Home heating Energy Saving Ideas


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With energy rates continuing to increase and home heating being a major contributor to your overall energy bill every winter this is a look at some ways of tackles your energy bills and saving money. See more at http://bit.ly/1dRjM7V

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Home heating Energy Saving Ideas

  1. 1. Energy Rates Are Rising! How Can We Reduce Our Heating Bills? Colm Griffin, Purchase.ie
  2. 2. Energy Rates Ireland 2011-2013 Price increases every year since 2011 on both gas and electricity • With approval of new increases average household will spend €300 per year more on gas than pre-2011 increases. Combined gas and electricity average household spend increase of €500 per year on the pre-2011 increases. Families are struggling. Heating homes one of the biggest winter energy cost.
  3. 3. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 1: Eco Panel Heaters • Burn only 230 Watt in energy save mode • Burn only 465 Watt in full mode • Five times more efficient than your typical 2KW plug in electric heater • One Panel effectively heats room 12 M2 • Larger rooms need more than one panel • See more at http://purchase.ie/eco-panel-heater The Eco Panel Heater
  4. 4. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 2: Chimney Balloons • Prevents heat loss from room with unused fireplace • Prevents cold draughts entering home through fireplace • Comes in many sizes to suit any fireplace • Can be taken out and used again if you occasionally light a fire. • See more at http://purchase.ie/chimney-balloons Chimney Balloon
  5. 5. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 3: Chimney Snug • Prevents heat loss up chimney • Prevents cold draughts entering home. • One size fits all fireplaces • Irish designed product • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/chimney-draught-excluder Chimney Snug
  6. 6. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 4: Radiator Booster • Sits on top of gas and oil radiators • Fan turns on when Rad reaches 30 degree Celsius. • Blows warm air from heater into centre of room • Room heats up faster and rads can be switched off faster • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/radiator-booster Radiator Booster
  7. 7. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 5: Radiator Reflective Foil • 40% of heat from wall radiators lost through wall • Magnetic foil attaches on to the back of the radiators. • Reflects heat normally lost through the wall back into the home. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/reflective-foil Radiator Reflective Foil
  8. 8. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 6: Automatic Radiator Bleed Valves • Prevents need to manually bleed radiators • Ensures radiators always working at optimum levels • Rads properly bleed don’t need to work as hard to create energy • Comes in two sizes. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/automatic- Automatic Radiator Bleed Valve
  9. 9. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 7: Heat Powered Stove Fan • Powered by heat created from stove. • Fan attaches to stove • When stove heats up fan switches on and circulates warm air into room • Warm are circulates to centre of room instead of rising towards the ceiling. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/heat-powered- stove-fan Heat Powered Stove Fan
  10. 10. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 8: Chop Cloc • Works with heating timer to help reduce energy consumption on heating. • Works on almost any water based heating system (Oil or Gas) • New to Purchase.ie for 2013 Winter Season. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/chop-cloc Chop-Cloc
  11. 11. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 9: Dry Paper Logmaker • Creates long lasting paper logs which can be burned instantly. • Use newspaper, junkmail, twigs and dry leaves and compress to create. • 30% of waste created in the how and be converted into free fuel for open fires. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/logmaker Logmaker
  12. 12. 10 Ways to Save on Heating No 10: Far Infrared Heating Panels • Primary electric heating installed on ceilings of home • Works in a similar way to the way sun radiates the earth • Saving of up to 70% on traditional heating systems which rely on air circulation or heat conduction • Model also available for rooms with high ceilings. • Learn more at http://purchase.ie/far-infrared- heating-plates Far Infrared Heating Panels
  13. 13. Any Questions??? Call Us in Ireland on 01 8428187 International Number 00 353 1 8428187 Email Us: sales@purchase.ie Check out our website on www.purchase.ie