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Paper english version seminar nasional EII cloud computing - open source - linux

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ICCSN - EII 2012 English version

  1. 1. School Information Systems Throughout Indonesia Based on Cloud SAAS I Putu Agus Eka Pratama#1, Suhardi*2 # Information Network and System (INS) Research Group, Information Technology Ganesha street 10th, Labtek VIII floor 4th, Sekolah Teknik Elektro dan Informatika (STEI), Bandung Institute of Technology, West Java, Indonesia 1putu-shinoda@students.itb.ac.id * Information Network and System (INS) Research Group, Information Technology Ganesha street 10th, Labtek VIII floor 4th, Sekolah Teknik Elektro dan Informatika (STEI), Bandung Institute of Technology, West Java, Indonesia 2suhardi@stei.itb.ac.idAbstract— The existence of the school information systems is This paper offers a research based on the above issues inessential in teaching and learning in the information technology two main points. First, cost savings, time, and energy that canera. There are cost constraints, time and energy to the be done through the sharing of information system-basedprocurement and maintenance of school information systems as cloud SAAS seIndonesia school. Second, the reliability of thewell as less reliable when placed on the regular web hostingserver. The presence of cloud technologies on the internet with network cloud better than usual web hosting server.SAAS services can provide a solution for this. With theuniformity of the curriculum of the center, then a school II. LAWS AS A RULE THE EDUCATION IN INDONESIA ANDinformation system that is placed in the SAAS cloud network can THE IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOL-BASED INFORMATIONbe used together by all schools in Indonesia and remains reliable SYSTEMS SAAS CLOUDeven serve multiple users. This can save costs for the entireschool in Indonesia that led to the saving of the national A. The Laws as Basic Rule for Education in Indonesiaeducation budget with a fixed priority to quality and service. These six laws set the education for every citizen in Indonesia 1.The fourth amendment of Basic Law (Constitution) 1945Keywords— School information system, cost, cloud, SAAS, Chapter 31 Chapter XIII of the Education and Culture. Amongreliability. others : every citizen has the right to education and the government must finance it, arrangements for a national I. INTRODUCTION education system in the context of the intellectual life of the In the era of information technology, the existence of the nation, the education budget priorities at least 20% of budgetschool information system is very assist in the learning revenues and expenditures, and to advance science andprocess. But there are cost constraints, time and energy to the technology by upholding the values religion and nationalprocurement and maintenance of information systems in all unity.schools in Indonesia for all levels (elementary, junior high 2.The Laws of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 at Yearschool, high school). Although there have been many the 2003 concerning general provisions of education and nationalsoftware of schools information systems that can be education, students, staff, access to education, education, anddownloaded free of charge and can be used online, but have the rights and obligations of citizens, parents, community,not been able to solve existing problems, plus the inability of educational and government institutions.the online school information system that is placed in a 3.The laws of Republic of Indonesia No. 2 of 1989 onregular web hosting to serve many users. There is needed an criminal violations that occur, for example obtained a degreeonline school information systems are cheap, easy to use and in education.reliable in terms of the network. 4.The Instruction of President of the Republic of Indonesia Cloud computing technology is the development of existing No. 7 of 2011 on Saving Shopping Ministries / Institutions fortechnologies (computer networks, cluster computing, and grid Fiscal Year 2011.computing) that implemented in many different fields and 5.The Regulation of the Minister of National Educationoffers three types of service, one of which SAAS. Republic of Indonesia No. 2 of 2010 about the Strategic Plan Given how important important role of information systems of the Ministry of National Education .SAAS cloud-based school for education, it needs to be done 6. The Direction of the President at August 16, 2011 regardingabout the continued research about it. the education development plan in 2012, who delivered at the presidential speech on August 16 2011, related to the delivery
  2. 2. of government statements on the Draft Law on State Budget information system throughout Indonesia based on cloud2012 and the financial memorandum. SAAS. Namely : 1.The OS can use Windows, Linux, or Mac, that has a browser and internet connection at least 64 Mbps.B. The importance of School of Information Systems 2.Computer/notebook/netbook at least Pentium 3 with the Throughout Indonesia Based On Cloud SAAS availability of a mouse, keyboard, network card/wifi, and There are five fundamental reasons that show how important monitor (CRT/LCD).the school information system throughout Indonesia based on 3.Printer (optional) for printing data on paper.cloud SAAS :1.School information system in Indonesia based SAAS cloudcan be used together - the same by all schools in Indonesia C. Interface Designthrough internet access for all schools in Indonesia with Interface that provided using a website, to make usersvarious levels (elementary, junior school, high school) using easier to log into the system, using a variety of servicesthe same curriculum from the center. This saves the education provided, and out of the system, by online, whateverbudget for the procurement of information systems private computer, operating system, and web browser that they used.schools, while also saving time and effort. The web based created using PHP, database using MySQL,2.SAAS cloud technology can provide better service than server using Apache, on the platform GNU / Linux, andregular web hosting server when accessed on by multiple placed in the cloud server.users and in a state of maintenance its services still keeprunning. D. Business process The overview of business processes for school information III. REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN SYSTEM system throughout Indonesia based on cloud SAAS as followsA. Identification of Problems :Contains a number of questions that focus on basicunderstanding of the problems with the concept of a 5W + H.Among others :1.What are the obstacles that occur in schools in theprocurement and maintenance of information systems?2.Who is in need and will use a school information systemthroughout Indonesia based on cloud SAAS?3.What are the economic advantages of joint use schoolinformation system throughout Indonesia based on SAAScloud?4.How to design a school information system throughoutIndonesia based on cloud SAAS to fit the needs of schoolsand curricula?5.Which interface will be selected in this information systemsoftware?6.Why use technology cloud SAAS ?B. Requirements Analysis Functional and Non Functional Functional and non functional requirement is related towhat can be given by the school information system inIndonesia based on cloud SAAS to the users and the minimum Fig. 1 Business processes for school information system throughout Indonesia based on cloud SAASspecifications to run this software. For the functionalsrequirements include:1.User can be login together with a different user levels.2.User can view, enter, delete, edit / update, and search for If illustrated as follows (for the case of West Java province) :academic data in accordance with permissions granted.3.Users can obtain academic reports online and print it.4. Users can obtain academic information from their ownschool and also academic information from the center. For non-functionals requirements it include the need of theminimum hardware for running the software of school
  3. 3. Fig. 4 Use Case Diagram Fig. 2 The illustrated for each province ( case study : West Java province)E. Final design Conducted the final design stage of the ERD (EntityRelationship Diagram) to diagram the relationship betweentables in the database system and UML diagrams (UnifiedModelling Language) which includes the Use Case, Sequence,and Class Diagram. All documentation will be presented inthe SRS (Software Requirement Software). Fig. 5 The design of the School of Information Systems Throughout Indonesia Based on Cloud SAAS F. The plan of further research The plan of further research to be carried out related to this research are: 1.Analyzing the characteristics of the user. 2.Analyzing the input and output. 3.Creating a design modeling system. 4.Creating a user interface design. 5.Creating a menu structure design. 6.Creating a UML that containing Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagram of the system. 7.Implementation (prototype) software-based school information system and put it into the cloud SAAS internet server. 8.Functionality testing. 9.Make the evaluation results of testing. IV. CONCLUSION These conclusion is based on the results of research that has been done (questionnaires and interviews to the three sample schools, the study of literature, making the system design), Fig. 3 Entity Relationship Diagram that is :
  4. 4. 1.Teachers still lack understanding of IT and its use for [4] Anonim (2003) : Undang Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 20 tahuneducation. They need approach and an explanation of its 2003 Tentang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional. http://dikti.go.id/Archive2007/UUno20th2003-Sisdiknas.htm (diaksesbenefits. 1 September 2011).2.School information system throughout Indonesia based on [5] Anonim(1989) : Undang – Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 2 tahuncloud SAAS most demanding because of its easy and cheap 1989 Tentang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional.in terms of cost, time, and effort. [6] http://dikti.go.id/Archive2007/uu_no2_1989.htm (diakses 1 September3.The side of privacy is preferred. The school does not want 2011).personal data the school (teachers, students, parents, students) [7] Armbrust, M., Joseph, A.D., dan Griffith, R., “Above The Clouds : Acan be accessed by the public/irresponsible people. Berkeley View of Cloud Computing”. University of California. 2009.4. The school information system throughout Indonesia based [8] Chang, B.R., Tsai, H.F., Huang, C.F., dan Huang, H.C.,”Private Small Cloud Computing In Connection With Linux Thin Client.” Firston cloud SAAS is expected can be resolve the issue to the International Conference on Perpasive Computing. 2010.limitations of cost, time and energy to every school in [9] Creswell, J.W., ”Research Design Qualitative, Quantitative, and MixedIndonesia in developing and maintenance their own Method Approaches Third Edition” . Sage Publication. 2009.information systems, and also provide a better solution than [10] Hevner, A.R., March, S.T., Ram, S., dan Park, J. (2004) : Designthe use of school information system using common hosting Science In Information System Research. MIS Quarterly.server. [11] Knorr, E., dan Gruman, G. (2008) : What Cloud Computing Really5.The final results of this paper are the needs assessment Mean. Info World.based on problems that occur along with its designs that has [12] Mell, P., Grance, T. (2011) : The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing. National Institute of Standards and Technology USbeen created that are expected to be used as the basis for Departement of Commerce.software implementation of information systems throughout [13] Murari, K., Raju, M., Sussendran, R.B., Girikumar, Y.Indonesia based on cloud SAAS. (2010) : Eucalyptus Beginners Guide UEC Edition. CSS Corporation. [14] Onno W. Purbo (2011). Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud : Panduan Untuk ACKNOWLEDGMENT Pemula. Open Source Telkom Speedy.This paper is created based on the authors thesis research that http://opensource.telkomspeedy.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_Enterpris e_Cloud:_Panduan_Untuk_Pemula (diakses 1 Oktober 2011).have been done, with attention to scientific ethics and honesty, [15] Onno W. Purbo (2011). Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud : Mengoperasikanand use a variety of reference sources that can be trusted. Tanpa Internet. Open Source Telkom Speedy. http://opensource.telkomspeedy.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_Enterpris e_Cloud:_Mengoperasikan_tanpa_Internet (diakses 11 Oktober 2011). REFERENCES [16] Peffers, K., Tuunanen, T., Rothenberger, M.A., dan Chatterjee, S. (2007) : A Design Science Research Methodology for Information[1] Anonim (2002) : Perubahan Keempat Undang Undang Dasar Negara System Research. Volume 24 Issue 3, Winter 2007-8, pp. 45-78. Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945. Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat [17] Petter, S., Straub, D., dan Raun, R. (2007) : Specifying Formative Republik Indonesia. Construct in Information System Research. University of Nebraska,[2] Anonim (2011) : Instruksi Presiden Republik Indonesia Nomor 7 Georgia State of University. Tahun 2011 Tentang Penghematan Belanja Kementrian/Lembaga [18] Pressman, R.S. (2001) : Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Tahun Anggaran 2011. Sekretariat Kabinet RI Biro Perekonomian Approach 6th Edition. Mc GrawHill New York. dan Industri. http://www.presidenri.go.id/DokumenUU.php/611.pdf [19] Vijay K.V., William K. (2006) : Design Science Research Methods (diakses 1 September 2011). and Patterns Innovating Information and Communication Technology,[3] Anonim (2011) : Rencana Pembangunan Pendidikan Tahun 2012. Auerbach Publications. Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional. [20] William, D.M. (2008) : A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing : http://www.kemdiknas.go.id/media/500619/press%20conference Moving Your Business Into The Cloud. Kogan Page. %20mendiknas%2017%20agustus%202011-%20rapbn %202012%20tayang.pdf (diakses 1 September 2011).