3rd Quarter Report 2009                               LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT                                Dear Commit...
2     MAIN STORY                                                                         enthusiasm for the teacher’s chos...
3         PROGRAMSA New Generation of Indonesian Teachers89 Student Teachers Attend Sampoerna School of Education      Sin...
4Creating Future Leaders in PalembangSampoerna Academy Opens 2nd International Boarding School  Governor and Cheerful Scho...
5Six of the Best:Java Schools Complete United Schools Program (USP)Five schools in East Java and one school in Bantul, Yog...
6         PARTNERS                                                                                 PARTNER’S HIGHLIGHTSAdo...
7Creating Opportunities Across the Nation:Trada and Sampoerna Foundations Provide Scholarships in Four Provinces          ...
8Helping Hands:Alstom Provides Scholarships for Situ Gintung Victims       In Solidarity - Alstom’s Eko Sulianto (second f...
9Getting Together:Standard Chartered Bank Employees Meet Scholarship Recipients           Strengthening the Bond - SCB Emp...
10GELIndo Breakfast Gathering Event                                                                                       ...
11South Sumatera’s Regencies Support Scholars at SAFive regencies and one city in South Sumatera signed Memoranda of Under...
12PARTNERS                                                         NEW PARTNERS           Alstom was first established in ...
13PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII focuses on developing agribusiness sector that hasstrong growth and economically profitable,...
14         PARTNERS                                                         LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS  CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS  ...
15                                                                                                     NEWS & EVENTSCSR Fo...
16Aiming High and Shooting for The Stars:Sampoerna Foundation Scholars Witness Satellite Launch                          A...
17Helping HandsSF Scholars Reach Out to West Java Earthquake Victims                            Helping Hands - Sampoerna ...
18The “Art of Start” for Creative Entrepreneurs:Sampoerna Foundation and Alumni Promote Innovation                      En...
19A Call to Alms:Bait Al-Kamil Provides for Education through Alms-giving                         Muslim Pride – A scholar...
20A Crowning Achievement:Miss Indonesia 2005, Also Ambassador for Education                      Ambassador with Heart - N...
21                                                                                    FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSCONTRIBUTIONS & ...
22Education Program Partners                                                       TOKO BUKU                             3...
23Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership                                  ...
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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2009


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2009

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2009

  2. 2. 3rd Quarter Report 2009 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Committed Partners, TABLE OF CONTENTS In August, Indonesia once again celebrated its independence. The country has come aLetter from The President long way since 1945 and suffered many trials and setbacks. The future and continued prosperity of Indonesia, however, is in the hands of its youth. And to lead the country forward, tomorrow’s leaders must have not only a deep and abiding pride in theirMain Story country but also an understanding of the complex global relationships of whichInspired to Teach: Indonesia is a part.Teachers Who Create Inspired We are therefore delighted that, with your support, Sampoerna Foundation has thisStudents quarter inaugurated two new Sampoerna Academy international boarding schools in Palembang and Malang that will specifically benefit poor but academically performingPrograms students. Sampoerna Academy students are rigorously selected and follow a world class- Sampoerna School international curriculum. However the schools seek not only to teach but also to instill in of Education students a core set of values that will enable them to become effective and responsible future leaders.- Sampoerna Academy- Schools To develop outstanding students takes great teachers, and great teachers are not born, they are made. That is why, in addition to providing opportunities for students,Partners Sampoerna Foundation is also taking innovative steps to train and develop world class teachers. This initiative took another step forward this quarter with the inauguration of- Partner’s Highlights the Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) in Jakarta. By training outstanding teachers,- New Partners the SSE plays an essential role in supporting the ability of Sampoerna Academy- List of Contributors international boarding schools to provide the best education for high school students.News and Events We also provided more support for Muslims to contribute to the education of tomorrow’s leaders through alms payments. Sampoerna Foundation has no politicalFinancial Highlights or religious affiliation. We nevertheless recognize that, in this predominantlyPartners and Contributor Muslim nation, religion and philanthropy are inextricably linked. That is why Sampoerna Foundation has established Bait Al-Kamil, an alms distribution unit that allows Muslim families to channel their alms-giving specifically to the provision of education to the economically disadvantaged. Bait Al-Kamil is established with the goal of developing truly globalized future Muslim leaders. THE EDITORIAL TEAM It is the future potential of young people from all walks of life that inspires us to provideWriters opportunities for them to develop that potential. That inspiration is shared by the manyYulin Febrina partners from within Indonesia and around the world that support us in so many differentLaksmi Lestari ways. In Palembang and Malang, for example, local governments provided the land we needed to build the schools and the dormitories. In Bali, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi the Trada Foundation helped us provide scholarshipsEditors for needy students. In Yogyakarta, Standard Chartered Bank helped us implement ProjectAlda Siregar Based Learning in local schools. And as far away as Kazakhstan, MEASAT helped us realize the dreams of two Sampoerna Foundation beneficiaries who travelled to theContributor country to witness a satellite launch.Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen Sampoerna Foundation remains committed to boosting collaboration with all partnersCreative Designer and the Indonesian government to enhance the quality of education in this country. InAngga Bangun Subur celebrating our independence, let us also celebrate our future and take the necessary steps to bring it to fruition. Thank you for contributing to changing the lives of those who are most in need of your continued support. Ron Perkinson President
  3. 3. 2 MAIN STORY enthusiasm for the teacher’s chosen subject that elevates good teachers to become great teachers. The teacher’s enthusiasm for the subject is what will inspire the students to stimulate their own thinking, and motivate them to expand their knowledge on their own. Research-driven Teachers driven by a passionate search for new intellectual vistas and perspectives within the boundary of their disciplines enrich and enliven the teaching process. Such teachers are, at heart, enthusiastic researchers who constantly enhance and expand their mastery of their subject and offer their students a broad spectrum of insights. Excellent teachers present these insights in a manner that students can understand and enjoy, instilling a love of learning that translates into stronger analytical capabilities, honed intellects and the capacity to examine issues and problems from multiple perspectives. Creativity The combination of passion and scientific rigor drives creativity in education. Teachers who truly inspire their students present their subjects not as a collection of stark facts but as a constantly evolving landscape. Everything in this fascinating world can be questioned and critically re-examined, and new perspectives are always welcomed. Change Great teachers do not feel threatened by new paradigms, fast developing technologies, and new scientific discoveries.Inspired to Teach: Instead, they use all as tools to stimulate the interest of students in the subject. Today more than ever, teachers have the capability to expose their students to the very frontiers of their disciplines,Teachers Who Create Inspired Students creating a thirst for further study and understanding, andby Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen encouraging students to develop and put forward originalDean of Sampoerna School of Education thoughts and opinions. The creativity of the teacher is mirrored in the full development of the creative potential nascent within each student.Professional teachers are always in high demand. They playan instrumental role not only in ensuring that young people Careacquire academic knowledge and skills but also in shaping While passion for the profession is essential, care and love forthem into responsible local and global citizens. They inspire students are the most important characteristics of all. Excellentcreative, innovative students who are at ease with new teachers encourage the growth of individual students bytechnologies and able to make informed decisions through- matching their approach to suit the needs and capabilities ofout their lives. They also lay the foundations for future the students under their tutelage. Above all they support theirleaders of excellent character and good moral fiber. students, helping them navigate the maze of ideas toward the progressive acquisition of knowledge and understanding,Excellence using the rich and varied tools at their disposal.Excellence is rooted in performance. If students are not learning,the performance of teachers cannot be considered satisfactory. In searching for and, more crucially, developing and trainingYet the tremendous changes we see in our environment excellent teachers, we should hold these important character-and in the interdependency of our world create new challenges istics paramount. If we are able to train teachers accordingand new opportunities for teachers to excel. to these principles then we will succeed in making teaching a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience for both teachersPassion and students. Inspired students in turn will respond byGreat teaching is rooted in passion. Passion for the teaching exceeding the expectations of their teachers, contributingprocess itself, for taking on the responsibility of shaping and to a stronger and more robust education system that makesnurturing young minds is important. However it is passion and a lasting contribution to the development of the nation. “Great teachers do not feel threatened by new paradigms, fast developing technologies, and new scientific discoveries. Instead, they use all as tools to stimulate the interest of students.” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  4. 4. 3 PROGRAMSA New Generation of Indonesian Teachers89 Student Teachers Attend Sampoerna School of Education Sincere Congratulations - Iowa State University President, Gregory L. Proud Scholars - L-R: Ron Perkinson, Prof. Dr. H. Muchlas, M.Pd., Paulina Geoffroy offers SSE his congratulations on its inauguration via the advanced Pannen, four scholarship recipients, Yos Adiguna Ginting, Niken Rahmad. video conference facility that supports SSE’s modern learning.The symbolic inauguration of the Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Kebangkitan Nasional or Sampoerna Schoolof Education (SSE) on October 7 in Jakarta would have been like any another school inauguration ceremony – had the 89 newlyadmitted students not undergone a rigorous three stage selection process from over 1,100 other applicants.All the students at the SSE are scholarship recipients from families facing financial difficulties. Without the scholarships, thesestudents would have little chance of pursuing their dreams of becoming professional teachers.The 89 selected scholars received scholarships for a four-year education, some with full-boarding and expenses.42 students will major in mathematics, while 47 students will take English as their education major. The students are expected tobecome the new generation of Indonesian teachers, capable of mentoring their students to be the country’s future leaders.Among those in attendance during the ceremony were Director General of Higher Education Human Resources at the Ministryof National Education Prof. Dr. H. Muchlas M.Pd; Head of Research and Development at the Ministry of Law and HumanRights Prof. Hafid Abbas; and Iowa State University, Nanyang Technological University and Massey University representatives.PT. HM. Sampoerna Tbk Corporate Affairs Director Yos Adiguna Ginting was also in attendance. PT HM. Sampoerna Tbk hasdonated more than Rp 50 billion to support the scholarships and the construction of campus facilities and infrastructure.About SSEThe SSE is a response by Sampoerna Foundation to the shortage of professional teachers in Indonesia and serves to address theimmediate need for more than 10,000 trained educators. The SSE was established as a continuation of previous teacher trainingprograms provided by Sampoerna Foundation. The SSE offers educational programs in Mathematics and English followingnational and international curricula, and will use the latter as the language of instruction. ”The SSE will serve as a Center of Education Excellence and will use innovative educational technologies to provide higher value in the learning and teaching process. We will also develop a culture of research among the teaching staff and the students,“ Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  5. 5. 4Creating Future Leaders in PalembangSampoerna Academy Opens 2nd International Boarding School Governor and Cheerful Scholars - South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin ex- Future Leaders – Sampoerna Academy scholars cheer presses his joy at the inauguration of the Sampoerna Academy in Palembang the inauguration of their school. during his speech. The governor also congratulated the cheerful scholars for their success in receiving the prestigious scholarships.During the inauguration of the Sampoerna Academy in Palembang on August 3, 2009, Sampoerna Foundation Board ChairpersonMichelle Sampoerna reiterated the Foundation’s commitment to provide access to quality education for the best performingstudents from poor families. “Economic resources alone will not provide our country with progress and prosperity but the develop-ment of human capital and the grooming of our young leaders will determine our future as well,” she said.Sampoerna Foundation collaborated with the state-run high school, the regional government, and the Ministry of NationalEducation to establish the South Sumatra SMAN Internasional (Sampoerna Academy), a boarding school for top performingstudents. The high school aims to provide the highest possible quality of education through the IGCSE curriculum standard.These students will receive not only the knowledge but also the life-skills to become effective and responsible leaders, displayinginternational awareness, global competitiveness, strong moral fiber and the social consciousness to give back and contribute tosociety.The curriculum integrates international and local standards, while upholding the country’s identity and values. It is intendednot only to teach academic and leadership skills, but more importantly, instill in students a value system that promotes morality,empathy, tolerance and social consciousness.The school provides for the student’s every need, including accommodation, making admission to the school a unique privilege.That is why, in her speech, Michelle encouraged students not to treat this “gift” lightly. “This is an investment! You have been giventhe opportunity to achieve academic excellence and develop your leadership to better serve your communities and your country.Learn today, lead tomorrow; but do not forget whence you came,” said Michelle.“You are the teachers and mentors of tomorrow’s leaders. Serve with pride, responsibility and excellence,” she added.The South Sumatra SMAN Internasional (Sampoerna Academy) has granted scholarships to 70 students. In addition to Palembang,Sampoerna Foundation has also inaugurated a similar school in Malang, East Java, the SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy),which granted scholarships to 150 students.Donors supporting the Sampoerna Academy in Palembang and Malang are PT. HM. Sampoerna Tbk, which provided grants forinfrastructure development including the boarding facility; PT. Merparti Mahkota Sarana, producer of Standard ballpoint andmarker pens; and Olympic Furniture, which provided desks and book shelves. Other contributing donors include Bank Sumsel, PTBukit Asam, PTPN VII, PT Tanjungenim Lestari, Index Furnishings and Angkasa Pura II Palembang. “Learn today, lead tomorrow” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  6. 6. 5Six of the Best:Java Schools Complete United Schools Program (USP)Five schools in East Java and one school in Bantul, Yogyakartaare expected to become the “Centers of Education Excellence”in their respective areas after completing three years of a schoolquality development program supported by the SampoernaFoundation United Schools Program (SF - USP).The six public high schools, SMAN 13 Surabaya, SMAN 19Surabaya, SMAN 20 Surabaya, SMAN 1 Pandaan, Pasuruan,SMAN 10 Malang and SMAN 1 Pundong, marked the comple-tion of the program with a celebration and education exhibitionon 19th August 2009 at the Empire Palace, Surabaya.The school quality improvement program impacts not only theprincipal and the teachers but also the students. This partnershipenabled the schools to be trained in leadership, management,pedagogy and subject content.Pak Suwanto, Head of the Education Office for East Java, saidthe six schools would be the best of their kind and would boostthe quality of other schools in their respective districts.A student science exhibition was held to demonstrate theschools’ achievements. This educational exhibition displayedvarious products such as “Green School” products, extracurricular activities, robotic products, and recycled productssuch as scallop shells as an alternative for mixing concrete SF-USP Success - Two high school students demonstrate their knowledge during the science exhibition to mark the completion ofTen of the best examples of student and teacher creativity were the three-year school quality development program supported by the Sampoerna Foundation-United Schools Program (SF-USP).demonstrated:• SMAN 13 Surabaya showed a selection of products using a simple electrical engine starting from a merry-go-round to Newton’s disk. There were also binoculars and simulated volcanoes• SMAN 1 Pundong showed interesting collections from their libraries and provided free consultation on female reproduction systems• SMAN 19 Surabaya created many eye-catching and colorful decorations made of scallop shells including small table decorations, concrete, and bottle ornaments• SMAN 1 Pandaan, SMAN 10 Malang and SMAN 20 Surabaya, also participated in the science exhibition• SMAN 1 Pandaan showed pictures and products from their green school activities such as Sirih Merah Tea and liquid fertilizer• SMAN 10 Malang, the winner of the 2009 Toyota Eco Youth program, also showed green school products based on Achievement and Challenge - A celebration at the Empire Palace, Surabaya, on August 19, 2008 marked the completion of the SF-USP programs for five their succeess in waste management as well as mushrooms, schools in East Java and one school in Bantul, Yogyakarta. taken from their Lumbung Jamur• SMAN 20 Surabaya showcased handicrafts and scallop shell decorationsThe creativity shown at the exhibition serves as a yardstick todetermine improvements in quality in the schools. “Together, creating one leader at a time” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  7. 7. 6 PARTNERS PARTNER’S HIGHLIGHTSAdopting Teachers in Tuban:Mobil Cepu and SF TI Team Up to Boost Quality of Teacher Training Making it Happen – SFTI Director Mr. Kenneth Cock signs the agreement with the Tuban Education, Youth and Sports Office – Left to Right: MCL Government Relations Coordinator Mr. Rexy H. Mawardijaya, Tuban Education, Youth and Sports Office Head Drs. Soetrisno, SFTI Director Mr. Kenneth Cock, and Bappeda representative Mr. Fathoni.The Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute signed program. The Study is used as the basis for defining ana Technical Agreement with the Education, Youth and appropriate program for the region. Training will involveSport Office of Tuban, East Java, on August 20, 2009 to 90 teachers from 20 senior high schools in the Tuban area. Theextend the Adopt a Teacher program to the area. The 30-hour training course will focus on paradigm shift, classroomsigning ceremony was witnessed by representatives of management and cooperative learning.Bapeda Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL) as the main sponsor. MCL supports programs and organizations that focus onAdopt a Teacher is a professional development program improving education from pre-school through higher education.focused on raising the quality of teacher education. The The company also supports programs that increase theprogram consists of a comprehensive teacher training number of highly trained teachers and provide professionalcurriculum aimed at developing teachers in the region, and development and training opportunities for teachers. MCLthus boosting the quality of education in the area at large. is continuously committed to developing community programs in Health, Education and Economic Development in theIn August 2008, MCL and Sampoerna Foundation began Cepu Block area.an Educational Baseline Study in the area to prepare for the “The training course will focus on paradigm shift, classroom management and cooperative learning” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  8. 8. 7Creating Opportunities Across the Nation:Trada and Sampoerna Foundations Provide Scholarships in Four Provinces Forty high school students from poor families in Bali, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi will gain access to one year scholarships thanks to an MOU signed between the Trada Foundation and Sampoerna Foundation on July 22, 2009 in Jakarta. Bali will receive five scholarships, Central Sulawesi will receive fifteen, while East and Central Kalimantan will each receive ten. The MoU was signed by Trada Chief Anak Agung Alit Wiradharma and Sampoerna Foundation Sales Director Vira Soekardiman. The scholarships underline Trada’s commitment to providing opportunities for Indonesian students to pursue their education. Celebrating Commitment - Trada Chief Anak Agung Alit Wiradharma (6th from right) and Sampoerna Foundation Sales Director Vira Soekardiman Trada believes that quality education is the right of each and every (5th from left) gather with colleagues to mark the MoU signing. Indonesian child. The partnership with Sampoerna Foundation reflects Trada’s confidence that the scholarships will reach worthy recipients chosen from the Foundation’s extensive database of disadvantaged families in villages throughout Indonesia.Funding DreamsFive Indonesian Companies Provide Scholarships Commitment Signing – (from left to right) PT Bukit Asam Tbk Director Commitment in Action - Bank of Sumsel showed its commitment by Ir. Heri Supriyanto, Bank Sumsel Director Ismail Saleh, SF Sales Director awarding scholarships to students at the Sampoerna Academy. The bank’s Vira Soekardiman, Angkasa Pura II General Manager Yon Sugiono, PTPN President Director Asfan Fikri Sanaf (4th from the left), Director Mugiono VII Palembang Representative Bambang Sunaryo, and PT Tanjungenim (4th from the right), and Compliance Director Ismail Saleh (3rd from the Lestari Pulp & Paper Director Eko Ganefianto were pictured after Mou & right) attended the award ceremony. Donation Handover Ceremony.Five Indonesian companies, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PTPN VII, Bank Sumsel, PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp & Paper, and Angkasa Pura II,have fulfilled their commitments to providing scholarships to economically disadvantaged students throughSampoerna Foundation’s Sampoerna Academy.The five companies signed their commitments at a MoU & Donation Handover Ceremony held on August 7, 2009 at the AryadutaHotel, Palembang, witnessed by the media and Sampoerna Foundation representatives Vira Soekardiman, Andries Sibarani andDeden Rochmawaty. The recipients study at Sampoerna Academy – SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan, Palembang. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  9. 9. 8Helping Hands:Alstom Provides Scholarships for Situ Gintung Victims In Solidarity - Alstom’s Eko Sulianto (second from right) and Sampoerna Foundation’s Ron Perkinson (fifth from left) with a group of scholarship recipients.PT Alstom Power Energy System Indonesia (Alstom) reachedout to support student victims of the Situ Gintung disaster inTangerang by channeling Rp100 million worth of scholarshipsthrough the Sampoerna Foundation.Alstom Business Development Director Eko Sulianto presentedthe scholarships to Sampoerna Foundation PresidentRon Perkinson at the Muhammadiyah 17 Junior HighSchool in Ciputat Timur, on July 24, 2009. The one-yearscholarships provide tuition fees, books and uniforms for18 students of the school under Alstom’s Partnership inthe “Empowering Future Generation’s Access” program.The Situ Gintung disaster occurred after heavy rainfall from Sharing Hope - Alstom Business DevelopmentMarch 26-27, which led to the collapse of the Situ Gintung Director Eko Suliantodam, unleashing a small tsunami that swept away nearby presents a scholarshiphomes and schools. In response to the disaster, Sampoerna certificate to a child survivor of the SituFoundation collaborated with the private sector, including Gintung disaster.Alstom, to assist the student victims. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  10. 10. 9Getting Together:Standard Chartered Bank Employees Meet Scholarship Recipients Strengthening the Bond - SCB Employees and scholars With Proud Winners - SCB employees posing together seen together making works of clay. with scholarship recipientsEmployees of Standard Chartered Bank had the opportunity to witness firsthand the fruits of involvement in a scholarship programfor poor students when they met scholarship recipients at the FX Widiyanto workshop in Depok, West Java, on July 17, 2009.The gathering, which aimed to strengthen the bond between bank employees and the students they sponsor, was attended by 18scholarship recipients.All the scholars from Cilegon and Bogor enjoyed the moment, which provided them an opportunity to learn simple pottery skills.The occasion also gave them the chance to meet their individual sponsors.The scholarship program, “Together, Creating One Leader at a Time,” is a collaborative effort between Standard Chartered Bankand Sampoerna Foundation. The employee-scholar gathering is part of the bank’s Employee Involvement program.Creating Active Learners:Standard Chartered Bank Supports Education Recovery ProgramThe Education Recovery Program in the Yogyakarta area has shown concrete and positive results, as most of the program beneficiaryschools have started to implement project based learning. The program is the result of a partnership betweenStandard Chartered Bank and the Sampoerna Foundation.Standard Chartered Bank provides scholarships through Sampoerna Foundation’s Education Recovery Program to support schoolreconstruction and training for teachers in disaster-stricken areas. Representatives of the bank visited the beneficiaries in theGunung Kidul area on July 24, 2009 to monitor the success of the program, including the Adopt a Teacher program.The bank was satisfied to see the implementation of Project Based Learning at the Duwet Elementary School, where students havestarted to adopt new learning methods that include making Batu Gamping, the materials for which can easily be found in thearea. The new method was proven to encourage students to take a more active approach in the learning process. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  11. 11. 10GELIndo Breakfast Gathering Event During this holy month of Ramadhan, on 25 August 2009 PT. Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELIndo) held a breakfasting gathering with SF scholars. They invited 15 out of a total 31 scholars to attend to this event, who were students from SMPN 167, SMAN 55 and SMAN 92. GELIndo has been giving full 3-year (period 2008 – 2010) scholarships to 31 scholars from 8 different schools through Sampoerna Foundation (SF), comprising of 10 elementary students, 10 junior high school students, and 11 high school students in Jakarta. Scholars receiving education assistance from GELIndo with joy posed with GELIndo’s Senior Management Team and Staff. Taking place at GELIndo’s Head Office at Menara Karya Building - Jakarta, this event was attended by GELIndo’s Senior Management Team and College Students who are doing the Internship Program at GELIndoThis event saw a lot of exciting activities. Started with speeches by SF’s Director of Sales Ibu Vira Soekardiman, the event continuedwith symbolic certificate handover and a token of appreciation exchange between GELIndo and SF. Audience were further excitedto participate the photo session, Islamic Dialogue Session, Break Fasting, Maghrib Praying, closed with a Dinner.On her speech, Ibu Vira Soekardiman said that Sampoerna Foundation was delighted to see the trust that GELIndo has extendedin channeling their assistance toward the betterment of education quality through the SF. We are looking forward for furtheropportunity of partnership.Olympic’s Contribution for Future LeadersQuality furniture for Sampoerna Academy On 29 July 2009 SF held a MoU signing ceremony with Olympic Furniture at SF’s office, Jakarta. The MoU underlined Olympic Furniture’s commitment to donate 150 quality study tables and book shelves to Sampoerna Academy in Malang, East Java. Upon signing the MoU, Olympic Furniture Chairman & Founder Au Bintoro said that the company is proud of contributing to education in Indonesia and that he expected talented children from poor families to benefit from this partnership. “ …… the facility from us will spark the Au Bintoro, Chairman & Founder of Olympic Furniture (2nd from left), V.S. students’ spirit to study at their best and to Riano Adjie Chief, Business Supporting Officer of Olympic Furniture (3rd become the future leaders of this nation,” from left), Imelda Francisca (4th from left) joining hands with SF for the betterment of education Au Bintoro. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  12. 12. 11South Sumatera’s Regencies Support Scholars at SAFive regencies and one city in South Sumatera signed Memoranda of Understanding and Collaboration Agreements withSampoerna Foundation, marking their commitment to provide scholarships to their best performing students to study at theSampoerna Academy – SMA Internasional Sumatera Selatan.Ogan Komering Ulu, Lahat, and the City of Prabumulih that have signed both MoUs and the CAs, while the Regencies of OganIlir, Empat Lawang, and Ogan Komering Ilir have inked MoUs and have agreed to future dates for signing the CAs.The documents were signed separately by the regents and representatives of Sampoerna Foundation on the following dates: Regency or Municipality Memoranda of Understanding Collaboration Agreements Ogan Komering Ulu June 18 August 25 Lahat July 4 August 6 City of Prabumulih June 15 August 7 Ogan Ilir August 3 Empat Lawang August 24 Ogan Komering Ilir September 29 Prabumulih Ogan Ilir Ogan Komering Ilir Lahat Empat Lawang Ogan Komering Ulu 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  13. 13. 12PARTNERS NEW PARTNERS Alstom was first established in Indonesia in 1966 and is today a leading producer of boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG). It is also the HRSG execution center for the global market and has been exporting to the power market in America, Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East, China and Australia since 1998. Founded in November 2007, the Alstom Foundation embodies environmental protection as a crucial commitment to the future of our planet. It aims to support public interest initiatives designed to protect the environment: geographically, by providing funding for local projects proposed by Alstom’s employees, by supporting global actions at Sector and Group level, and also by providing assistance in case of disaster. PT Alstom Power Energy System Indonesia (Alstom) reached out to support student victims of the Situ Gintung disaster in Tangerang by channeling USD 12,517 worth of scholarships through the Sampoerna Foundation. Asian Pacific American Society of New Orleans (APAS), is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that provides services and leadership in cultural, social, and economic areas as well as efforts toward integrating Asian and Pacific Islanders into mainstream America. APAS is the umbrella organization for 15 Asian communities in the Greater New Orleans area as listed in this letterhead. Our members include professionals from various industries, including import/export, dental, chiropractic, healthcare/medical, engineering, antiques/furniture, restaurant/hospitality, law, and university professors and scholars. Through SF APAS donated more than $63,000 for the training of teachers and management of the Unsyiah Labschool high school in Banda Aceh. Olympic Furniture is one of the biggest furniture players in the country with 67 branch offices that covers over 3600 traditional and more than 250 modern retail outlets. Having been an international player by exporting to more 100 countries, Olympic Furniture has gained various prestigious awards such as Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA), Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA), Superbrand Award, 28th International Award for The Best Trade Name, Indonesia Good Design, Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia, Indonesia Customer Loyalty Award (ICLA), Indonesia Most Admirer Company (IMAC), Marketing Award, Primaniyarta Award, Solo Customer Service Award, etc. Olympic Furniture provides their commitment to donate 150 quality study tables and book shelves to SF’s Sampoerna Academy in Malang, East Java. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  14. 14. 13PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII focuses on developing agribusiness sector that hasstrong growth and economically profitable, wealthy and sustainable. This is to furthersupport the country’s regional and national development.The company aims to support the programs led by the South Sumatra provincialgovernment targeting at international standard education and also at the company’sgiving back to highly achieving yet financially disadvantaged students.PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp & Paper is one of the most exciting pulp mills in Indonesiatoday. They are the only pulp mill in the world to produce high-quality, bleached-hardwood kraft pulp with 100 percent plantation grown Acacia mangium trees.PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp & Paper supports education improvement particularly inthe Muara Enim area in order to support good human quality improvement in facingglobal competition.Yayasan Sejahtera Trada is a foundation focusing on social, humanity, and religiousprograms, working under theT rada Group management. The Foundation facilitatesthe group’s CSR activities such as donation channelling as well as computer and bookdonation for needy high schools. They also develop water installation system forcommunity living in Trada’s operations areas that are hit by disaster.The Foundation provide scholarships for forty high school students from poor familiesin four provinces: Bali, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  15. 15. 14 PARTNERS LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS RETAIL CONTRIBUTORS Asian Pacific American Society Kemchicks Mercy Relief Parklane Hotel Perkebunan Nusantara VII, PT Grand Flora Hotel Bank Sumsel Aston Braga Hotel Mobil Cepu Ltd Senayan City PT. Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper Patra Jasa Yayasan Trada Sony MusicINDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS IDR > 5.000.000 IDR < 1.000.000Andrini Hendrayani Adriani Wilya Dwi P Maribeth Bunanig PascuaEko Subagyo Agung Ismoyo Martiningsih AgungEtza Anyasamova Alexander Abimanyu Melania Eka Widra DEnggi Alia Risyamaya Dewi Meliana HartonoG. Haryvatmanto Aloysius Setyo Nugroho Meylina D Hasbullah Amanda Kartika Gayatrie Mira PratiwiRio Rido Andi Eridanie Misda FalahRita Suzanna Theodore Jacqueline Moh Syafri PontohChisca Mirawati Johan Effendy Nataya VidasagitaLani Darmawan Anik Khotimah Novana KristiRahil Taneja Aram Kaleva Poedji ChurniawanSimon Morris Aribowo Hartanto Putu A F AndriyaniTheresia Tjong Ario Widiyanto Ratih Sukma WirdhaniKathleen C. Liem Bagus Ramantara Reni AnastasiaLawrence Quahe Brady RestiawatiDanmarks Pedagogiske Budi Mulyono Rhensi Margareth Hutapea Budi Suryanto Ronald RosantoUniversit Carline Rosanto Sandro Aquino Cecillia Hidayat Santy Neria IDR 1.000.000 -5.000.000 Christfanie Saparinah Mumpuni Citra Savitri Siswanda SuharliAlvira Devara Atma Hudoyo Sri Mulyati RahayuAnggis Rakhmi Ichsan Dewa Kadek Widhinugraha Sudihardjo YefryArfy Frisnanto Dian Saraswati SugiyatunChandrika Purwarin Enny Purwanti Theresia Gerungan SDewi Asrining Puri Erin Supriyanti Titik Kasiati Ersy Dhiyanawati Trisye WidiasariFarif Miharto Ferdi Oktaviano Vanda MeijerFebriny Rimenta Firdaus Widya Putra Yufinah SuthariaRiyanda Taswar Francisca WoonRyana Kharismawati Fransiskus Ardyanto DKKarina Mochtar APIN Hanindyo Putro IR BECOMING A CONTRIBUTORNathalie Hendra Cahyono We welcome your participation and commitment to support theReagan Halim Hian Ni work of Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become aRenny Suprianti Istiadi Wijaya sponsor and need further information about our programs, pleaseSri Widyastuti J. Prima Thamarina contact us at:Suharyanti Jenny Kamal Email: sales@sampoernafoundation.org Jonathan HendroVissy Vandiya if you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to: JulianiWiwiek Ayuningsih Linda Yanuar Tandjung Yayasan Putera SampoernaDina Artarini Linda Zujanty Bank : ABN Amro, Juanda-JakartaTroy Reaggan Lissa Rukmi Utari A/C : 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD)Rafita Datau M.KurniawanPetrus Endria Effendy Marcelany Bank : BCA, KCP Bursa Efek - JakartaIndra Prawira Margaretha A/C : 458 300 7914 Maria Ellen - Thank You - Mariana Susanto 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  16. 16. 15 NEWS & EVENTSCSR For Competitive AdvantagePanel on Benefits for Companies, Government and SocietyCorrect implementation of corporate social responsibilityinitiatives can create opportunities, innovations, and advantagesfor companies, according to a strategic discussion on“Corporate Social Responsibility as a Competitive Advantage”.The discussion was hosted by the Sampoerna Foundationand the Intellectual Business Community at the XXI Club,Djakarta Theater Building, on September 10, 2009.Three CSR specialists, Intellectual Business Community ExecutiveDirector Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, Microsoft Indonesia PrivateSector Director Teja Kusmana, and Sampoerna FoundationPresident and CEO Ron Perkinson, led the discussion,based on the topic “Strategy & Society: The Link betweenCompetitive Advantage and Corporate Social Respon-sibility,” a Harvard Business Review article by Michael Porterand Mark Kramer. Hundreds of companies participatedin the discussion.In explaining the interdependent relationship between CSR Gurus – Sampoerna Foundation’s Ron Perkinson congratulates Tejacompanies and communities, Bayu Prawira said that Kusmana, as Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie (far left) and Wahyu Santosa (far right)communities with good quality of life and stable incomes with look on.strong purchasing power, can deliver a positive impact oncompanies within these communities. Sampoerna Foundation President Ron Perkinson supported this view and said thatinvestments in implementing CSR programs are nothing compared to the advantages these programs generate for thecompany. Head of Institutional Income Tax Section II at the Directorate General of Taxation Wahyu Santosa, AK., M.Si. advisedthat companies implementing education programs as part of their CSR activities may be eligible for tax deductionsin the near future.CSR for SMEs:Sampoerna Foundation Offers Guidance to SMEson Corporate ResponsibilityBusinesses of any size can and should implement initiatives to conduct their operations responsibly, according to a seminar on“Special Guidance in CSR Programme Identification and Development for SMEs” on July 16, 2009. The program, which wasthe result of a partnership between Sampoerna Foundation and Indonesia Business Links was hosted by the British Chamber ofCommerce in Indonesia.The seminar aimed to help SMEs understand CSR and help them identify, develop and implement suitable programs, which wouldprovide benefits to the company and to the communities in which they operate. Speakers at the seminar included IndonesiaBusiness Links founding member John Arnold and Sampoerna Foundation President Ron Perkinson.John Arnold explained how capacity-building programs for SMEs could enable them to apply integrated and sustainable CSRpractices. He also called upon Indonesian corporations to adopt CSR initiatives as a component of their business strategies toprovide benefits for the private sector, government and the community at large. Sharing Sampoerna Foundation’s experiences inempowering SMEs, Ron Perkinson stressed that CSR is a wise investment in human capital development for SMEs. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  17. 17. 16Aiming High and Shooting for The Stars:Sampoerna Foundation Scholars Witness Satellite Launch Among the stars - SF scholars with other young delegates at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in KazakhtanTwo high-performing Indonesian students were at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on June 22 to witness the launch ofthe MEASAT-3a satellite. Sylvia Ayu Pradanawati, a Physics Department student at the Institut Sepuluh Nopember in Surabaya,and I Wayan Alit Sudarsana, a high school student at Bali’s SMAN I Semarapura, are both Sampoerna Foundation scholars.“We are proud to be able to make their dreams come true,” said SF president Ron Perkinson. “We hope their visit will convinceother Indonesian students that each can reach their dreams so long as they continue to focus on their performance.” Similar toother Sampoerna Foundation scholars, the two selected students came from financially disadvantaged families.In addition to witnessing the satellite launch, Sylvia and Wayan joined students from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and the UK tovisit other space technology facilities in Russia. The event was funded by MEASAT and supported by the Russian Embassy inIndonesia. “ ……. they can reach their dreams so long, as they continue to enhance their performance” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  18. 18. 17Helping HandsSF Scholars Reach Out to West Java Earthquake Victims Helping Hands - Sampoerna Foundation scholars help children recover from their traumatic experiences as part of their involvement in rehabilitating earthquake survivor. The undersea earthquake that struck Java, Indonesia’s most populous island, on September 2, 2009 shocked the world. The 7.3 intensity quake destroyed thousands of homes and left more than 40 people confirmed dead. Rescue teams were deployed across a wide area of West Java, the worst hit region. The tragedy captured the attention of the Sampoerna Foundation family. Scholars from the Sampoerna Foundation Scholars Club based in Bandung, West Java quickly acted to lend support. Youngsters responded quickly to pleas of help for those in severely hit places, prticularly Pengalengan, Cianjur, and Pamengpeuk. Words of Comfort - a Sampoerna Foundation A handover took place on September 11, 2009. Under SFSC Bandung’s coor- scholar narrates stories during dination, some 40 scholars together with Mercy Relief representatives and paramedic a trauma healing season. volunteers from the IBU Foundation assessed victims and provided urgently- needed help. Mercy Relief, in cooperation with Carrefour, also handed out foods, infant formula, blankets, cooking utensils, and building materials. In addition to coordinating the process, the SFSC Bandung created mobile schools. University scholars volunteered to teach and recite the Koran, provide learning and playing sessions, and held storytelling gatherings – all to help children recover from the mental trauma and bring back joy into their lives. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  19. 19. 18The “Art of Start” for Creative Entrepreneurs:Sampoerna Foundation and Alumni Promote Innovation Entrepreneurs in the Making- Cheerful alumni and non-alumni are pictured posing after inspired and challenged by entrepreneur speakers at the seminar.The Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Associates (SFAA) and Sampoerna Foundation held a seminar entitled“Creative Entrepreneurship: The Art of Start” at the World Trade Center, Jakarta, on July 15. The seminar wasaimed at supporting young entrepreneurs from the creative industry to make contributions to the developmentof the national economy.With non-alumni also in attendance, the seminar not only reflected the strong relationships amongst Foundation alumni but alsoillustrated the tangible contributions they have made to the nation’s economic development. Over 50 participants were inspiredby four prominent panelists from various backgrounds who shared their industry knowledge and experiences. The panelistswere International Young Creative Entrepreneur of The Year (IYCEY) Music Award 2006 winner Yoris Sebastian; IYCEY ScreenAward 2008 winner Sakti Parantean; Pelangi Mizan Publisher CEO and Founder Irfan Amalee; and independent writer and artistSyaharani. The seminar also facilitated a networking forum for the enthusiastic young participants.Although praised by the government for creating jobs and contributing 6.3 percent to the country’s total GDP the panelists ,revealed that lack of collateral, connections and experience leave most young, creative entrepreneurs struggling to secure smallloans from banks. Nonetheless, most of them remain upbeat and productive.SFAA Presidium Iben Yuzenho Ismarso said, “We in the creative industry must not only seek solutions amid challenges, but mustalso create opportunities.” Scholarship for Sampoerna Foundation Head Rini Tampi added, “The young generation is a force forinnovation, ideas, and creativity. This seminar proves Sampoerna Foundation’s commitment to identify the latent potential amongyoung people with the hope that they will become leaders in national and global businesses one day.”The seminar received support from the British Council and sponsors including Olympic Furniture, CLEAR, and BCA Flazz. “ The young generation is a force for innovation, ideas, and creativity” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  20. 20. 19A Call to Alms:Bait Al-Kamil Provides for Education through Alms-giving Muslim Pride – A scholarship recipient is pictured proudly raising the Indonesian flag during a school event. Coming from financially disadvantaged families, scholars rely on alms to continue their education.The Sampoerna Foundation recently partnered with Bait Al-Kamil – an Alms Distribution Unit (UPZ) – which channels alms toeconomically disadvantaged Muslim students for the purpose of education.Launched on August 19, the UPZ Bait Al Kamil is a channel for Indonesian Muslims to contribute alms to help fellow Muslimscontinue their education. Bait Al Kamil will use the donations to cover the educational expenses of talented yet financiallychallenged Muslim students from elementary to post-graduate level with the goal of producing future Muslim leaderscapable of competing in the global environment.“We must remember that Islam obliges Muslims to pay alms, and such an obligation should not be overlooked. Muslims shouldhave no fear of poverty by donating some of their fortunes to others, as Allah promised in the surah (chapter) of Al Baqarah, verse263, that the more we donate to good causes with the purest of hearts, the greater the satisfaction will be,” said Prof. Dr. KH. DidinHafidhuddin, M.Sc, the National Alms Management Body Chairman. Bait Al-Kamil’s Board of Counselors includes KH. MustofaBisri, popularly known as Gus Mus, a highly respected counselor to the Central Board of the largest Islamic organization NahdlatulUlama (PBNU), and H. Isbir Fadli, Head of the Alms Institution Guidance Office at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.To facilitate the channeling of alms through Bait Al-Kamil, the UPZ has opened the following accounts in Bank Muamalat:• YPS-UPZ Bait Al-Kamil, account number 0000056623, for alms• YPS-UPZ Bait Al-Kamil, account number 0000056706, for donationsTransfer receipts should be faxed to 021-5772341. For further information on paying alms or making donations through BaitAl-Kamil, interested parties can contact 021-5772340, extension 7082 or 7087. “Producing future Muslim leaders capable of competing in the global environment” 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  21. 21. 20A Crowning Achievement:Miss Indonesia 2005, Also Ambassador for Education Ambassador with Heart - Newly appointed SF Education Ambassador Imelda Francisca has a solid track record in taking care of and educating orphans through her own foundation.Miss Indonesia 2005 Imelda Francisca was appointed Sampoerna Foundation Education Ambassador on July 29, 2009 inrecognition of her commitment to providing quality education for less fortunate children. In her new role, Imelda will directlysupport and help socialize the Foundation’s educational programs.Imelda is a trained child psychologist known for her social commitment. She opened her own foundation to provide education fororphans and help them build moral character and spirituality. 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  22. 22. 21 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSCONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (In thousand) • SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOMEPutera Sampoerna 5,885,988 56,982,250 0.52% 9.31%Institutional Contributor 6,854,027 66,353,840 Putera SampoernaIndividual Contributor 74,372 719,996 Institutional Contributor Individual ContributorOther Income 1,315,741 12,737,691 Other IncomeTOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 14,130,129 136,793,777 41.66% 48.51%EXPENSES :PSF Sponsored Program Expenses • PSF SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSESScholarship Expenses 1,419,311 13,740,354 14.63%SF - Teacher Institute 689,801 6,677,959 1.84% 32.28%SF - Sampoerna School of Education 528,516 5,116,560 5.34%Sampoerna SBM - ITB 420,255 4,068,485SF - Sampoerna Academy 379,937 3,678,172 8.64%SF - School Development 234,842 2,273,501 9.56%Student Loan 80,908 783,267 15.69% 12.02%Others Non Scholarship Program* 643,380 6,228,557Total PSF Sponsored Program Expenses 4,396,948 42,566,855 Scholarship Expenses SF - Sampoerna School of Education SF - Teacher Institute SF - School Development Sampoerna SBM - ITB Student LoanDonors Sponsored Program SF - Sampoerna Academy Others Non Scholarsip Program*School Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, Teacher , 1,381,475 13,374,055Knowledge and Resource Centre Program- • DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSESPT HM Sampoerna Tbk. 1.02% 6.39%School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program 169,741 1,643,259 1.40%- Sampoerna Agro 1.73%SF-USP - ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia 134,848 1,305,461 2.18%Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse 121,699 1,178,165 54.61% 2.85%FoundationSchool Development and teacher program- Mobil Cepu Ltd. 106,592 1,031,913 4.19%Scholarship & School Reconstruction,Adopt Teacher Program - 105,902 1,025,235 4.45%Standard Chartered BankScholarship - Astro 68,162 659,881 5.09%Principal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program - 52,193 505,277 5.63% 7.09%Mercy Relief School Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, Teacher Knowledge and ,Scholarship - Yayasan Oke Peduli Bangsa 41,483 401,596 Resource Centre Program-PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.School Establishment -Education Recovery Program- 33,581 325,093 School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro SF-USP - ExxonMobil Oil IndonesiaWestern Union Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse FoundationTeacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank 24,443 236,632 School Development and teacher program- Mobil Cepu Ltd. Scholarship & School Reconstruction,Adopt Teacher Program - Standard CharteredOther Sponsored Programs** 152,948 1,480,685 Scholarship - Astro Principal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program - Mercy Relief Scholarship - Yayasan Oke Peduli BangsaTotal Donors Sponsored Program 2,393,064 23,167,252 School Establishment -Education Recovery Program- Western UnionTotal Program Expenses 6,790,012 65,734,107 Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank Other Sponsored Programs**General & Adm Expenses 2,935,253 28,416,184Fundraising Expenses 10,330 100,001 • HOW WE USE OUR FUNDS 30.15% 0.11%TOTAL EXPENSES 9,735,595 94,250,292 Program ExpensesIncrease (Decrease) in Net Asset 4,394,534 42,543,485 General & Adm ExpensesNet Asset, Beginning Balance 12,314,732 119,218,923 FundraisingNet Asset, Ending Balance 16,709,266 161,762,408 70.16% * Consists of Alumni Affairs, Research and Development Program and SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program) ** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donors sponsored program expenses 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  23. 23. 22Education Program Partners TOKO BUKU 3rd Quarter Report 2009
  24. 24. 23Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership 3rd Quarter Report 2009