted from indexed publications ]
  12. 12. VITIS Linking of Heterogeneous Data (1/2) Ampelographic, Genetic and Climate
  13. 13. VITIS Linking of Heterogeneous Data (2/2) Sensor / Weather and Satellite Imaging
  14. 14. VITIS Integrated tools for end-users (1/2) Weather forecast and mobile app for in-field data collection
  15. 15. VITIS Integrated tools for end-users (2/2) Ampelographic and Genetic identification Data access via a single SPARQL endpoint
  16. 16. Technological Challenges of a data/services/apps ecosystem Digital Farming High-definition Satellite Monitoring Low-energy Soil / Plant sensors Smart micro- Irrigation / Zone Seeding Autonomous Robotics Big Data Efficient Processing Architectures High-throughput processing Distributed Data-mining Predictive Analytics & Visualization
  17. 17. 4 THANK YOU … and do not forget to visit VITIS at