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GESA - Company Profile


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Company Profile

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GESA - Company Profile

  2. 2. Global Education & Sports Academy-GESA , headed by like minded highly professional young entrepreneurs, with identical vision for the future . GESA aims to create a transformation, a complete change in the approach, training, infrastructure and people mindset of sports and academics of this great nation. WHO WE ARE
  3. 3. Today GESA has a team of 30 experienced and well equipped professionals who have transformed the lives of more than 20,000 students at 15 colleges and 25 schools, at Coimbatore and Bangalore. There are residential offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Kochi. Very shortly, we will expand operations and Career Service centers across India.
  4. 4. GESA has developed a concept for physical and mental empowerment of youth and children in India. We currently work with schools, colleges, corporate and other related institutions to build Indian youth and to help prepare India for a massive growth in the physical and mental fitness of students apart from academic achievements.
  5. 5. GESA follow a Simple, Uniqueand anEfficient method for keyskills 20:80proportion, wherethe trainer’s MINDtalk will be20%and therest 80%of the time will befor the student’s MIND Mind Checker Evaluate students skill through pre-test Mind Rate Rate the skill of each student from the result of pre-test Mind Click Help the student to sort their weakness METHODOLOGY Mind Flow Help to enrich strengths Mind Lit Motivate and inspire to improve skills Mind Stir Guide them to use the learning in right place Mind Breathe Students will be highly enthused and will definitely show marked improvement in their Exams and Career Mind Ruler The skill of students are rated again with post-test Mind Shine The post-test results will be a proof that the students have really acquired skills and knowledge
  6. 6. Training programs for Students Short Term training program Offerings - Schools Training programs for Teachers Fitness Diagnosis & Remedial Services Summer Camp for Students & Teachers YEARLY EVENTS Entrepreneurship Development Students Training “Students” Literacy (School Competitions) Rural Education (Social Welfare Program) Rural Health Awareness program (Social Welfare Program) Parenting (Parents – children – teachers, Meeting the minds program) Exhibition (Inter school) Talk Shows Short film screening INBUILT ACTIVITIES Book Review Indian Politics an Overview Indian Army an Overview Banking Process Internet Usage Learning “Culture” ADD-ONS Meditation Movie Screening Guest Lectures / Motivational Speech Outbound Training Industrial visit Visit to orphanages Virtual Reality Sessions Experts Sessions Innovative Assignments Action Research
  7. 7. Offerings - Colleges Annual Packages Core Training Employability Training Communication Training LEAD Program Short Term Packages Communication Skills Aptitude Training Soft Skill Training Outbound Training Entrepreneurship Training Engineering Colleges MBA Arts & Science Colleges INCUBATORS @ INSTITUTIONS GESA KM School of ENTREPRENEURSHIP Shresthi Women Social Enterprise
  8. 8. Mr. MANJUNATHA PS TSM, Aditya Birla Group, South India, Expert in Corporate Communication & HR Prof. VYDYANATHAN Former Prof, Head & Dean, Dept. of Physical Education, Bangalore University. Chairman, Taskforce on PE in School, GOK, Expert in Sports and Physical Education Mr. RADHAKRISHNA Project Manager, IBM, Expert in IT applications in Education Prof. CHANNAKESHAVULU Principal, E-W College of Engineering, Bangalore, Expert in PD, Placement Training & HR ADVISORY PANEL Our Strength… AAGNYA An all Women Student Consulting Enterprise
  9. 9. SPORTS
  10. 10. GLOBAL EDUCATION & SPORTS ACADEMY-GESA 316, Anuparpalayam, Ramnagar (post) Coimbatore - 641009 Thiviya SA Chief Operational Executive +91 99448 23186 CONTACT US