2011 TDI Conference Social Media Guide


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Purple Communications is pleased to provide this Social Media Guide to TDI and all attendees of the 19th Biennial TDI Conference in Austin, TX, as a public service.

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2011 TDI Conference Social Media Guide

  1. 1.  This  page  intentionally  left  b 19th  Biennial  TDI  Conference   Social  Media  Guide   prepared  by  Purple  Communications   http://purple.us   http://twitter.com/purplecomm   http://facebook.com/purplecommunications   http://youtube.com/purplecommunications   http://flickr.com/photos/purplecomm   http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications   http://linkedin.com/company/purple-­‐communications-­‐inc   2011
  2. 2.   2    Purple  Communications  is  pleased  to  provide  this  Social  Media  Guide  to  TDI  and  all  attendees  of  the  19th  Biennial  TDI  Conference  in  Austin,  TX,  as  a  public  service.        This  document  is  provided  to  assist  you  in  using  social  media  effectively  while  at  the  TDI  conference  –  no  need  to  worry  about  finding  the  session’s  speaker’s  Twitter  handle  or  other  reference  information  online.    Now  you  can  go  right  ahead  and  tweet  or  post  about  the  conference,  and  some  hashtags  have  been  provided  for  your  convenience.    The  left  hand  column  has  the  conference  schedule,  and  the  right  hand  column  has  all  related  social  media  information  to  that  particular  portion  of  the  conference.    When  tweeting  information  related  to  the  Conference,  please  use  the  hashtag  #TDIConf,  and  if  you  are  referring  to  a  specific  session,  use  that  session’s  hashtag  as  well.    This  will  enable  social  sharing  of  all  information  on  TDI’s  Lanyrd.com  site:  http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/  and  will  automatically  add  your  tweet  to  that  particular  session’s  page.    Some  of  the  links  are  in  green,  indicating  they  are  alternative  pre-­‐shortened  links  for  the  link  immediately  above.    No  need  to  use  every  provided  link  in  every  post/tweet.        Please  keep  an  eye  on  the  TDI  Lanyrd  page  –  it  probably  will  be  more  up-­‐to-­‐date  than  this  document  in  regards  to  Twitter  handles  as  people  learn  about  this  resource  and  join  in  the  fun!    Purple  hopes  that  you  enjoy  the  conference,  and  will  find  this  a  handy  resource  while  you  are  here  in  Austin!    Feel  free  to  share  your  feedback  with  us  via  any  of  our  social  media  channels  listed  on  the  front  cover.                      Obligatory  Disclaimer:  All  information  in  this  guide  is  provided  from  publicly  accessible  information  online.    Purple  does  not  claim  that  this  information  is  accurate  and  complete,  and  is  not  responsible  for  any  injury  arising  from  use  of  the  information  provided.    This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  3. 3.   3  Telecommunications  for  the  Deaf  and   TDI  Social  Media:  the  Hard  of  Hearing,  Inc.   https://tdiforaccess.org/  19th  Biennial  International  Conference   http://www.facebook.com/TDIforAccess  Schedule   @TDIforAccess  Hyatt  Regency  Austin   #TDIConf     http://twitter.com/TDIforAccess     TDI  Conference  website:     http://bit.ly/k5OXI2     Lanyrd.com  site  for  Conference:     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/     http://lanyrd.com/cdhyr         TDI  Staff:     Claude  Stout,  Executive  Director:     @tdiexdir     Jim  House,  Public  Relations:     @jim7house     Neil  McDevitt,  Organizer:     @neilmcd     Robert  McConnell,  Organizer     @rmcconnell             Hyatt  Regency  Austin  Social  Media:     http://austin.hyatt.com     http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyatt-­‐   Regency-­‐Austin/172648457634     http://on.fb.me/jM9B12     http://www.flickr.com/photos/hyatt_reg   ency_austin/?src=tig_AUSRA_flickr_1009_   lk     http://bit.ly/iXLSjC     @HyattAustin     http://twitter.com/HyattAustin      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      CVAA  -­‐  Title  I  –     Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Communications  Access  Day   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfDay  1  -­‐  Thursday  June  2     kzf/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzf  9:00  a.m.  to  10:00  a.m.    -­‐  Opening   #sfkzf  Ceremony    (Open  to  Public)   TDI  Board  of  Directors  webpage:     http://bit.ly/kqR577  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  4. 4.   4  Emcee:  Fred  Weiner  -­‐  TDI  Board  Vice    President   FCC  Social  Media:     http://www.fcc.gov/  Keynote  Speech  by:   http://www.facebook.com/FCC  Michael  J.  Copps,  Commissioner   http://www.youtube.com/fccdotgovvideFederal  Communications  Commission   o  (FCC)   http://bit.ly/lV2N61     http://www.flickr.com/fccdotgov  Followed  by  a  presentation  of  the  TDI   @FCC  Karen  Peltz  Strauss  Public  Policy  Award   http://twitter.com/fcc             Commissioner  Copps’  FCC  webpage:     http://www.fcc.gov/leadership/michael-­‐   copps     http://fcc.us/lWMf7h      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      10:15  a.m.  to  11:30  a.m.  -­‐  FCC  Town  Hall     Session  page  &  hash  tag:  (Open  to  Public)   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   kzg/  The  21st  Century  Communications  and   http://lanyrd.com/sfkzg  Video  Accessibility  Act  of  2010   #sfkzg  (CVAA)Town  Hall  meeting         FCC  Encyclopedia  page  on  CVAA:  Moderated  by  Karen  Peltz  Strauss,   http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/twentDeputy  Bureau  Chief,  Consumer  &   y-­‐first-­‐century-­‐communications-­‐and-­‐Governmental  Affairs  Bureau,  FCC   video-­‐accessibility-­‐act     http://fcc.us/ij5V97         FCC  CVAA  webpage:     http://transition.fcc.gov/cgb/dro/cvaa.ht   ml     http://bit.ly/jmLVPa         Statement  by  Commissioner  Copps  on     naming  of  Karen  Peltz  Strauss  as  Deputy     Chief  of  Consumer  Bureau:     http://www.fcc.gov/document/statemen   t-­‐commissioner-­‐michael-­‐j-­‐copps-­‐naming-­‐   karen-­‐peltz-­‐strauss-­‐deputy-­‐chief-­‐   consumer-­‐bur     http://fcc.us/kiM9Vp      This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  5. 5.   5      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________     #lunchbreak  11:45  a.m.  to  1:00  p.m.     #TDIExhibitHall  Lunch  Break  (on  your  own)        Visit  the  Exhibit  Hall  and  see  whats    new  in  technology  during  your  free    time!    ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      1:00  p.m.  to  2:15  p.m.    Breakout  Workshops      (Registration  Required)        Forum  with  the  Co-­‐Chair,  FCCs    Emergency  Access  Advisory  Committee,   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  David  Dzumba   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   kzh/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzh     #sfkzh         FCC  Encyclopedia  page  on  EAAC:     http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/emerg   ency-­‐access-­‐advisory-­‐committee-­‐eaac     http://fcc.us/j24uT3         David  Dzumba  –  Senior  Manager  at  Nokia     for  Accessibility     @ddzumba     @nokiaaccess     http://twitter.com/nokiaaccess     http://www.nokiaaccessibility.com/          "Building  the  Future  with  Accessible   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Products  and  Services"  panel  discussion   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfmoderated  by  Cheryl  Heppner  -­‐  NVRC,   kzk/  with  Toni  Acton  -­‐  AT&T,  Mike  Ellis  -­‐   http://lanyrd.com/sfkzk  Sprint,  and  David  Coco.   #sfkzk         Cheryl  Heppner  -­‐  NVRC:     @NVRCDHHP     http://www.nvrc.org/Staff     http://www.facebook.com/NorthernVirgThis  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  6. 6.   6     iniaResourceCenter     http://on.fb.me/lNw0qU     http://www.youtube.com/NVRC2         Toni  Acton,  AT&T  Relay:     http://relayservices.att.com/         Mike  Ellis,  Sprint:     @sprintrelay     http://www.facebook.com/sprintrelay     http://www.youtube.com/sprintrelay         David  Coco,  Texas  School  for  the  Deaf:     http://www.tsd.state.tx.us/outreach/              Accessibility  in  Action  -­‐  Real  Solutions   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  for  You!  -­‐  Jeffrey  Dallos,  Team  Leader,   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfU.S.  Department  of  Defenses   kzp/  Computer/Electronics  Accommodations   http://lanyrd.com/sfkzp  Program   #sfkzp         Jeffrey  Dallos:     @jeffdallos         DoD  CAP:     http://cap.tricare.mil/     @DoDCAP     http://www.facebook.com/DoDCAP     http://www.youtube.com/thedodcap      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      2:30  p.m.  to  3:30  p.m.   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Plenary  Session   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf(Registration  Required)   kzm/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzm  “Raising  the  Floor”   #sfkzm  Global  Public  Inclusive  Infrastructure    Dr.  Jim  Tobias,  Inclusive  Technologies   Jim  Tobias:     @inclutech         Inclusive  Technologies:     http://inclusive.com/  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  7. 7.   7      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      3:45  p.m.  to  5:00  p.m.          Breakout  Workshops      (Registration  Required)        "Apps  for  the  Deaf  and  Hard  of  Hearing"   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  panel  discussion  moderated  by  Neil   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfMcDevitt  -­‐  CEPIN/TDI,  with  Daniel  Fok  -­‐   kzq/  RIM,    Mike  Ellis  -­‐  Sprint,  Matt  Gerst  -­‐   http://lanyrd.com/sfkzq  CTIA,  Tamara  Suiter-­‐Ocuto  and  Karl   #sfkzq  Ewan.       Neil  McDevitt,  CEPIN/TDI:     @neilmcd     http://www.cepintdi.org/         Daniel  Fok,  RIM:     @BlackBerry     http://www.rim.com/         Mike  Ellis,  Sprint:     @sprintrelay     http://www.facebook.com/sprintrelay     http://www.youtube.com/sprintrelay         Matt  Gerst,  CTIA:     @CTIA     http://accesswireless.org/         Tamara  Suiter-­‐Ocuto,  either  with  ACCESS     News  OR  Texas  School  for  the  Deaf.     @tamtweetam         ACCESS  News:     @ACCESSNewsTSO     http://www.civication.org/what-­‐we-­‐   do/access-­‐news     http://bit.ly/jBNFFr     http://accessnews.us/         Karl  Ewan:     @kaewansj          This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  8. 8.   8      Interoperable  Communications  for   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Everyday  and  Emergencies  -­‐  Lisa   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfAstrom,  Omnitor,  Stockholm,  Sweden   kzr/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzr     #sfkzr         Lisa  Åström,  Omnitor:     http://www.omnitor.se/eng/personal_en   .html     http://bit.ly/jqeWTR     http://www.youtube.com/omnitor          NG9-­‐1-­‐1  and  the  ADA  -­‐  Toni  Dunne,   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Public  Safety  Marketing  Analyst,  Intrado   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   kzt/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzt     #sfkzt         NG9-­‐1-­‐1:     http://www.nena.org/ng911-­‐project     @911NENA911     http://www.facebook.com/pages/NENA-­‐   National-­‐Emergency-­‐Number-­‐   Association/187876977894916     http://on.fb.me/moZSSA     http://www.youtube.com/911NENA911         Toni  Dunne,  Intrado:     http://www.linkedin.com/pub/toni-­‐d-­‐   dunne-­‐enp/1/50b/55a     http://linkd.in/iqWjbX         Intrado:     http://www.intrado.com/                                      This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  9. 9.   9      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      5:15  p.m.  to  6:15  p.m.       Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Keynote:   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf(Open  to  Public)   kzw/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzw  Federal  Emergency  Management   #sfkzw  Agency:          Its  Commitment  to  Disability  Access   Craig  Fugate,  FEMA  Administrator:     @craigatfema  W.  Craig  Fugate,  FEMA  Administrator   http://www.fema.gov/  (via  video)   http://www.fema.gov/about/bios/wfugaand  Marcie  Roth,  Director,Office  of   te.shtm  Disability  Integration  and  Coordination,   http://1.usa.gov/kitGm9  FEMA   http://www.facebook.com/FEMA     @fema     http://www.youtube.com/fema             Marcie  Roth,  ODIC  Director:     @marcieatfema     http://www.fema.gov/about/odic/     http://www.fema.gov/about/bios/mroth   .shtm     http://1.usa.gov/jUm6uj  ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      Presidents  Reception   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Thursday  June  2  at  7:00  p.m.     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   kzx/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzx     #sfkzx         TDI  Board  of  Directors  webpage:     http://bit.ly/kqR577         COAT:     http://www.coataccess.org/     @coataccess     http://on.fb.me/m5R2vS         CVAA:     See  above  for  links  (Copps  keynote)      This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  10. 10.   10      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      CVAA  -­‐  Title  II  –     Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Video  Programming  Day   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfDay  2  -­‐  Friday  June  3     kzy/     http://lanyrd.com/sfkzy  9:00  a.m.  to  10:00  a.m.     #sfkzy  Keynote:      (Open  to  Public)   Richard  Devylder,  US  DOT:     http://www.dot.gov/ost/  The  Federal  Governments  Role  for  Your   http://www.dot.gov/citizen_services/disTravel/Commute/Work   ability/disability.html  Richard  Devylder   http://1.usa.gov/k4JiM4  Senior  Advisor  for  Accessible   http://www.facebook.com/sec.lahood  Transportation,   http://www.flickr.com/photos/raylahooOffice  of  the  Secretary   d/  U.S.  Department  of  Transportation   @RayLaHood     http://www.youtube.com/usdotgov          ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      10:15  a.m.  to  11:30  a.m.          Breakout  Workshops      (Registration  Required)        Accomplishments  and  Challenges  with   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Titles  II  and  III  of  the  Americans  with   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfDisabilities  Act  with  Brian  Determan,   kzz/  Deafness  Resource  Specialist  -­‐  Region  7,   http://lanyrd.com/sfkzz  Communication  Axess  Ability  Group  -­‐   #sfkzz  Austin,  Texas       CAAG:     http://www.caag4.com/     http://on.fb.me/mT3iQ5         Brian  R.  Determan:     http://www.caag4.com/DRSP     Program.pdf     http://bit.ly/iU6V4k                  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  11. 11.   11      Video  Conferencing  in  the  21st  Century   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  with  Jeff  Rosen  -­‐    ZVRS   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   mbb/     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbb     #sfmbb         ZVRS:     @ZVRS     http://zvrs.com/     http://www.facebook.com/like.zvrs     http://www.youtube.com/zvrschannel      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      Professional  Motivational  Luncheon   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Friday  June  3  at  11:45  a.m.   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   mbc/  One  Womans  Opinion:  Motivation  to   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbc  Advocate  Making  Your  Voice  Heard   #sfmbc      Never  be  afraid  to  raise  your  voice   Sherri  Collins:  for  honesty  and  truth  ......   http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sherri-­‐   collins/5/304/67a  Sherri  Collins,  Executive  Director  of  the   http://linkd.in/l1fDmP  Arizona  Commission  for  the  Deaf  and    the  Hard  of  hearing.   ACDHH:     http://www.acdhh.org/     @AzCDHH     http://www.facebook.com/AzCDHH      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      1:30  p.m.  to  2:45  p.m.        Breakout  Workshops    (Registration  Required)        Project  Endeavor  -­‐  Providing  Services   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  for  Broadband  Access,   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfNikki  Darland,  Holly  Elkins,  and  Kim   mbd/  Barron,  CSD     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbd     #sfmbd         Project  Endeavor:     http://www.projectendeavor.com/  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  12. 12.   12     http://on.fb.me/mCq2yM     @ProjectEndeavor     http://www.youtube.com/ProjectEndeav   orCSD         Darland:     @  nikkisdarland          Accessible  Telecollaboration  and  Web   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Conferencing  in  the  Workplace  -­‐  Dr.   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfChristian  Vogler,  Dr.  Judy  Harkins,  Paula   mbf/  Tucker,  &  Norman  Williams,  Technology   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbf  Access  Program,  Gallaudet  University   #sfmbf         Gallaudet  Univ.  TAP:     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/         Vogler:     @Krischi     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/Contact/Staff.as   p  -­‐  Christian     http://bit.ly/kSqRtJ         Williams:     @chatwithnorm     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/Contact/Staff.as   p  -­‐  Norman     http://bit.ly/mUGRJm         Tucker:     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/Contact/Staff.as   p  -­‐  Paula     http://bit.ly/jEh0Ka      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      3:00  p.m.  to  4:00  p.m.    Networking  Hour   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  -­‐  Exhibit  Hall     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   mbg/     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbg     #sfmbg                This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  13. 13.   13          ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      4:00  p.m.  to  5:15  p.m.        Breakout  Workshops    (Registration  Required)        Interoperability  Across  Videophones,   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  VRS,  and  Off-­‐the-­‐Shelf  Equipment  -­‐  Dr.   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfChristian  Vogler  &  Norman  Williams,   mbh/  Technology  Access  Program,  Gallaudet   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbh  University   #sfmbh         Gallaudet  Univ.  TAP:     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/         Vogler:     @Krischi     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/Contact/Staff.as   p  -­‐  Christian     http://bit.ly/kSqRtJ         Williams:     @chatwithnorm     http://tap.gallaudet.edu/Contact/Staff.as   p  -­‐  Norman     http://bit.ly/mUGRJm          Are  We  There  Yet?  The  Journey  to  Full  &   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Equal  Technological  Access  -­‐  Howard   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfRosenblum  &  Shane  Feldman,  NAD   mbk/     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbk     #sfmbk         NAD:     http://nad.org/     @nadtweets     http://www.facebook.com/NAD1880     http://www.flickr.com/nad1880         Rosenblum:  @howrose         Feldman:  @shfz  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  14. 14.   14          Supporting  the  21st  Century   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Communications  and  Video   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfAccessibility  Act  with  Captioning  for   mbh/  Video  and  Live  Meetings  -­‐  Andrew   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbh  Kirkpatrick,  Adobe  Systems   #sfmbh         Kirkpatrick:     @awkawk     http://blogs.adobe.com/accessibility/          ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      Lone  Star  Riverboat  Dinner  Cruise   http://www.lonestarriverboat.com/     #lonestarriverboat  Friday  June  3  at  7:00  p.m.   #bats     #congressavebridge  TDI  invites  you  to  join  us  for  a  dinner   #lakeladybird  cruise  that  will  offer  delicious  food,    drinks,  lakeside  views  and  bats!    Yes,  we   Info  on  Congress  Ave  Bat  Colony:  will  watch  North  Americas  largest  bat   (Bat  conservation)  colony  come  alive  when  a  million  bats   http://bit.ly/izelaG  emerge  from  under  the  Congress   (Wikipedia  re:  bridge)  Avenue  Bridge  near  Texas  School  for   http://bit.ly/jrta5M  the  Deaf  as  the  sun  goes  down.       Congress  Ave  Bridge  on  Foursquare:  Cruise  down  our  constant  level  lake  and   https://foursquare.com/venue/490302  savor  the  Texas  skies,  sensational    sunsets,  and  the  citys  skyline  from  a   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Bird_totally  unique  perspective!   Lake      It  is  a  spectacular  sight  to  see  the  bats    emerge  from  the  bridge  at  sunset!  An    estimated  1.5  million  Mexican  free-­‐tail    bats  live  under  the  Congress  Avenue    Bridge.  It  is  the  largest  urban  colony  in    North  America.                              This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  15. 15.   15      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      Consumers  Day    Day  3  -­‐  Saturday  June  4    All  keynotes,  plenary  sessions  and    breakout  workshops  open  to  consumers    -­‐  no  registration  required        9:00  a.m.  to  10:00  am.  Keynote  Session:   Session  page  &  hash  tag:     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfGreg  Hlibok,  Director,  Disability  Rights   mbp/  Office,  Federal  Communications   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbp  Commission   #sfmbp  Consumers:  The  Driving  Force  Behind    Advancements   Hlibok:  in  Accessible  Communication   @greghlibok  Technology       FCC  Disability  Rights  Office     http://transition.fcc.gov/cgb/cgb_offices.Greg  Hlibok,  Chief,  Disability  Rights   html  -­‐  DRO  Office,  Consumer  &  Governmental   http://bit.ly/lPoZUT  Affairs  Bureau,  FCC   http://transition.fcc.gov/cgb/dro/      ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      10:15  a.m.  to  11:15  a.m.  Breakout    Workshops:        Accessibility  in  Video  Games  -­‐  Bill  Van   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Buren,  Producer  and  Designer  at  Valve   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfSoftware,  makers  of  the  popular  Half-­‐ mbq/  Life,  Portal,  Left  4  Dead,  Counter-­‐Strike,   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbq  and  Team  Fortress  2  games,  will  talk   #sfmbq  about  how  Valve  is  committed  to    producing  accessible  video  games.    Bill   Van  Buren:  will  also  talk  about  how  accessibility  is   @bill_vb  created  and  will  ask  participants  for    ideas  on  how  to  improve  accessibility  in   Valve:  future  games."   http://www.valvesoftware.com/     @valvesoftware     http://www.facebook.com/Valve              This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  16. 16.   16      "Hearing  Aid  Compatible  Phones  in  the   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Market"  panel  discussion  moderated  by   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfLise  Hamlin  -­‐  HLAA  with:  Toni  Acton  -­‐   mbr/  AT&T,  Mike  Ellis  -­‐  Sprint,  and  Rose   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbr  Minette  -­‐  DARS  Office  of  Deaf  and  Hard   #sfmbr  of  Hearing  Services       Toni  Acton,  AT&T  Relay:     http://relayservices.att.com/         Mike  Ellis,  Sprint:     @sprintrelay     http://www.facebook.com/sprintrelay     http://www.youtube.com/sprintrelay         Matt  Gerst,  CTIA:     @CTIA     http://accesswireless.org/         Jeffrey  Kramer,  Verizon     @verizonwireless     http://aboutus.vzw.com/accessibility/     http://responsibility.verizon.com/home/   blog/author/jeff_kramer     http://bit.ly/jzrI6M         Rose  Minette,  Texas  DARS  DHHS     http://www.dars.state.tx.us/dhhs/          Development  of  Auto-­‐Captioning  Tool   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  for  YouTube  Videos  -­‐  Ken  Harrenstien,   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfGoogle   mbt/     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbt     #sfmbt         Harrenstien:     http://www.google.com/accessibility/                              This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  17. 17.   17  ______________________________________________   ______________________________________________      TDI  Awards  Luncheon   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Saturday  June  4  at  11:30  a.m.   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf   mbw/  TDI  invites  you  to  join  in  as  we  honor  a   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbw  select  few  who  shape  an  accessible   #sfmbw  world  as  they  receive  recognition  at  the    Biennial  Awards  Luncheon.   #TDIConfAwards     #TDIAwards  In  addition  to  the  traditional  TDI   http://conta.cc/mnJg4a  Awards,  TDI  is  presenting  a  special    media  recognition  to  Scripps  Networks   H.  Latham  Breunig  for  its  best  practices  in  ensuring   Humanitarian  Award:  Eliot  Greenwald  diversity,  especially  with  the  deaf  and    hard  of  hearing  population  and  the   James  C.  Marsters  networks  commitment  to  captioning,   Promotion  Award:  ZVRS  most  notably  on  the  Home  and  Garden   @ZVRS  TV  network.     http://zvrs.com/         Andrew  Saks  For  more  information,  learn  about  TDI   Engineering  Award:  Google  Awards  at   http://www.google.com/accessibility/  http://tdiforaccess.org/about_tdi.aspx?  key=AboutTDI(Awards)&select=AboutT Karen  Peltz  Strauss  DI   Public  Policy  Award  :     Commissioner  Michael  J.  Copps     (see  FCC  info  earlier)         Robert  H.  Weitbrecht     Telecommunications  Access  Award:       Apple,  Inc.     http://www.apple.com/         I.  Lee  Brody     Lifetime  Achievement  Award:  Ed  Bosson     @eyesopenthumbup     http://www.edsalert.com/         Scripps  Networks     http://www.scrippsnetworks.com/     @scrippscomm     http://www.hgtv.com/     @HGTV     http://www.facebook.com/HGTV  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  18. 18.   18      _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________      1:30  p.m.  to  2:30  p.m.        Breakout  Workshops        "Consumer  Groups  TRS  Policy   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Statement"  panel  discussion  moderated   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfby  Claude  Stout  -­‐  TDI,  with  Cheryl   mbx/  Heppner  -­‐  NVRC,  Lise  Hamlin  -­‐  HLAA,   http://lanyrd.com/sfmbx  Shane  Feldman  -­‐  NAD,  David  Myers  -­‐   #sfmbx  Texas  DARS  Office  of  Deaf  and  Hard  of    Hearing  Services,  and  Eileen  Alter,  Relay   Stout,  TDI  Exec  Dir:  Texas,  Texas  Public  Utilities   @tdiexdir  Commission   @tdiforAccess     http://www.tdiforaccess.org         Hamlin,  Director  of  Public  Policy  HLAA:     http://hlaa-­‐advocacy.blogspot.com/         HLAA:     http://www.hearingloss.org/     @HLAA     http://on.fb.me/imuqdo         Feldman:     @shfz         NAD:     http://nad.org/     @nadtweets     http://www.facebook.com/NAD1880     http://www.flickr.com/nad1880         Myers,  Director  Texas  DARS  DHHS:     http://www.dars.state.tx.us/dhhs/         Alter,  Relay  Texas  Administrator:     http://www.puc.state.tx.us/relay/                          This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  19. 19.   19      "Smart  Phones  in  the  Market"  panel   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  discussion  moderated  by  Jim  House  -­‐   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfTDI  withJeff  Kramer  -­‐  Verizon,Daniel   mby/  Fok  -­‐  Research  in  Motion  and  Maggie   http://lanyrd.com/sfmby  Schoolar  –  Sprint   #sfmby         House,  TDI  PR:     @jim7house     @tdiforAccess     http://www.tdiforaccess.org         Jeffrey  Kramer,  Verizon     @verizonwireless     http://aboutus.vzw.com/accessibility/     http://responsibility.verizon.com/home/   blog/author/jeff_kramer     http://bit.ly/jzrI6M         Daniel  Fok,  RIM:     @BlackBerry     http://www.rim.com/         Schoolar,  Sprint:     http://on.fb.me/izcU0J      How  to  Tell  a  Tweet  from  a  Yahoo  -­‐   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Sheila  Conlon  Mentkowski  &  Alex   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfMentkowski   mbz/     http://lanyrd.com/sfmbz     #sfmbz         Sheila:     http://linkd.in/lUvYFU         Alex:  @giftndacurse      _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________      2:45  p.m.  to  3:45  p.m.  Plenary  Session   Session  page  &  hash  tag:     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfTDI  Association  Business  Meeting   mcb/  Presided  by  Dr.  Roy  Miller,  TDI  Board   http://lanyrd.com/sfmcb  President   #sfmcb     #TDIBizMtg  This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  20. 20.   20      _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________      4:00  p.m.  to  5:00  p.m.        Breakout  Workshops       Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Blackberry  and  the  21st  Century   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfCommunications  and  Video   mcb/  Accessibility  Act:  Emerging  Solutions   http://lanyrd.com/sfmcb  for  Deaf  &  Hard  of  Hearing  Individuals,   #sfmcb  Daniel  Fok,  Research  In  Motion       Daniel  Fok,  RIM:     @BlackBerry     http://www.rim.com/          Advocacy  for  Movie  Captioning:    An   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Update  and  Current  Issues  with  ADA,   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfJohn  Waldo,  Advocacy  Director  and   mcd/  Counsel,  Washington  State   http://lanyrd.com/sfmcd  Communication  Access  Project   #sfmcd           Waldo,  Director  Wash-­‐CAP:     http://www.hearinglosslaw.com/          "Video  Relay  Services:  Lone  Star  States   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Retrospect  and  Vision"  panel  discussion   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfmoderated  by  Becky  Rosenthal  -­‐  TDI   mcf/  with  Paul  Rutowski,  Larry  Evans  and   http://lanyrd.com/sfmcf  Betty  Bounds.   #sfmcf         Rosenthal:  @rivkarosen     @tdiforaccess     TDI  Board  of  Directors  webpage:     http://bit.ly/kqR577         Rutkowski:  @prutowski         Evans,  TAD  Board  Member:     http://bit.ly/jmhJzs         Bounds,  TSD:     http://www.tsd.state.tx.us/      This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  21. 21.   21      _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________      5:15  p.m.  to  6:15  p.m.        Breakout  Workshops   Session  page  &  hash  tag:     http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sf"Current  &  New  Offerings  in  Captioned   mcg/  Telephone  Relay  Services"  panel   http://lanyrd.com/sfmcg  discussion  moderated  by  Lise  Hamlin  -­‐   #sfmcg  HLAA  with  Frank  Endres  -­‐  Purple,    Mitchell  Levy  -­‐  Hamilton,  Damara  Paris  -­‐   Hamlin,  Director  of  Public  Policy  HLAA:  Sprint,  Cheryl  Heppner  -­‐  NVRC,  and     http://hlaa-­‐advocacy.blogspot.com/  Carol  Sliney  -­‐  TDI.       HLAA:     http://www.hearingloss.org/     @HLAA     http://on.fb.me/imuqdo         Endres,  Purple:     @PurpleComm     http://www.purple.us         Levy,  Hamilton:     @HamiltonRelay     http://www.facebook.com/HamiltonRela   y     http://www.hamiltonrelay.com/         Paris,  Sprint:     @damaraparis     @sprintrelay         Heppner  -­‐  NVRC:     @NVRCDHHP     http://www.nvrc.org/Staff     http://www.facebook.com/NorthernVirg   iniaResourceCenter     http://on.fb.me/lNw0qU     http://www.youtube.com/NVRC2         Sliney,  TDI     @tdiforaccess     TDI  Board  of  Directors  webpage:     http://bit.ly/kqR577      This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications  
  22. 22.   22      Internet-­‐based  VRS  &  Mobile  P2P   Session  page  &  hash  tag:  Offerings  in  the  Market"  panel   http://lanyrd.com/2011/tdiforaccess/sfdiscussion  moderated  by  Phil  Jacob  -­‐   mck/  TDI  with  Ed  Bosson  -­‐  Convo  Relay,   http://lanyrd.com/sfmck  Kelby  Brick  -­‐  Purple  Communications   #sfmck  and  Tim  Rarus  -­‐  ZVRS       Jacob,  TDI  Awards  Committee  Chair     @tdiforaccess     TDI  Board  of  Directors  webpage:     http://bit.ly/kqR577         Bosson,  Convo:     @eyesopenthumbup     http://www.edsalert.com/     @convorelay     http://www.facebook.com/convorelay     http://www.youtube.com/convorelay         Brick,  Purple:     @KelbyBrick     @PurpleComm     http://purple.us     http://facebook.com/PurpleCommunicat   ions     http://youtube.com/purplecommunicati   ons         Rarus,  ZVRS:     @trarus     @ZVRS     http://www.facebook.com/like.zvrs     http://www.youtube.com/zvrschannel      _____________________________________________   _____________________________________________      Dinner  and  Entertainment  Finale   #TDIfinale  Saturday  June  4  at  7:00  p.m.   #CJJones  CJ  Jones   #comedy  LIVE   #deaf     http://www.cjjoneslive.com/    This  social  media  guide  is  provided  by  Purple  Communications.  Available  online  at:  http://slideshare.net/purplecommunications