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Poly Bags 101


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Everything you wanted to know about polyethylene (poly) bags is contained in this presentation. Contact us at 800.547.5130 for a poly bag quote or visit

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Poly Bags 101

  1. 1. Everything you wanted to know about Poly BagsYour Packaging Matters People!
  2. 2. LDPE Poly bags are also know aspolyethylene bags and PE bags
  3. 3. Poly bags are:• flexible• customizable• moisture resistant• inexpensive to produce• have a high tensile strength• recyclable
  4. 4. Poly bags are used in a variety of industries including: food industrial pharmaceutical packaging industry
  5. 5. Types of Poly BagsReclosable Poly and Bubble Bags Biohazard Specimen Bags
  6. 6. Gusseted Poly BagsPolypropylene Gusseted Bags
  7. 7. Mattress Poly Bags
  8. 8. Furniture Poly Bags
  9. 9. Garment Cover Poly Bags
  10. 10. News Magazine Silo Poly BagsMagazine Poly Bags
  11. 11. Merchandise Poly Bags
  12. 12. Silverware Poly Bags
  13. 13. Wicketed Bread Poly BagsIce Poly Bags
  14. 14. Construction Polypropylene Film CoversGaylord Pallet Liner Poly Bags Pallet Poly Covers
  15. 15. Poly bags are available in bags on rolls layflat - case packed
  16. 16. Poly Tubing Tubing on a roll lets you make bags fit anysize. Slide the tubing over the item, and cut it to your desired length.
  17. 17. Poly Bags come in differentthicknesses & are measured in mils.
  18. 18. For a example, a 1 mil bag is.001” thick which is the diameter of a strand of human hair.
  19. 19. .5 to .75 mil poly bagsare affordable, very thin and lightweight a dry cleaning bag is 0.75 mil
  20. 20. 1 or 1.25 mil poly bagsare affordable and are used for light weight items & short term storage
  21. 21. 1.5 or 2 mil poly bagsare used for storing, shipping, or displaying everyday items
  22. 22. 3 or 4 mil poly bagsare used for very heavy industrial items like nails, screws & other hardware items
  23. 23. 6 mil poly bagsare used for heavy bulky and sharp items
  24. 24. Graphics can easily be added to Poly bags
  25. 25. We are a stocking distributor offlexible packaging supplies & machinery
  26. 26. Most of our flexible packaging supplies can be shipped next day or even arrive the same day.
  27. 27. VMIVendor Management InventoryWith Pyramid’s VMI service plan, oursales representative visits your company,evaluates your packaging inventory andreplenish stock when needed.
  28. 28. Bagging Equipment We carry a comprehensive line of baggers and bagging equipment from Automated Packaging Systems for: •hand load •semi-automatic •fully-automatic bag packaging
  29. 29. Counters & Weigh Filling Machines Pyramid Packaging carries a complete line of infeed systems, including: •weigh scales •automatic counters / conveyors •kit packaging systems
  30. 30. As a local supplier, our packaging engineers cantake care of all your packaging needs.packaging design order fulfillment equipment selection / service
  31. 31. Contact 01-4300Pyramid Packaging at 847-9 m for youror info@py needs.flexible packaging 31