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The email recipient experience


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The email recipient experience

  1. 1. Email RX The Email Recipient Experience Andy ThorpeDeliverability & Compliance Manager
  2. 2. Stay LegalMust be clearly identifiedInc. Full company reg & contact details in footerData Protection: Must have permissionTo possess the data & to send to the data
  3. 3. Stay sendingList Purchase / Scraping / Harvesting / Appending = Danger• Recipients hate it and subsequently their ISPs do not like it• Mostly reactive• Spam Traps• Spam Haus Prove every address was supplied by the owner!
  4. 4. Email-RX ISPs control your Inbox Placement using your Reputation Your Reputation, is mainly based on the (re)actions of your Recipients The Recipient Experience Decides your DeliverabilityReputation = deliverability credit rating 1 in 4 legitimate Emails in the UK emails never • 86% inbox reaches the • 6.1% spam intended inbox • 7.82% vanish Return Path: 2011
  5. 5. ISP Reputation Bad Good • Hard bounces • Opens over time • Marked as spam • Always show images • B2C: Hotmail, Yahoo Gmail… • Clicks • B2B: Google Apps, Message • Safe list / Address book Labs & more. • Junk Folder • Replies (Address book) • Re-email marked as spam • Not junk • Spam traps (old) • Forward • Too many, too fast 47% of subscribers use "spam" button to unsubscribe! Return Path 2011
  6. 6. Email sign off - how do you sign off
  7. 7. Inbox and preview pane How to make junk and alienate people Gmail Inbox: Hotmail Outlook Can’t see this email properly? Click here Can’t see this email properly? Click here X right click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
  8. 8. Inbox snippet preview • First line of text • Compliment and elaborate Subject • CTA - get the click through! Email opens on mobile devices increased by 34% Q3-2011
  9. 9. Get the images loaded If you haven’t already please load the images or view in a browser When you load the images, please choose to “always show the images” or view this in a browser
  10. 10. Triangle of conversion1. Converted by the subject line2. Converted by the header / preview pane3. Converted by the elaboration+ Have a back-up CTA or three!
  11. 11. What the eyes do F-Layout
  12. 12. Welcome emailsThe first email you send them• Ask for address book & safe list• Tell them what to expect • DWYSYWWYSYWDI Do what you said you would When you said you would do it
  13. 13. List fatigue - Say less, send more...• Weekly 6 bits > Daily 1 bit / bi-daily• Monthly > Weekly• Allow opt-down
  14. 14. Engagement & relevanceRe-target engagement  Follow-up non-opens, open, clicks  Not purchased, Abandoned Cart  Enterprise Reporting  CFL “Make the CTA achievable to the recipient rapport”