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Horizontal Flow Wrappers



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Horizontal flow wrappers are used to wrap food related items at speeds up to 120 packages per minute.

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Horizontal Flow Wrappers

  1. 1. Your Packaging Matters People! Understanding Horizontal Flow Wrappers
  2. 2. Horizontal flow wrappers, also know as HFFS machines, are used to wrap and seal products in a continuous motion.
  3. 3. 120 packages / min Flow wrappers are fast…up to
  4. 4. They will form the film, fill it with the product, seal and discharge the packaged item resulting in a professionally looking package.
  5. 5. The wrapper starts off as a roll of film which is mounted to the machine. This web of material is then sealed using a fin seal. The enclosed product is then further indexed to be end sealed and cut off in a continuous process.
  6. 6. conveyor film roll controller discharge area Flow Wrapping Machine The product in-feed conveyor indexes items forward and encloses them into a formed tube of film. The belt out-feed conveyor provides smooth transfer of products from the machine.
  7. 7. Most flow wrappers include print registration capability.
  8. 8. Flow wrappers are a great packaging solution for bakery items, candy, electronics, & hardware products.
  9. 9. Our flow wrappers can achieve speeds up to 120 packages / min. They are the preferred choice for everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed wrapping requirements. FW 350TC FW 400F FW 400S
  10. 10. Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of packaging supplies & equipment and represents PAC flow wrappers.
  11. 11. Pyramid Packaging Inc. 2901 Shermer Road Northbrook, IL 60062 800-547-5130