The capabilities and limitations of using animation in email


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The capabilities and limitations of using animation in email

2. Table of content

3. What is animation in email

4. And the Oscar goes to...

5. Gifs in practice - Good example

6. Gifs in practice - Bad example

7. Gifs in practice - images off

8. Tips for using GIF animation

9. Other ways to animate in email

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  • • Say who you are and what your day to day tasks are at Pure360• The topics covered – • Gifs in paratice, good/ bad examples, where or when they should be used an how to use them. • Tips on how to use/ create animated gifs (ecograph) proper animation adaption • Questions
  • Animation in email is normally created using GIF files (Graphic Interchange Format) They can support a pallet of up to 256 colours at RGB which makes the use of them very basic! So don’t expect anything that reflects the Disney standard.
  • As you can see the possibilities are endless
  • use animated gif with a little bit of consumer trickery; they have created a short count down clock with the call to action above it saying “Hurry, Only XXX Left.” They hope that straight away the recipient will panic and want to hit the button to find out more. It’s a nice touch.Small in file size – This is key as the email will either take ages to load or on a mobile device not load at all and just show the partially downloaded icon at the bottom of the email.Drives conversions – Makes the recipient want to click on the call to action to book the tickets because they feel they only have a limited time. The animation in the email almost makes the user engage instantly, where as compared to a normal email it would either get put into a folder for later or just left in the inbox.
  • However some companies can go a little over board with them. For example, Victoria Beckham emails use an animated gif at the top of their chain of emails which highlights the clothes advertised.Now this would be a great way to push the product if it was incorporated in the design correctly. But by putting it at the very top of the email before any other content it immediately makes the email look spammy, as you cannot see any relevant content until you navigate down the page.
  • It seems a lot of retail companies are jumping on the animation band wagon; Urban Outfitters uses a lot of animation in their emails which visually looks great and is very in touch with their target market, when animated the images below switch between facing forwards and facing back. However what happens when the images are not displayed or you receive it on a mobile device that’s not in a good signal area? This is what happens -  “Email artistic depression”…The visual value and most importantly the content purpose value disappear as there is no engagement or call to action other than the subject line for the recipients to engage with. This being the case, always make sure you have a full back up option within the build of the email i.e. coloured blocks in placement of images when they are not displayed and readable HTML text not imagery so its always clearly dictating the message. Use HTML buttons not images so that these are always there and ready to be clicked on. DON’T RELY ON THE ANIMATION TO DRIVE YOUR MESSAGE OF THE EMIAL!!!
  • • What’s the message – What are you selling/ saying etc – Use it to push conversions• Relevance – Make sure the animation is relevant towards the purpose of the message! Don’t just add animation to an email because you think it will look pretty. • Build – Be careful with what you are adding in the animation. Remember to keep the file size down. (Example of Twilight). Even though the animation is very short its file size is 2.2MB – Which on a desktop is ok, however on a mobile device you will be lucky to see anything. It also minimize risks with spam filters and to allow the message to load faster.Make sure the first frame of the GIF displays a complete message by itself, in case the rest of the animation does not play in the recipient’s softwareJust import movies or full animations into Photoshop as single layers to create something cool. (Peaceful, this can create a massive PSD file)• Ideas – Use your message to develop your animation! Or use your landing page animation to develop a snippet for the email for example……
  • Explain the app (Hard to create unless its filmed on a tripod)
  • The capabilities and limitations of using animation in email

    1. 1. The capabilities and limitationsof using animation in email
    2. 2. • Introduction• Gifs in practice, ways they should and should not be used• Tips for using gif animation• Other ways to animate in email• QuestionsAnimation in email
    3. 3. What is animation in emailGIF- Graphic InterchangeFormat
    4. 4. And the Oscar goes to…
    5. 5. Gifs in practiceGood Example -✓Small in file size✓ Drives conversions
    6. 6. Bad Example – Victoria BeckhamGifs in practice✖Looks spammy✖Where do you engage?
    7. 7. Looks good but what about the simple stuff?Gifs in practiceImagesOn:ImagesOff:
    8. 8. • What’s the message?• Relevance• Build• Ideas - for using GIF animation
    9. 9. EchographOther ways to animate in email✓Looks seamless✓Perfect quality✖Large file size✖Hard to create
    10. 10. Any questions?