Measuring success


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Measuring success

  1. 1. Measuring successUsing the tools at your disposal to improve campaign success
  2. 2. A bit about me! Katie FinchSenior Business Development Manager I like shopping (a lot), holidays andanimals (probably more than humans!!)I am not a fan of rain, the cold or mess (my desk may suggest otherwise!)
  3. 3. ReportingQ: What do you do with your email reporting?
  4. 4. Email reports• Opens – who opened your email?• Clicks – Who clicked through on your content?• Devices – What device were they using?• Bounces – Is anybody there?
  5. 5. OpensWhat is a good open rate?
  6. 6. A good open rate depends on…• What sector are you in? • Financial services, retail, publishing etc• What type of emails do you send? • B2B/B2C • Acquisition/retention• How do you communicate with your audience? • Just sales and offers • Do you give away content?
  7. 7. How do you affect your open rates?
  8. 8. How can we affect your openrates?• Data capture and welcome campaigns (how did you set theexpectation of the on-going relationship?)• LEARN from the reporting from your previous campaigns• Subject line – relevant, timely and personalised?• Serialising content – be like a good book, make your emailsrelevant to each other• Consider your overall strategy. Are you always shouting or
  9. 9. ClicksWhat is a good click through rate?
  10. 10. A good click through rate varies…• What was the goal of your message? • Were you information sharing or driving traffic?• Was is a single product/feature message/newsletter? • Were their multiple content blocks?• Was the content relevant? • Am I interested?• Did the content reflect the subject line? • Did you talk about half price Miu Miu to get the open when you’re selling cat wormer?
  11. 11. How do you affect your click through rates?
  12. 12. How can we affect our click throughrates?• Send at a time when the recipient has time to action/convert? Tools like Intelligent Time Sending will ensure that the email is in the inbox when the recipient has demonstrated opening behaviour• Does your content render in the device that they are using?• How may links are there in your email? When trying to generate clicks include as many links as you can• Consider the design
  13. 13. How can we affect our click throughrates?• Do you look at your previous messages when designing your new ones?• What part of your reporting should you be looking at?
  14. 14. DevicesWhat is the most popular device for your recipients to open your message in?
  15. 15. We are not all using desktops!
  16. 16. What’s the benefit of devicereporting?
  17. 17. BouncesWhat does a bounce mean to you?
  18. 18. What does bounce a mean?• The email address has expired• You have churn in your list• You can’t communicate with them via email• You have the opportunity to use another channel
  19. 19. ReportingQ: What do you do with your email reporting? A: Use it to make smarter decisions