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Idea to innovation

The topic of Idea to Innovation is "Spirituality should be a compulsory part of Education System"

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Idea to innovation

  1. 1. Idea to Innovation “Spirituality should be a compulsory part of Education System” INTRODUCTION: Lives today are characterized by cut Throat competition. Today stress, tensions, depressions have become intrinsic part of our lives. Spirituality makes a person look inward to deal with various mental issues. Spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and it typically involves a search for meaning In life. Thus spiritual lectures are essential in schools. For a better tomorrow we need educated and righteous professionals. Issues of the today’s society:  Child delinquency  Divorces  Ragging  Theft  Women abuse  Drinking  Smoking  Child labor  Crimes  Declination of moral values  Disappearing ethics and Virtuos  Craziness about money A student killed a teacher, A friend killed a friend, A doctor killed his whole family. SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS: All the social evils are because we are just producing educated machines but not good human beings. Spirituality is the solution to all these problems. Spirituality is not about religion, not about being saints or mataji. Its about inner purification, knowing about ourselves, who we are, what is the actual aim of our lives. MARKET RESEARCH: The data has been collected from primary data and secondary data. PRIMARY DATA:  Direct Interviews and telephonic Interviews- The data has been collected from the students and teachers of various schools of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. 2. a. Chameli devi school b. Laurels international c. Queen`s College d. Vaishnav higher Secondary e. Edify International f. Cloth Market School g. MP Police Public School h. Vaishnav Bal Mandir i. St. Rafael’s j. Delhi International SECONDARY DATA: The data has collected from newspapers and internet.  India saw 135445 suicides last year- The Hindu  Suicides rate in India are highest in the 15-29 age group-  There are 533 schools in Indore. RESULTS OF THE RESEARCH:  Problems among the students at an early age i. Use of vulgar and abusive languages. ii. Visiting gambling centers iii. Unhealthy Competition and pressure iv. Committing sexual offences v. Habitual behavior beyond the control of parents. vi. Spending time idly beyond limits vii. No respect for elders viii. Spending time on Social networking Apps. ix. Stealing x. Suicides xi. Bunking classes xii. Indulgence in Drinking, smoking and anti social activities.  Very few schools have spiritual/ stress management/counseling sessions.  Some schools have classes for Value education, psychology, Meditation but the classes are not regular and focus is course completion. How Spirituality at schools could be implemented?  1 or 2 spiritual gurus per school  1 class daily or alternatively for each standard. “Spirituality is not a waste of time and money, Infact it is its genuine utilization.  What Spiritual classes must include-
  3. 3. a. Meditation b. Problem solving sessions c. Stress Management d. Counseling e. Seminars on How to get real happiness? f. Psychological analysis of students Importance of Spirituality at schools:  Self management  Positive approach  Discipline  Control over emotions  Code of conduct  Respect for others  Healthy mind and body  Creative thinking  Emotional intelligence Why spirituality is important for our nation? Today US, UK and various Multi National companies are spending billions on stress management. If India do not want to spend billions after some years, then spirituality should be a compulsory part of education system. Spirituality is essential for the survival of the culture, tradition of the country. CONCLUSION: Spirituality at the schools has become necessary today. The practice of spirituality at the schools enables students to deal with tensions, stress and depressions. It provides an individual with the strength to face unforeseen situations without panic. If all the trees of the world were one, what a great tree it would be If all the rivers of the world were one, what a great river it would be If all the citizens of the country were spiritual, what a great countryit would be SUBMITTED BY: Purvi Jain Shri Venketeshwar Institute of Technology