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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2010


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2010

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2010

  1. 1. 2nd Quarter Report 2010 Independence :Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  2. 2. Table of ContentsLetter from the Managing Director 2 Letter from the Managing DirectorThe Pathway To Leadership 3• Saving Bright Minds to Become Compassionate Leaders Dear Committed Stakeholders, During August, Indonesia again celebrated its Independence Day (HariInsights 4 - 11 Kemerdekaan) when we recall the struggle to end colonial rule and• High Goals Set at 4th Indonesian Teachers Congress create the independent Republic of Indonesia. Sampoerna School of Education• SSE Lecturers Win Attention at International Conference Since the announcement of Indonesia’s independence 65 years ago Indonesian Perspective Heard in Valencia, Spain we have witnessed an emerging nation struggling to forge its identity.• SSE Seminars Aim for Technologically Advanced Teachers If the nation’s founding fathers, Soekarno and Hatta were alive today,• 241 Students Embark on Leadership Path they would see that despite the many challenges along the way, the Sampoerna Academy new generation of Indonesians has managed to embrace the spirit of• High Achieving Scholar Shines in Korea change to build a more positive and equitable society. Scholars & Alumni Even better, in today’s independent Indonesia, leadership no longerPartners 12 - 16 consists of only those with the function of leading. Leadership is for everyone from all walks of life. We are on the bridge to a new form of• Students & Teachers Benefit in Holistic Approach independence. PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk.• PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. Provides Support We see, for example Widodo, a young student from a small village in Central Kalimantan in East Java supporting a local community in Central Java while still PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk. completing his Agricultural studies at university.• Bringing Quality Education to Teluk Bintuni, West Papua As we create the independent Indonesia of tomorrow, we see teachers• Improving School Development in Kayuagung, eagerly exploring opportunities for advancement, nationally and• Indika Energy Bintara Embarks on Education Program internationally. for East Kalimantan PT Indika Energy Tbk. We see more of the brightest minds from financially disadvantaged• Trakindo Utama’s IDR 2.5 Billion Education families now being able to receive quality education and demonstrate Commitment Announced their ability to shine anywhere in the world. PT Trakindo Utama• Successful Business Gathering for Palembang Community We see corporations, governments, communities, entertainers, Palembang Business Leaders Meet Sampoerna socialites and individuals all joining hands and taking part in education improvement to free the country from its vicious cycle of poverty and Academy Scholars ignorance.• Leadership Training for Youths Lawrence Quahe & Woo, LLC Sampoerna School of Education’s Kongres Guru Indonesia (KGI) or• Opportunity to Work Together on Sampoerna Academy Bali Indonesian Teachers Congress entered its 4th year with remarkable Jakarta’s Balinese Business Leaders progress in terms of support and participation from leading figures of education inside and outside the country.• Leading Corporate’s Long Term Investment in Education PT Jaya Readymix We are more than pleased to say that Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s Sampoerna Academy marked this year’s intake recruitment with anGovernment Partners 17 increase in the number of qualified applicants, positive response from• Opening Pathways for International Education more institutions, individuals and local governments—even when in Sulawesi and Jakarta realizing that more seats are still in demand to provide more bright young students with the quality education necessary for them toNews & Events 18 - 19 become future leaders.• Press Conference Showcases New Program Initiatives Putera Sampoerna Foundation is most grateful to receive the ongoing ‘Save a Teen’ Program Attracts More Partners commitment of donors including PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk., PT HM• Fashionistas Embrace Compassionate Acts Sampoerna Tbk., PT Indika Energy Tbk., PT Jaya Readymix, Lawrence Socialites Show Support for ‘Save a Teen’ Quahe & Woo LLC, PT Trakindo Utama, local government of Teluk• 14 Top Artists and Bands’ New Single “Rindu Bersatu” Bintuni and many others. Thank you to all who contribute to changing Leading Musicians Support ‘Save a Teen’ with Passion the lives of those who are in need of continuous support. And because it is Ramadhan, it is an appropriate time for us to reflectStrategic Partner News 20 that the key to creating a better future for ourselves and those with• Family & Small Business Financial Workshops for whom we share this country is in “helping others”. Women Prove Popular Sahabat Wanita Allow us to also suggest you see how Bait Al-Kamil, one of our strategic partners, can help channel alms-giving specifically to educationList Of Contributors 21 improvement for the economically disadvantaged.New Partners 22 - 23 Trusting you enjoy a safe and peaceful Ramadhan, and Happy Eid al-Fitr.Partners Galleries 24 - 25 Nenny SoemawinataFinancial Highlights 26 - 27 Managing DirectorPutera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  3. 3. Pathway to Leadership Insights 3US President Obama Acknowledges LeadershipSaving Bright Mindsto Become Compassionate LeadersThe level of achievement of any individual in society is based One young man who has demonstrated his passion to grow andupon many factors but no other factor is more critical to an serve the community is Widodo, the son of a modest farmerindividual’s success than education. The USA’s President from Madiun, East Java, who received a Putera SampoernaBarack Obama is an example of an individual who has risen to Foundation scholarship to study Agricultural Engineering atthe highest position of leadership in his country. Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. With a group of friends at the university, Widodo gained the First Prize for Catering ServiceYet 40 years ago, perhaps even ten years ago, it may have been and Food Agribusiness in the 2009 Student Entrepreneurshipimpossible for many people to envisage the son of a Kenyan Program.father and an American mother assuming the presidencyof the world’s most powerful nation. One aspect of Barack Widodo then took that next critical step on the path toObama’s rise to leadership was the importance of achieving an leadership, he used the prize to develop his knowledge andoutstanding education instilled in him by his mother, herself entrepreneurship skills by establishing Marantha Foods whicha world renowned anthropologist. From his relatively humble cooperates with a group of local farmers in Bantul, Yogya-beginnings to his time at Harvard University, President Obama karta to produce healthy food products which are used as aalways strove to make the most of himself. supplement by people with diabetes. “It is part of my belief in giving back to the local community” said Widodo.It was therefore fitting that during his opening remarks atthe Presidential Summit in Washington DC, USA on April Indonesia needs such leaders who can begin to break the cycle20, 2010 President Obama acknowledged Indonesia’s social of ignorance by overcoming their own sense of unawarenessentrepreneurs including Putera Sampoerna and eight other and work closely together with people at the grassroots level.representatives from Indonesia. In his remarks President To create such leaders a comprehensive support systemObama also stated “Real change comes from the bottom up, consisting of quality education, family support and strong pub-from the grassroots, starting with dreams and passions of lic-private partnership is required. It is time to act together andsingle individuals serving their communities”. free the nation from ignoring the underprivileged.Indonesia’s leaders of tomorrow, much like President Obama We invite you to co-create those leaders.himself will need to work with the utmost diligence to achievetheir goals. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) bringstogether the top students from across the archipelago andprovides them with the tools to make a lasting contribution tosociety, with entrepreneurship as one main entry point.
  4. 4. 4 Insights Sampoerna School of Education High Goals set at 4th Indonesian Teachers Congress The clock showed that it was almost 4 PM in the afternoon. As the country’s only internationally recognized teachers Most of Jakarta’s office workers were probably preparing to congress, the Indonesia Teachers Congress which was first held finish their work for the day and make their way home. But in 2006, aims to provide teachers and principals with global Muhammad Nur, principal of MAN Sumbok School in Nibung, insights to support improved practices in their schools and North Aceh remained in his seat in Balai Kartini plenary hall. to raise government awareness of issues facing educators in Indonesia. “The topic is interesting, and the speakers are inspiring. This is a really good opportunity to compare education methods and implementation in Aceh.” While the quality of Aceh students can compete with those in bigger cities, Mr. Nur admits that schools in his region still need to catch up in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Therefore, teachers should make an extra effort to complement the lack of infrastructure by implementing the best teaching methods possible. This is Mr. Nur’s second time participating in the Indonesian Teachers Congress initiated by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Held in Jakarta on May 20, 2010, the 4th Indonesian Teachers Congress (Kongres Guru Indonesia) was attended by more than 1,000 teachers from across Indonesia and 40 international and local experts. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  5. 5. Insights 5 The 2010 Congress received support from the World Bank, ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia, Inc., ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Surumana Ltd., ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Mandar Ltd., Mobil Cepu Ltd., Oregon State University and the British Council. Commemorating National Awakening Day under the theme “Preparing Educators for a Changing World: Education for Sustainable Development”, this year’s congress was attended by the National Education Minister Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Mohammad Nuh while speakers included former Environment Minister Prof. Dr. Emil Salim together with international speakers such as Dr. Mae Chu Chang, lead general educator for the World Bank (Indonesia); and Dan Hoynacki from Oregon State University, to name a few.Preparing Educators for a Changing World: Education for Sustainable Development
  6. 6. 6 Insights Indonesian Perspective Heard in Valencia, Spain SSE Lecturers Win Attention at International Conference Zainal Abidin Koemadji can see that he is a part of the inter- The inspiration came while he was representing Indone- national educators’ community. He can also see his students sia at the INTED (International Technology, Education and benefiting from what he learned and shared with hundreds of Development) conference in Valencia, Spain from March education specialists from around the globe. “My students are 8 – 10, 2010. The conference attracted more than 400 happy when I open mobile access to reach me anytime. Now I participants and 295 presentations from 50 nations. can analyze each of their unique learning behaviors and identify problems that affect their studies,” said the Mathematics lecturer Besides learning about opportunities and recent develop- at the Sampoerna School of Education. ment in today’s education, Zainal also attracted delegates from Austria, Rumania, Spain, Portugal and the USA to hear his paper “Perception of Freshmen on Mathematics Education: Mathematics and Mathematics Teacher” which was delivered at the “Research in Education” session. As a result, Zainal was invited to join the Scientific Advisory board for the upcoming International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation from November 15-17, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Another SSE lecturer Vera Syamsi also presented her paper entitled “Embedding Technology in Language Learning: A New Experience in Language Learning” (Students’ Responses Toward Studying at Home by Utilizing Information and Communication Technology at the Sampoerna School of Education, Jakarta, Indonesia). After the INTED Conference in Spain, the SSE delegates visited the Mathematics Department of the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands where they discussed several possibilities relating to financial mathematics research with Dr Hans van der Weide. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  7. 7. Insights 7SSE Seminars Aim forTechnologically Advanced TeachersEmphasis on the need for teachers’ detailed attention to together with leaders from the community of Educationtheir students was discussed at the Teacher’s Training and Workforce Education Institutes (LPTK) with the themePedagogy Seminar held at the Sampoerna School of Education “Directions in the Changes of Pre-Service Teacher Training in(SSE), Jakarta on June 24, 2010 which also provided important Indonesia”.updates on the need for more technologically advancedteachers. Also in the second quarter of 2010, Sampoerna School of Education facilitated its Program Pengalaman ProfesionalExpressing the need for teachers to embrace modern (School Experience Program) which provides SSE students withtechnology, Professor Fumihiko Shinohara of the Faculty of real-life experience of teaching and learning through in thePedagogy, Tokyo Gaku-gei University, Japan said “Teachers field observations.must be able to apply a teaching-learning method which isin line with the characteristics of their students. Information Each of the SSE students is required to observe 16 classes of aand Communications Technology (ICT) helps that process. For partner school during their first and second semesters, where inexample when studying History, students have more options on return the partner school will be provided with opportunities forwhich subject appealed most to them, and also various means teachers’ professional development express their ideas through videos, music, blogs etc.”. Drs. H. Ratiyono MM, M.Si from the Jakarta Education OfficeCommenting upon Professor Shinohara’s lecture, Professor commented, “The School Experience Program is supported by ”Dr. Paulina Pannen, Dean of SSE said “ICT can open new the Jakarta Education Office by promotion to potential schoolperspectives and improve the skills of students and teachers partners from elementary to high school level”.alike. It is also part of SSE’s commitment towards educationimprovement to hold free-of-charge seminars to improveteachers’ professionalism and especially advancing their ICT Teachers must be able toknowledge”. apply a teaching-learning ” method which is in line withPrior to this event, on June 22, 2010 Sampoerna School of the characteristics of theirEducation (SSE) held a discussion with education personnel students. Information andworking with the World Bank, USAID-DBE2, Microsoft Partners Communications Technologyin Learning and the Swedish International Development Agency (ICT) helps that process
  8. 8. 8 Insights Inspired and Discovered 241 Students Embark on Leadership Path Cahya, a 15 years old girl from Malang, could not help but ” cry when her mute brother hugged her after receiving news that Cahya had won a Sampoerna Academy scholarship. “My brother told me to keep my faith and maximize my potential,” said Cahya, translating the stammering voice which came from the mute young man. Without the Sampoerna Academy scholarship, it would be almost impossible for Cahya to continue her education, let A total of 150 students were selected ” alone with an international standard curriculum. for SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Her father suffers from an illness that restrains him from Academy) and 91 students were selected working properly while her mother’s only income is earned from selling traditional herbs (jamu). Cahya’s brother works for SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna as a scavenger, and by sometimes helping her brother sorting Academy) in Palembang and are now ready garbage, Cahya has proposed a research idea to solve waste to start their new life at the Academy management issues in Indonesia. Cahya represents those students who show leadership potential and can be considered the best of the brightest in most parts of Indonesia with an unfortunate family background. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  9. 9. Insights 9Those who are selected for scholarships will have access tohigh quality education provided by properly qualified teachersfollowing an international curriculum and undergo leadershipdevelopment programs at Putera Sampoerna Foundation’sSampoerna Academy.The selection process itself has proven to be a daunting task,as seen during the 2010 student recruitment. The committee,consisting of Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s officers, teachersand other leading figures from the community, media and do-nors, was required to make heartbreaking decisions to choosescholarship recipients from thousands of applicants.SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) in Palembangbegan the student recruitment process on March 16, 2010 withthe challenging task of choosing scholarship recipients from 729applicants from different regions inside and outside Sumatra.It was an equally daunting task in Malang, East Java during theselection process for SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy)which was conducted from April 27 – 29, 2010. The number ofapplicants from across East Java province for the 2010 intakewas 3,015, a significant increase over the 2,600 applicants from2009 which reflects the reputation and educational resultsSampoerna Academy Malang has achieved within the regionduring its first year of operation.As a result, a total of 150 students were selected for SMAN10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) and 91 students wereselected for SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy)in Palembang and are now ready to start their new life at theAcademy.Congratulations to all!
  10. 10. 10 Insights Chairil (far right) with other Scholars and Andy F. Noya in a 2009 visit to Metro TV Scholars & Alumni High Achieving Scholar Shines in Korea The Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s support for financially disadvantaged students is not only limited to those in the Sampoerna Academy but also extends to other high achievers throughout Indonesia. An example of this commitment is Chairil from North Sumatra, a 2008 intake student majoring in Electronic Engineering at the University of Indonesia who received a four year full boarding scholarship from the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Chairil soon became recognized as a high achiever on his campus. In 2009 Chairil and two friends won the 2nd Prize for an Electrification Essay Competition held by PT PLN (Persero), a state-owned electricity company. Titled “Equal and Effective Electricity Subsidies for the Prosperity of Indonesian People”, the essay won Chairil IDR 15 million. In early 2010 Chairil was chosen to participate in an exchange program to Daejeon University, South Korea for one year. Recently Chairil has taken on an extra role in the DICC (Daejeon International Community Center) where his task is to provide computer training to Indonesians working in Korea in the Daejeon region and its surroundings. This program was created to hone the skills of the Indonesian workers so they can improve their standard of living in Korea. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  11. 11. Insights 11Yuliana (right) - Intake 2008 FEUI and a scholarship beneficiary of PSF Alumni Contribution SchemeAlumnus-Supported Scholarto Compete in Science OlympiadAnother example of a high achieving scholar is Yuliana Safriani from Bogorwho was part of the 2008 intake at the University of Indonesia, majoring inEconomic Development. Initially Yuliana was a Putera Sampoerna Foundationscholarship recipient, but in 2009 she was further chosen to be a scholarshiprecipient from the Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association (SFAA) throughits program “Save Our Scholars”.With her research paper entitled “Analysis on sulfur mining activities andlocal government role in the socio-economic life of people in Kawah Ijen,Banyuwangi, East Java”, together with four friends, Yuliana was the 1st prizewinner of an Economics Science Competition PKM-P (Creative ProgramStudent Research) which was held by the University of Indonesia. Because ofher performance, Yuliana will represent the Faculty at the University of Indo- Yuliana presenting her winning paper atnesia’s Science Olympiad in October, 2010. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation the Economics Science Competition, 2010congratulates Chairil and Yuliana on their achievements. They set an inspiringexample for all Indonesian scholars.
  12. 12. 12 Insights Partners Teachers giving their comments when trying the new computers facility for teaching and learning improvement in TLC Pasuruan PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Supports Full Spectrum Education Improvement Students & Teachers Benefit in Holistic Approach The second quarter of 2010 saw continuing support for the This new Teachers Learning Center has been built to improve advancement of education in Indonesia by PT HM Sampoerna the quality of teachers throughout Indonesia and serve as the Tbk. (HMS). For students, a practical, yet highly entertaining model for teacher development centers across Indonesia. student blogging competition was the most recent step in the Personal Computer Donation Program from PT HM Sampoerna Supported by PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. through the Sampoerna Tbk. entitled “Technology Brightens the Future” which is School of Education, the Teachers Learning Center was officially designed to support the education sector in Indonesia through launched in Pasuruan on April 15, 2010 by the Director General adopting the latest developments in information technology. of Educator and Education Workforce Quality Improvement together with the Regent and Mayor of Pasuruan. The PC Donation Program began in 2008 and to date PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. has donated 250 PCs to nine high schools in The Teachers Learning Center is also a part of the teachers and Jakarta and 500 PCs to ten high schools and two universities principals’ development program which is held in the three in East Java through the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF). areas of Karawang, Surabaya and Pasuruan and which to date has seen the participation of 90 school principals and 2,270 In the blogging competition which was held from March– June, teachers over the past three years. 2010 with the topic “Patriotisme Pemuda” (Indonesian Youth Patriotism) for batch 1 and “Youth Leadership” for batch 2, students were encouraged to express themselves through posting their writings, conducting research and discussing issues with fellow bloggers to improve their knowledge, experience and analytical skills. As well as improving the skills of students, significant progress is also being made in improving the skills of teachers. Recently, Pasuruan, East Java became the first place in Indonesia to have a high quality and integrated quality development Blog writing competition winners with PSF and Mrs. Niken Rachmad from center for teachers at all levels of education. PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  13. 13. Insights Partners 13Majority of Elementary Teachers Need Quality ImprovementPT Sampoerna Agro Tbk.Provides Support in Central KalimantanOne thing that has to significantly improve in Indonesia is the Beginning in 2009, this program includes training to improvequality of the teaching profession. According to data from teacher quality through mastering class management andthe Ministry of National Education for the years 2007 - 2008, effective teaching methods. The teachers who passed the77.85% of elementary teachers in Indonesia do not meet selection will be able to continue their studies in the Teacherstandard qualifications. The situation in Kotawaringin Barat Education and Training (TETRA) program while the successfulregency in Central Kalimantan (Borneo) is even more dis- principals will join the Principal Education and Training (PETRA)couraging where 95.5% of teachers do not meet the standard program, followed by the Life Skill Education (LIFED) program.qualification. One company that is showing its commitmenttowards community improvement within its area of operationis PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk.In cooperation with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation andlocal government of Kotawaringin Barat and Sukamara, PTSampoerna Agro Tbk. held the Sampoerna Agro Expo onApril 28-29, 2010 in Kotawaringin Barat and Sukamara, whichconsisted of a series of talk-shows on Education, entitled“Developing Education from within the Heart”.At the Expo, certificates were awarded to teachers and principalsfrom across Central Kalimantan who had completed the Adopta Teacher for Professional Development (ATP) program.Bringing Quality Educationto Teluk Bintuni, West Papua Understanding the needs, the local government of Teluk Bintuni regency in Irian Jaya Barat together with Putera Sampoerna Foundation signed an agreement for EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Program) in Teluk Bin- tuni on April 24, 2010. The program includes Education Quality Improvement in Sumuri Junior High School (SMP Sumuri) in Tanah Merah Baru and an Education Community Development program for kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools in Tanah Merah Baru, Saengga and Onar, Teluk Bintuni, West Papua.Drg. Alfons Manibui, DESS as the regent of Teluk Bintuni in agreement signing with Working on areas such as senior team management,PSF’s Vira Soekardiman teachers, students and the community, the program is expected to address the needs of quality educationOn numerous occasions the outstanding minds of Irian Jaya Barat in the Teluk Bintuni area and bring forward the true(West Papua) have proved that their province is a home to high potential of West Papua.achieving students, yet lack of development and proper facilities forits people remains a problem.
  14. 14. 14 Partners Government Partners Multi Scholarship Program for East Kalimantan Indika Energy Bintara Embarks on Education Initiatives with PSF The 20 scholarships awarded in East Kalimantan recently was The scholarships were provided by PT Indika Energy Tbk. in a demonstration of PT Indika Energy Tbk.’s commitment to cooperation with Putera Sampoerna Foundation. improving the quality of education in Indonesia, The ceremony was attended by Rico Rustombi - Senior At a ceremony held on May 25, 2010 at the East Kalimantan Vice President of PT. Indika Energy Tbk, Vira Soekardiman Regional Police Headquarters in Balikpapan, seventeen East - Director of Sales Putera Sampoerna Foundation and Kalimantan Police Officers and three children of Police Officers Brigjen Pol Ngadino - Deputy Chief of East Kalimantan from Bintara Level received undergraduate scholarships to Regional Police. universities in Balikpapan and Samarinda. PT Trakindo Utama’s IDR 2.5 Billion Education Commitment Announced The company has pledged to improve education by partnering with Putera Sampoerna Foundation in three worthwhile programs - School Refurbishment, Scholarships and Educator Empowerment Programs. Five Primary Schools in five cities are involved in the project: Jakarta, Malang - East Java, Palembang - South Sumatra, Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan and Balikpapan - East Kalimantan. There will be three Mr. Rachmat Sobari Hamami, President Director of PT Trakindo Utama with PSF team programs in each school and the project will last for one year. The national Education Improvement Program in Partner- A MOU Signing Ceremony was held at PT Trakindo Utama’s office ship with PSF and PT Trakindo Utama is doing its part in in Jakarta on May 24, 2010 to celebrate the new partnership. The improving access to quality education in Indonesia and MOU was signed by Rachmat Sobari Hamami, President Director recently announced a major commitment to celebrate the of PT Trakindo Utama and Vira Soekardiman, PSF Director of company’s 40th Anniversary. Sales. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  15. 15. Partners Insights 15Palembang Business Leaders Meet Sampoerna Academy ScholarsSuccessful Business Gatheringfor Palembang CommunityWith the aim of getting to know each other better a BusinessGathering of Sampoerna Academy scholars and local businessleaders took place in Palembang on May 21, 2010.The Business Gathering which also aimed to promote theeducation goals of Sampoerna Academy was co-sponsoredby BNI (Emerald) Palembang, Garuda Indonesia (Palembang),Hutchison CP Telecommunications (Three) and The JayakartaDaira Palembang.As part of the festivities, Sampoerna Academy Palembangstudents performed at the event and an auction of threepaintings by Ms. Manohara Odelia Pinot and Mrs. DaisyFajarina was held. Proceeds from the auction will be channeledtowards sponsorships for Sampoerna Academy Palembang. Sampoerna Academy Palembang students and teachers pictured with Ms. Manohara Odelia Pinot and Mrs. Daisy Fajarina in Business Gathering in PalembangLawrence Quahe & Woo LLC Helps Sharpen LeadersLeadership Training for Youths“Sharpen the Leader in Me” was the theme of the StudentLeadership Camp in Dharma Agrowisata on March 30-April 1,2010 which was fully supported by Lawrence Quahe & WooLLC.Student Leadership Camp is a program designed tointernalize the leadership values which are the core valuesof the school. Through the program, students are expectedto exhibit good leadership which provides positive influenceto people in their surroundings and leads the nation towardsa better future. This first Student Leadership Camp involvedstudents from SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan (SampoernaAcademy) .Lawrence Quahe & Woo LLC supports improvement andinternalizing the sense of leadership by providing learningopportunities and experience for students to work withina group, develop cohesion and cooperation and developstudents’ entrepreneurship and leadership values. Sampoerna Academy Palembang students enjoyed their time at the Leadership Camp
  16. 16. 16 PartnersEvent News & Jakarta’s Balinese Business Leaders Enthusiastic about Education Improvement Opportunity to Work Together on Sampoerna Academy Bali Leading Balinese entrepreneurs and business people who live in At the Bali Biz Gathering which was held at the Ritz Carlton’s Jakarta met with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) recently Lobo Café, guests heard that an agreement has been at the Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Jakarta to receive updates on the new signed between the Putera Sampoerna Foundation and Sampoerna Academy in Bali. the Provincial Government of Bali to build a Sampoerna Academy boarding school offering an enhanced curriculum of academic and non-academic skills including life skills, entrepreneurship and personality development. The audience heard that Bali’s Provincial Government will support the establishment of the Sampoerna Academy Bali by providing five hectares of land for school buildings and dormitories in Kubu Tambahan, Buleleng. As a sign of the enthusiasm with which guests at The Bali Biz Gathering received the news, IDR 32.5 million was raised to be channeled to the new Sampoerna Academy in Bali. A proposal that another Bali Biz Gathering be held with more people attending was put forward by Mr. Ngurah Participants of the Bali Biz Gathering heard updates on the upcoming Bali Sampoerna Academy Astaman, one of the guests. PSF Support for Jaya Readymix’s Employee Scholarships Leading Corporate’s Long Term Investment in Education When your employer provides scholarships for your children, Foundation’s Director of Sales Vira Soekardiman employees most likely increase their loyalty and contribute more to represented both parties for the signing. the company’s success. One company which realizes the importance of community development and which is committed to support the education access of its employees’ families is PT Jaya Readymix. PT Jaya Readymix, Indonesia’s first and largest supplier of concrete and a joint venture between Boral International Ltd. and PT Pembangunan Jaya, provides IDR 255,000,000 for 1 year junior high school scholarships to 200 of its employees’ children through the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF). The commitment was marked with a signing ceremony which took place at PSF’s offices on April 29, 2010. PT Jaya Readymix ‘s Director Bapak Ibrahim, Corporate QHSE Manager Mr. Mark Jones, Boral Ltd. General Manager Environ- mental Services Mr. Richard Strautch and Putera Sampoerna Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  17. 17. Insights Government Partners 17Sampoerna Academy Advances Across IndonesiaOpening Pathways for InternationalEducation in South Sulawesi and JakartaPSF team met with representatives of local parliament (DPRD), Regional Education office, Bapedda (City’s Development Planning Board), Education Council,and Ministry of Rellgious Affairs from Gowa District, South Sulawesi.In an important development for education in the province, the As a follow up to this meeting, South Sulawesi Regional OfficePutera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) met with education stake- Head Drs. H.A. Patabai Pabokori visited SMAN 10 Malangholders in South Sulawesi from May 24 – 25, 2010. A series (Sampoerna Academy) to observe how PSF is managing anof meetings were held with the Education Office of South international standard boarding school, and was impressed bySulawesi Province and the District Education Offices of Maros, what Sampoerna Academy has achieved within a year.Gowa and Bone to discuss plans to establish a SampoernaAcademy in South Sulawesi. The meetings generated a great On May 20, 2010 the PSF team also met with the Head of thedeal of positive comments and the importance of international Jakarta Education Office, Dr. H. Taufik Yudi Mulyanto, MPd,boarding education provided by a Sampoerna Academy was together with representatives of the Inter-Institution Relationsconfirmed by all stakeholders. Department of the Jakarta Education Office to present details for the establishment of a Sampoerna Academy in Jakarta. This meeting was a follow up to a previous meeting between Mr. Putera Sampoerna and the Governor of Jakarta Mr. Fauzi Bowo and Head of the Jakarta Education Office in early 2010.
  18. 18. 18 News & Event News & Events ‘Save a Teen’ Program Attracts More Partners Press Conference Showcases New Program Initiatives PSF’s Vira Soekardiman holding plaque of commitment , posing with representatives from brands and corporate partners. Public donations for education are now more convenient, safer So far in 2010, an additional 45 brands and corporate partners and more enjoyable thanks to recent innovations from the have joined the “Save a Teen” Program with the commitment Putera Sampoerna Foundation “Save a Teen” Program. to encourage their customer bases to support the cause. “Save a Teen” is a fund-raising campaign from PSF which At the press conference the brands supporting the “Save a Teen” aims to channel financial support to high achieving young Program were announced and attendees were entertained students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. by a team of Sampoerna School of Education scholars who The PSF “Save a Teen” Program has successfully attracted more presented vocal and dance performances. As a highlight of the partners from industries such as banking, telecommunications, event partners and PSF representative Vira Soekardiman signed restaurants and entertainment who share the same vision to a plaque of commitment to the “Save a Teen” Program. create equal opportunities for disadvantaged students to receive a quality education. Socialites Show Support for “Save a Teen” Fashionistas Embrace Compssionate Acts What can be more rewarding than doing the things you love Program, Lennor Boutique launched its Lennor Batik Spring and embracing social consciousness? “Save a Teen” has moved 2010 collection at a Private Sale from June 26 – 27, 2010 at Plaza forward to provide donation opportunities to larger audience. Indonesia Jakarta. The socialites who attended both events An example of this new trend was the fund raising event held were pleased to be supporting such a worthwhile cause. by upscale retailer Dolce & Gabbana on May 19, 2010 at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta when Dolce & Gabbana presented its 2010 Spring/Summer collection. Fashion people met and had op- portunities to grab the latest fashion must-haves. Proceeds from the sales will be channeled to help provide funds for underprivileged students to receive an international standard education at the Sampoerna Academy. Because of the excellent response Dolce & Gabbana extended the program from June 4 – 17, 2010. Following this trend and to mark the beginning of its donations to the “Save a Teen” Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  19. 19. Insights News & Events 19Leading Musicians Support ‘Save a Teen’ with Passion14 Top Artists and Bands New Single“Rindu Bersatu” Will Support Education Representatives from partners, music labels, artists and activists together with PSF’s Vira Soekardiman showing the pledge for ‘Save a Teen’.Media industry stakeholders, musicians and record companies The launching of the Single and Ring Back Tone of “Rindu Ber-of 14 famous Indonesian artists made an important state- satu” is part of the sustainable program “Indonesia Bersatu”ment to support education by collaborating on the new single which is geared toward developing the spirit of unity, national-“Rindu Bersatu”. Proceeds from the record will be donated to ism, anti-violence, creativity and achievement amongst Indo-the ‘Save a Teen’ program. nesian youth.The 14 top artists and bands are Gita Gutawa, ST12, Ungu, PSF was chosen as a partner for its experience and commit-Changcutters, Rio Febrian, Kangen Band, Sherina, Nidji, ment to create future Indonesian leaders with moral integrityD’masiv, Vierra, Kotak, Alexa, Geisha and Azura who together through providing access to quality education. “This is the time ” ”account for 80% of Indonesia’s national music market through for us to unite and develop a smarter generation of Indonesianthe four biggest record labels – Warner Music, Musica Studio, youths” said Vira Soekardiman, Director of Sales for the PuteraSony Music and Trinity. Sampoerna Foundation. Create future Indonesian leaders with moral integrity through providing access to quality education
  20. 20. 2020 News & Event News Strategic Partner Sahabat Wanita Empowers Rural Women Family & Small Business Financial Workshops for Women Prove Popular Yayasan Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Association) The aim of the workshops was to help female members of is one of the strategic partners of the Putera Sampoerna the cooperatives to manage their small businesses better Foundation and has as its goal to “Promote the empowerment and improve family financial management. of women and gender equality through training and economic development”. Each of the two hour workshops consisted of exercises included in a manual book which the women were able to study. They A practical example of the way Yayasan Sahabat Wanita also received a practical training kit including calculator, daily operates can be seen in the two recent Family & Small Business worksheet etc to help them implement the management and Financial Workshops held recently in Jakarta and West Java. financial recommendations including easy and handy tips. The first workshop was held on April 15, 2010 in the office of Most of the participants who own small businesses said that KOPWANI (Koperasi Wanita Indonesia) or Indonesian Women’s the workshop was extremely useful. “The workshop is really Cooperative in Jakarta and was attended by 50 KOPWANI easy to understand and very practical. We hope we can join members. the next training from Yayasan Sahabat Wanita” said Ita Harini, a KOPWANI member and food stall entrepreneur. On May 12, 2010 50 members of KOMIDA (Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa) met for a training session in Cikalong, West Java. Yayasan Sahabat Wanita held both the workshops in association with Quantum Magna (QM) Financial, an independent financial planner. E Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  21. 21. Insights List of Contributors 21List of ContributorsCorporate ContributorsDeutsche Bank AG IDR 1.000.000 - 5.000.000 IDR < 1.000.000 Lailly PrihatiningtyasDisDik PemKab OKU Alia Risyamaya Dewi Adelina Laksmi MaharaniExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Andi Eridanie Alda F Siregar Le NieGive 2 Asia Anggis Rakhmi Ichsan Amelia Suherman Lea Djamilah SriningsihMercy Relief Anindita Rahardjo Andi Achmad Manoppo LilyMobil Cepu Ltd Arfy Frisnanto Andries Sibarani Lily Wardani HoesinPemerintah Kabupaten Lahat Ario Widiyanto Anita Pascalla Matt Danalan saragihPemerintah Kota Prabumulih Asmarawaty Zaini Ari Rachim Marica Mike MeilaniTambang Batubara Bukit Asam Budi Mulyono Arianti N.P Pratomo(Persero) Tbk , PT Budi Suryanto Ario Saptomo Hediarto Nabil ParkarTrakindo Utama, PT Catharina Palupi Ari Dewi Astri Sri Sulastri Nana Kurnia AstutiWeda Bay Nickel Chika Wardhani Auditya Nisa Andriani Nurul Berlian Devara Atma Hudoyo Audry Gazali Ozal Thirafi Udaya Dewa Kadek Widhinugraha Bernice Cokrosaputro Ponky N. Pudjianto Eridanie Zulv Beta Novandaru Priscilla MartadjajaRetail Contributors Erin Supriyanti Billy Yuriko Putu A F Andriyani Ezekiel Sutjiamin Cecillia Hidayat Reda GaudiamoBank Mega Credit Card Farif Miharto Cinantya Sriyono P Redho YhophansaBursa Efek Jakarta Febriny Rimenta Cindy Lenggo Genie Renata MelvanoraBlitz Megaplex Firman Sumabrata Citra Savitri RetnoasihCalifornia Pizza Kitchen Gunawan Sunjoto Cynthia Ridwan TjitradjajaChopstix Restaurant Halim Perdana Kusuma Danny Karta Rina SuhastiChristian Dior Indonesia, PT Hanindyo Putro IR Deden Rochmawaty Robby Naru SanusiHEMA Dutch Resto Indra Hastoadi Dedi Setiawan RosaliaInfrastructure Asia 2010 Istiadi Wijaya Desiyana CH Rosalia Heny ChrismawatiMAP HSBC J. Prima Thamarina Dian Saraswati Rudi OktobertaMarkplus Inc Jastin Iskandar Dian Artati Rudi Indra JayaMenara Thamrin Juliani Dian Palupi Rusmi RusdiPapa Rons Pizza Juni Soediro Diar Endah Wulanda Sandrine Jezabel BPlay FM Radio Leny Wahyuni Dinda Nawangwulan Sanjay N. BharwaniPlaza Mandiri Linda Yanuar Tandjung Doni AS SantyRed & White Publishing M.Kurniawan Donny Bambang Bintoro Shirley MelindaStaco Graha Parklane Maharani Wuri P Dwimayati Kanadia Sisi SularsoStandard Chartered Bank Marcelany Dwinanto Santoso SugiantoTony Romas Syelvy Hartono Maria Ellen Eka Kusuma Wardhani Marsal Irwan Masita Endah Syifa Fauziah Melania Eka Widra D Erliana Tandoko Tan MelanIndividual Contributors Moh Syafri Pontoh Evita Yuniarti Theresia Gerungan S Mythia Bachsin Farani Harida Putri Tigor Simanjuntak Nataya Vidasagita Farida Lestari Tjatur SuharsoIDR > 5.000.000 Nova Liliana Sitanggang Fernanda Uun SuandaniAndrini Hendrayani Poedji Churniawan Fitri Alfiani Virginia RusliBudiman Gani Ratih Sukma Wirdhani Fitria Hasanah Wandy JohnChandrika Purwarin Reagan Halim Giovanni G Wangidjaja Yahya PermanaEka Handaya Wiraha Rhensi Margareth Hutapea Griya Rufianne Yardin OktoraEtza Anyasamova Rizki Imam Ardhi Hendra Cahyono Yobel HadikrisnoFranky A Widjaja Ronald Rosanto Indah Aprilia Yuki WiyonoGlaudy Hendarsa Rosita Indra Imansyah Yurike MaedaKarina Mochtar APIN Ryana Kharismawati Iwang MartonoKathleen C.Liem Santy Neria Juddy AnugrahManohara Adelia Pinot Sri Mulyati Rahayu Juliana WisupenoNathalie Halim Stella Maris Yappy Johny GunawanRio Rido Vanda Meijer Kartikasari BrynerioRita Suzanna Theodore Yufinah Sutharia Khatarina SihombingRiyanda Taswar Vira Soekardiman Kwee NicholasRobert Welty Become a Contributor We welcome your participation and commitment to If you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to: support the work of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become a sponsor and need further Yayasan Putera Sampoerna information about our program, please contact us: Bank: ABN Amro KCP Bursa Efek Jakarta A/C: 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD) Bank: BCA, KCP Bursa Efek Jakarta A/C: 458 300 9992
  22. 22. 22 New Partners New Partners PT First Jakarta International Bursa Efek Jakarta managed by PT First Jakarta International is an office space committed to support Save a Teen campaign by providing free space to PSF on April 26-30, 2010. Cibubur Junction Cibubur Junction, a member of Lippo Group, is among the malls that provide complimentary space for Save a Teen on May 10-16, 2010. Graha Satria Graha Satria is an office building giving a complimentary space for Save a Teen booth from June 21- 26, 2010. PT Indika Energy Tbk. Founded in year 2000, PT Indika Energy Tbk. has grown into a leading integrated energy group that specializes in energy resources, energy services and energy infrastructure. The Company operates through a number of subsidiaries and associated companies. PT Indika Energy Tbk. provides through PSF scholarships to 20 beneficiaries of regional police officers and their children in East Kalimantan. provides through its Jakarta Education Festival 2010 a complimentary space for Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s awareness booth from November 3-7, 2010. PT Jaya Readymix A joint venture between Boral International Pty. Ltd. (Australia) and the Jaya Groups parent company PT. Pembangunan Jaya, PT Jaya Readymix is the first and the largest supplier of concrete in Indonesia. PT Jaya Readymix through PSF has committed to support 1 year scholarships for its 200 employees’ children in total IDR 255.000.000,- Musica Musica is one of the oldest and biggest names in local music industry, well-known for producing big hits and famous artists. Together with other major labels Musica contributes to channel fund-raising from song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” for “Save a Teen” campaign. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  23. 23. Insights New Partners 23Radya TamaPT. Kerabat Dyan Utama or Radya Tama is an event organizer for the successful kidsevent Bobo Fair at JCC and committed to provide Putera Sampoerna Foundationa complimentary space on its fair from June 30 – July 4, 2010.Sony Music Entertainment IndonesiaSony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMEI) is an affiliation of Sony Music Internationalwhich produces and distributes international albums in Indonesia. Sony Music isamong the four major labels contributing through song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” andits artists for “Save a Teen” campaign.Teluk Bintuni Local GovernmentThe local government of Teluk Bintuni regency in West Papua partnered with PuteraSampoerna Foundation for EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Program) inBintuni, West Papua.PT Trakindo UtamaPT Trakindo Utama is the authorized dealer in Indonesia for Caterpillar products,the world’s largest manufacturer of mining, forestry, agriculture and constructionequipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial engines and generator sets.The company is committed to education improvement by partnering with PuteraSampoerna Foundation in School Refurbishment, Scholarships and EducatorEmpowerment Programs.Trinity Optima ProductionTrinity Optima Production is a local entertainment and music label, whose businessspecialization also includes artist management and branding management. Trinity isone of the four labels committed to produce song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” whichcontributes its proceeds to support “Save a Teen” campaign.Warner Music IndonesiaWarner Music Indonesia is a major music label, an affiliation of Warner MusicInternational with an array of best-selling hits and top artists. Warner Music contributesits part to produce song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” along with other labels and its artistssupporting Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s “Save a Teen” campaign.PT Exhibition Network IndonesiaPT Exhibition Network Indonesia or Xnet Creative Networking is an event organizerbehind the success of international level exhibitions such as DEEP Indonesia 2007 &2008 and SCOPE Indonesia 2010, later will be organized in two cities: (Sabuga, July1-3, 2010) and Jakarta (JCC, November 12-14, 2010). Xnet Creative Networking givesPutera Sampoerna Foundation considerable support by providing free space for theFoundation to operate awareness booth during their exhibitions.
  24. 24. 24 Partners Galleries Partners Galleries Education Program Partners Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  25. 25. Insights Partner Galleries 25 Corporate ChannelsStudent Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership
  26. 26. 26 Financial Highlights New Expenses in 2010 Second Quarter Entering the second quarter of 2010 with the launching of Sampoerna School of Business, the Putera Sampoerna Foundation managed to allocate the new expense and decrease Scholarship Expenses by 9.04%. The remaining of more than IDR 176 billion shows a fit balance to enter the year’s second semester. CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (In(In 000) USD IDR thousands) SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOME Institutional Contributors 6,355,243 57,724,669 Individual Contributors 2,296,889 20,862,644 10% Other Income 923,985 8,392,551 24% 66% TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 9,576,117 86,979,864 IDR (In 000) EXPENSES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS USD IDR (In thousands) PSF Sponsored Program Expenses Scholarship Expenses 676,675 6,146,235 Sampoerna School of Education 1,080,818 9,817,074 SF - Sampoerna Academy 332,888 3,023,623 Student Loan 172,072 1,562,930 Institutional Contributor Other - Non Scholarship Programs 208,007 1,889,323 Individual Contributor Total PSF Sponsored Program Expenses 2,470,460 22,439,186 Other Income Donors Sponsored Program PSF-SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES School Reconstruction, SF-USP, Sampoerna Academy, Computer 6.97% Donation, Teacher Knowledge and 2,308,165 20,965,065 8.42% 13.47% 27.39% Resource Centre Program- PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. School Construction & Educators Quality 200,817 1,824,025 Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro Scholarship Astro 119,739 1,087,588 Education Quality Improvement Program 74,687 678,380 - Mercy Relief Scholarship, School Reconstruction and 69,121 627,830 43.75% Adopt a Teacher Program Scholarship Expenses - Standard Chartered Bank Teacher Training and School Construction 45.471 413.017 Sampoerna School of Education - Deutsche Bank SF - Sampoerna Academy Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship 45,208 410,628 - Credit Suisse Foundation Sampoerna School of Business Other - Non Scholarship Programs Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  27. 27. Insights Financial Highlights 27 Education Quality Improvement Program 32,607 296,167 - PT Weda Bay Nickel Other Sponsored Programs** 210,645 1,913,285 Total Donors Sponsored Program 3,149,056 28,602,878 Total Program Expenses 5,619,516 51,042,064 General & Adm Expenses 2,006,839 18,228,117 Fundraising Expenses 156,202 1,418,782 TOTAL EXPENSES 7,782,557 70,688,963 Increase (Decrease) in Net Asset 1,793,559 16,290,901 Net Asset, Beginning Balance 17,672,457 160,518,927 NET ASSET, ENDING BALANCE 19,466,016 176,809,827 * Consists of Alumni Affairs, Research and Program Development, SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program), and Unit Pelayanan Zakat (UPZ) - Bait Al-Kamil ** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donors sponsored program expenses DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES School Reconstruction, SF-USP, Sampoerna Academy, Computer Donation, Teacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program -PT HMS Tbk. 1.44% 1.35% 1.44% School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program 1.04% 2.19% - Sampoerna Agro 6.69% 2.37% Scholarship Astro3.80% Education Quality Improvement Program - Mercy Relief 6.38% Scholarship, School Reconstruction and Adopt a Teacher Program - Standard Chartered Bank Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse Foundation 73.09% USP - Exxon Mobile Education Quality Improvement - PT Weda Bay Nickel Other Sponsored Programs**
  28. 28. Sampoerna Strategic Square, North Tower, 27th floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45, Jakarta 12930 Telp. (62-21) 577 2340 Fax. (61-21) 577 2341 E-mail: Website: Follow our Twitter @psfoundation Facebook fanpage : Sampoerna Foundation