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Increase your email marketing conversions today


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Marc Munier covers the key methodologies you can implement today to increase conversions. Discover the benefits of segmentation and retargeting, including what you can do post click and even after the conversion.

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Increase your email marketing conversions today

  1. 1. Conversions Key applicable methodologies for increasing conversions… Or what you can do now to get more people buying!
  2. 2. What we are going to cover • Why we need to focus on conversions Because people don‟t! • CTA‟s Are you making it easy enough? • Re-targeting The key strategy for maximum improvements • Segmenting Creative solutions to poor quality data • Post click The story just begins after they click through • Post conversion Build and develop using email
  3. 3. Conversions Email marketing is about 3 things: Recording Refining Repeating
  4. 4. Conversions What you measure is changed & conversions are improved...
  5. 5. First things first Track your conversions: Specify what you want to measure in your web analytics ie purchases, free trials, newsletter sign ups. Is it integrated with your email software?
  6. 6. Our Google Analytics Integration You can track your conversions in both you email software and Google Analytics account.
  7. 7. Get off to the best possible start Clear sign up on homepage with shown benefits, lovely!
  8. 8. The signup page On brand, clear benefits, only an email asked for – great.
  9. 9. The let down Broken images, text heavy, no call to action
  10. 10. CTA‟s – how not to High value holiday and no personalisation?
  11. 11. No follow through Different look and feel on landing page – big no no
  12. 12. Club Med #fail And I can‟t book the holiday. Total email fail.
  13. 13. Sorry another #fail What they should have done:  Clear call to action  Simple design, matching website  Use all their assets  Keep it short!
  14. 14. My mock up...
  15. 15. The easy win‟s Target again the positive and the negative. • The opens • The not opens • The clicks • The not clicks • The converted • The unconverted
  16. 16. But I don‟t have the time! Why not?  Design  HTML  Spam testing  Data Extracts And everything else that comes with putting together an industry leading email program...
  17. 17. Top secret..... A little known or advertised fact In some circumstances it‟s ok to use text only emails, such as system updates, password resets, reminders...
  18. 18. The easy win‟s Practical Steps Case Study – Truprint  Target non-purchasers or actives  Sent an email to non- purchasers designed to drive them to purchase  Analysed the results and then later generated an email to „non-openers‟ or „non-clickers‟ offering them a further discount
  19. 19. Retargeting 1st A Targeted eshot 2nd Retargeted eshot to non-actives with further discount
  20. 20. Segmenting and Personalising If you have the data it is easy peasy...
  21. 21. Segmenting and Personalising If you don‟t have data you need to be a little more creative Look at what you have:  Domain  When they signed up  „It‟s been a week since you...‟  Where they came from  Special promo for „referrers‟ members/visitors  Where they are  What‟s happening in their area right now you can mention  Who are they assigned to  Personalise from their account manager  What products are they interested in  Be relevant
  22. 22. Or just guess! If you know your audience really well you can guess what they may be interested in or what is relevant to their age/interests/history...
  23. 23. Post click Nobody converts at the click
  24. 24. The landing page You need to grab the visitors attention – and quickly Cut down the:  Forms  Copy  Alternative navigation You only have 7 seconds Make sure you avoid linking through to the home page!
  25. 25. Rightmove Examples Email promises Phil, landing page seems totally unrelated. I want Phil...
  26. 26. Rightmove Examples Better, looks the same but email promises £90k property and landing page doesn‟t deliver it. Always deliver on expectations.
  27. 27. Citrix Perfect. Same branding, content is expected and form is prefilled for me
  28. 28. Post conversions What‟s the best lead you could have? “I viewed an online ad and I liked what I saw” “I signed up to the email and got an offer that interested me” “I was recommended your product/service” Recommendations rule so look after your customer even after they‟ve converted.
  29. 29. Give them a cuddle afterwards Plan emails around the conversion – make the experience last a month
  30. 30. It doesn‟t have to be tough  Focus on conversions Because you are great marketers  Provide clear CTA‟s As people like being told what to do  Re-target The smart marketers strategy  Segment Because you love thinking outside “the box”  Post click We want to seal the deal  Post conversion focus Not for “brand new customers only” Follow me @marcmunier and @pure360 Email me Or even call me 01273 647880