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  1. 1. Water Retainer for Soil www.Satyajit.co
  2. 2. Composition Superabsorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymerCross-linked co-polymer of acrylamide & potassium acrylate www.Satyajit.co
  3. 3. Action PolySorb™ consists of set of chains parallel to each other, linked to each other forming a network When water comes in contact, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis As soil dries out, PolySorb™ releases upto 95% of absorbed water into the soilwww.Satyajit.co
  4. 4. PolySorb™www.Satyajit.co
  5. 5. ApplicationRemove the soil www.Satyajit.co
  6. 6. ApplicationHydrate PolySorb™• Put 3gms PolySorb™ in 1litre water• Keep for 1hour to gel• Use for 1 tree www.Satyajit.co
  7. 7. ApplicationPut hydratedPolySorb™ www.Satyajit.co
  8. 8. ApplicationPut the sapling www.Satyajit.co
  9. 9. ApplicationCover with soil www.Satyajit.co
  10. 10. ApplicationCross section www.Satyajit.co
  11. 11. PerformanceFromNursery 1 week after transplantation to field www.Satyajit.co
  12. 12. Application Nurseries Planting Recommended Dose Recommended Dose 1 to 3 kg of dry PolySorb™ / m3 ≈ 3g dry PolySorb™ / tree Not more than 3kg / m3 ≈ 2250 trees planted / hectare Preferably mix hydrated with ≈ 6.8 kg / ha of dry PolySorb™ the growing media Advantages Advantages1. Savings of water through limited percolation 1. Reduced mortality and spills and less evaporation 2. Application of hydrated PolySorb™2. Soils remains irrigated for a longer time. waters the tree at planting3. Interval between 2 irrigations is spread out 3. Possibility to plant during the dry season 4. Cost savings: saplings, labor, etc www.Satyajit.co
  13. 13. AdvantagesIncreases water holding capacity of soils & at the same time reduces water evaporation from soil Increases soil aeration Reduces irrigation frequency by 30-50% Reduces water & nutrient losses due to leaching by 20-30% Enhances plant growth by making water & nutrients available in the root zone consistently for optimum absorption www.Satyajit.co
  14. 14. Advantages Delays ReducesWilting Point Plant Mortality rate www.Satyajit.co
  15. 15. Toxicity• PolySorb™ demonstrates no systemic toxicity (oral LD50/rats > 5000mg/kg)• PolySorb™ is sensitive to uv rays and undergoes degradation to oligomers and subsequently undergoes microbial degradation by aerobic and anaerobic process• PolySorb™ degrades naturally in soil into CO2, H2O & Nitrogen compounds which are essential plant nutrients www.Satyajit.co
  16. 16. Reach usSatyajit Chemicals Pvt Ltd 306, Devavrata, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 INDIATel : +91-22-61331900Fax : +91-22-61331999info@satyajitchemicals.com www.Satyajit.co