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Training nutritionfinal


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Training nutritionfinal

  1. 1. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Optimal Training (and Daily) Nutrition February 7, 2013 Coach Al Lyman, CSCS, FMS, HKC© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  2. 2. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Our Goals For This Evening: Optimize Our Daily Eating •What Are Our Goals? •Is Your Present Strategy Working? •Fat Burning: What Is It All About? Optimize Our Fueling •Nutrition Periodization: Off/ Pre-season / In-season Philosophy •Off Season Guidelines •Daily Carbohydrate Guidelines: Off-Pre-In Season The Magic “4” •Critical Daily Strategies •Tips For Successful Daily Eating •Primary Objectives •Common Pitfalls of Endurance Athletes Fueling During Training •General guidelines© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  3. 3. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance What Are Our Goals?  Plenty of energy for our daily life and for training  Excellent health and longevity: age gracefully  Improve and adapt to training: get better  Have excellent endurance: go farther, longer  To be leaner© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  4. 4. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Is Your Present Strategy Working? Do you feel good and have adequate energy for your daily training and activities? Are you able to execute high quality and / or highly intense training sessions? Are you adapting to your training as you expect? Do you experience rapid recovery from training? Do you have excess body fat that is holding you back from performing at your best?© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  5. 5. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Is Your Present Strategy Working? If your goal is to lose BODY FAT, you must ask: Why do you have more than you want? Nutritional stress: junk food Less than optimal fat burning mechanisms •Meal timing and food choices •How do we fuel for training? •The role of Insulin: the ―master‖ hormone© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  6. 6. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Fat Burning: What’s It All About? How do we optimize our use of fat as a source of fuel during exercise?  Minimize ―bad‖ stress  Insulin (the glycemic Index) and meal timing • 3 hour ―window‖  Adequate daily ―good‖ fat consumption • Omega 3’s from fatty fish, nuts  Adequate calorie and carbohydrate consumption  Train long • Exhausting slow twitch fibers, glycogen stores Summary: The relationship of ALL of these determines fat burning potential© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  7. 7. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance The Fire In Our Lives: STRESS Reducing Nutritional Stress  Good and ―bad‖ stress Cultivate the good – eliminate the bad  What Is nutritional stress? The stress to your entire body caused by eating • Refined processed foods • Not eating nutrient dense foods© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  8. 8. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Insulin: The “Master” Hormone What are the effects of excess insulin?  Greater resistance to it (type 2 diabetes)  Converts protein, glucose, and dietary fat - to stored body fat.  Removes fat from the blood and transports it into fat cells.  Encourages the body to burn carbs (sugar) for energy instead of stored fat.© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  9. 9. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Insulin: The Master Hormone What are the effects of elevated insulin?  Inhibits the release and utilization of body fat for energy.  Leads to the conversion and storage of excess glucose (sugar) as fat.  Results in lower levels of endurance and stamina; premature fatigue when training© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  10. 10. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Training Adaptation & Fat Burning Insulin – Meal Timing – Glycogen Saturation energy for daily activities and training body fat stores glycogen stores (muscles and liver) and blood glucose recovery and adaptation to trainingTo maximize fat burning, its not what you eat but the relationship of what you eat, AND the hormonal response to it that matters most.
  11. 11. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Optimize Our Fueling: “Periodization”  What is our philosophy? • Periodize (move through cycles based upon our focus) our eating and fueling as we do our training • Develop a different strategy depending upon the time of year and the focus of training© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  12. 12. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Guidelines For The Off-Season  Do not eat or fuel prior to morning training sessions  Progress this ―skill‖ (your ability to burn fat as a fuel) progressively over time… • Begin by not fueling for any session lasting up to 90minutes • Progress up to 3 hours • Beyond 3 hours, fueling is an option • Always CARRY fuel with you, in case you need it for any reason (bonking!) • Make your routine choices ―clean‖ and whole food based when possible© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  13. 13. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Optimize Our Fueling PRE-season philosophy  Start to transition to occasional ―practice‖ for in-season fueling strategies  Consider cumulative effect of increasing training loads, as a factor in determining choice to fuel, or not  Find out what works for you! Develop a strategy to… • Optimize body composition • Daily energy levels • Overall adaptation to training© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  14. 14. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Optimize Our Fueling  IN-season philosophy  Use race-specific training sessions to ―practice‖ and refine your fueling strategy  Every training session provides an opportunity to experiment and ―practice‖  During longer and/or ―race-specific‖ training, fuel as you plan to on race day  Other than those specific sessions, take care to routine fuel well and appropriately, to support your recovery and adaptation to training© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  15. 15. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Guidelines for Daily Eating: Carbohydrate In The Off-Season 1. Take your body weight and multiply it by 2.5 to get the minimum amount of carbs (in grams) you need per day. (Example: 140 X 2.5 = 350gms per day). 2. Take that number and multiply it by 4 to determine how many calories of carbs you need per day (minimum). (Example: 350 X 4 = 1400 calories per day). This applies during any lower volume phase of training or what is a ―general‖ training period. Source: Jason Gootman, Tri-Hard Endurance Sports© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  16. 16. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Guidelines for Daily Eating: Carbohydrate In The Pre & In-Season Use the same math, but change the initial factor depending upon total training volume and goal race training. 1. For Olympic distance peak, take your body weight and multiply it by 2.75 2. For Half Iron distance peak, 3.0 3. For Iron distance peak, 3.25 This applies during any lower volume phase of training or what is a ―general‖ training period. Source: Jason Gootman, Tri-Hard Endurance Sports© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  17. 17. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance 4 Tips For Successful Daily Eating Treat the root cause: STRESS in all of its forms • Poor food choices, dieting, stimulants Majority of Food Choices: Nutrient Dense • Eliminate process foods • Nutrient counting, not calorie counting Limit intake of sugar to during and right AFTER training, “most” of the time. • Glycemic Index King-Queen-Pauper • On ―most‖ days, aim to taper calorie and carbohydrate intake during the course of the day© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  18. 18. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance 4 Critical Daily Strategies 1. Don’t forget to eat! (3 squares plus snacks) 2. Taper calorie and carbohydrate intake through the day • King/Queen/Pauper • Biggest carbohydrate ―meal‖ should be the one right after your most important or longest training session of the day 3. After training re-fueling is KING • 30minute window: glycogen synthase • Carbs > protein > fat 4. Avoid eating 3 hours prior to going to sleep© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  19. 19. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance 4 Primary Objectives 1. To learn how to be a better “fat burner” • Get leaner, go farther 2. To be sure to consume adequate CHO each day to ensure glycogen saturation • Maintain energy levels, better adaptation to training 3. To get the majority of your calories from nutrient rich “real” food • Maintain good health 4. To eat the appropriate foods at the appropriate times of day to support maximum fat burning • See #1© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  20. 20. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance 4 Common Pitfalls of Endurance Athletes 1. Inadequate calories (and/or not the optimal makeup of calories) in the “after” training time period 2. Day-time fasting to lose “weight”: Can lead to late night binging, (―back loaded‖ daily eating), poor adaptation to training, low energy, higher body fat % 3. Too much simple sugar or processed foods in the diet, especially at the worst times of day 4. Inadequate daily “good fats” consumption© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  21. 21. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Water: 0.5 ounces per pound of body weight Drink water throughout the day, every day, to ensure optimal chronic hydration© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
  22. 22. TEAM Pursuit Athletic Performance Guidelines: Fueling During Training  200 calories per hour +/-  Depending on intensity, body size, gastric emptying  Intensity and fueling: an inverse relationship  Liquid vs. solid  Absorption rate  Like an ―IV‖: small amounts more frequently  Less is more  Dilute!  Water is an aid to digestion in addition to facilitate hydration  Be flexible with your planned strategy  OODA loop  Simple better than complex  Less is more© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE
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  24. 24. Pursuit Athletic Performance Thank you for attending! Visit us at: For more information!© PURSUIT ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE