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Generating online traffic a sellers perspective part one


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A Sellers Perspective on how to get visitors to your website. Presentation is based on real results taken from google analytics reports for the website. Part One is an introduction and some of the things to do and not to do.

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Generating online traffic a sellers perspective part one

  1. 1. Generating Online Traffic - A Sellers Perspective Based on Real Google Analytics Results -Colm Griffin of
  2. 2. Part One – Intro and the Do’s and Dont’s Part Two – Generating traffic through On Page Search Engine Optimisation Part Three – Generating traffic through On Page Search Engine Optimisation Part Four – Generating Direct traffic and traffic through referral sites Part Five – Generating traffic through E-mail Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (Google Adword)
  3. 3. Part One - The Do’s and Dont’s
  4. 4. founded November 2009 No Technical Skills No Retail Experience No budget Loads of Energy and Attitude
  5. 5. Processing Orders Creating Delivery Dockets Pay Per Click Advertising Answering the Phone Stock Management Competitions and Promotions Accounts Dealing With Trade Customers Wholesale Accounts Print Adverts Replying to Emails Dealing with the Banks Packing Orders Creating Invoices Brochures
  6. 6. Create Content Upload Content Optimise Content for Organic Traffic Manage All Aspects of the Website Email Marketing Video Marketing Press Releases and PR Campaigns Chase Back links (Off Page SEO) Ordering Products Paying Suppliers Sourcing New Products Analysis Traffic and Make Changes Social Media Accounts EBay Shop
  8. 8. Genius Ginger Galway Gannet Gloomy Grudge
  9. 9. IGNOR E
  10. 10. – 95% of Irish search engine market - 2% Bing - Less than 2% Yahoo - US figure 67% Google Bing 17% Yahoo 12%
  11. 11. – Register site with Google - Install Google Webmaster Tools on your site - Install Google Analytics on site - Create Google plus account - Create Google places account
  12. 12. -Add sitemap to root directory of your website - Do cross browser check on website (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) - Ensure your site is Smartphone and I pad friendly. (25% of all traffic and rising) -Create user friendly URLS -leather-shoes
  13. 13. Search Engine Traffic Stats Ireland - Search Engine Traffic Stats US - Submitting your site to Google - 15 Essential checks before launching your website - 10 Things to do before your website goes live - E-Commerce Ireland Meet Up Group -
  14. 14. Watch this presentation with audio on Youtube at
  15. 15. Part 2- Generating Traffic Through On Page Search Engine Optimisation See You Soon