You Give Me Data, I Give You Art by Eric Drass - PyData London 2014


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You Give Me Data, I Give You Art by Eric Drass - PyData London 2014

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You Give Me Data, I Give You Art by Eric Drass - PyData London 2014

  1. 1. Eric Drass shardcore @erocdrahs You give me data, I give you Art.
  2. 2. The Conscious Machine v3.1 (2012) Cut Up (2012) @shardecho (2013) Corporate Fight Club (2011)
  3. 3. Materials
  4. 4. data is the material of the algorithmic universe
  5. 5. William Latham Algorithms in art
  6. 6. Big Data [Meta Slide]
  7. 7. { "acno": "A00340", "all_artists": "George Jones", "catalogueGroup": { "accessionRanges": "A00219-A00701; A01189-A01741", "completeStatus": "IRRELEVANT", "groupType": null, "id": 65241, "shortTitle": "Sketches of Figures, Costumes, etc." }, "classification": "on paper, unique", "contributorCount": 1, "contributors": [ { "date": "1786u20131869", "displayOrder": 1, "fc": "George Jones", "gender": "Male", "id": 300, "mda": "Jones, George", "role": "artist" } ], Tate Data
  8. 8. ‘emotions and human qualities’ fear, love, horror, despair, suffering, grief, shame, anger, innocence, strength, compassion, foolishness, happiness, sadness, wisdom, tenderness, guilt, shock, chastity, desire, humility, pride, nostalgia, contemplation, isolation, condescension, complacency, anxiety, vulnerability, psyche, hope, creativity, vitality, disillusionment, memory, concentration, inspiration, exhilaration, boredom, courage, muse, victim, hedonism, aggression, disgust, dignity, mischievousness, gratitude, serenity, heroism, avarice, laziness, devotion, frustration, anonymity, virtue, deceit, jealousy, pessimism, disbelief, hatred, triumph, antihero, narcissism, uncertainty, escapism, subconscious, gluttony, loyalty, pomposity and hypocrisy
  9. 9. ‘mythological’ ‘universal concepts’
  10. 10. Tate Data
  11. 11. Text IDEA SPACE "...a space in which mental events can be said to occur, an idea space which is perhaps universal. Our individual consciousnesses have access to this vast universal space, just as we have individual houses, but the street outside the front door belongs to everybody. It's almost as if ideas are pre-existing forms within this space… The landmasses that might exist in this mind space would be composed entirely of ideas, of concepts, that instead of continents and islands you might have large belief systems, philosophies, Marxism might be one, Judeo-Christian religions might make up another." Alan Moore
  12. 12. 88,577,208,667,721,179,117,706,090,119,168 possible artworks Machine Imagined Artworks
  13. 13. “...If every living human got busy dashing off one an hour, we could be done in only 2 x 10^18 years. Unfortunately, if the works averaged 1kg, they would not only produce a crushing force of gravity, but would actually begin fusion before we were done. This is a difficult project.” Boundegar, BoingBoing comments Nov ’13 Machine Imagined Artworks
  14. 14. “Information wants to be free”
  15. 15. We will We will be tested. We will change that. We will confront it. We will reform the NHS. We will be accountable. We will protect the NHS. We will always defend it. We will be radical reformers. We will make a start in 2010. We will do all of these things. We will be there to protect you. We will scrap the ID Card scheme. We will get Britain moving again. We will create new river crossings. We will spend more on it, not less. We will reduce this deficit together. We will fight that every step of the way. We will start by doubling that to two years. We will keep flexible working, and extend it. We will play our part in breaking the log-jam. We will be the government for people who aspire. We will continue our ruthless pursuit of tax evasion. We will also give our schools the final say over expulsion. We will give doctors back their professional responsibility. We will need to make big changes to fix our broken politics. We will put responsibility at the heart of our national life. We will be unashamedly pro-enterprise and pro-wealth creation. We will give the same relief from bureaucracy to our employers. We will publish every item of government spending over £25,000. We will more than halve the cost of facility time to the taxpayer. We will make aggressive tax avoidance more and more uncomfortable. We will continue to expand cycle hire and plant thousands of trees. We will want a complete opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. We will come out with the mission completed and British heads held high. AlgoCameron
  16. 16. AlgoCameron
  17. 17. The Streisand Effect
  18. 18. @shardecho
  19. 19. Benign Malignant
  20. 20. Who Watches the Watchers?
  21. 21. Conclusions
  22. 22. Conclusions
  23. 23. Eric Drass shardcore @erocdrahs