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Puravera servicies


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Puravera servicies

  1. 1. Discover Extremadura and The Shire of la Vera Teléfono (+34) 927 560 900 Mobile: (+34) 630 06 21 88 E-mail: Skype: catalyrCorporative Website: Bookings: 1
  2. 2. Discover Extremadura and The Shire of la VeraPURAVERA invites you to discover: the region of La VeraIts location on the south side of the Sierra de Gredos (Spain) gives it a special microclimate,with moderate temperatures in both winter and summer. For this reason, La Vera is an idealplace of rest in any season. The shire of la Vera has a beautiful natural setting and a wide range of services that enable usto offer various activities: cultural, scenic, historical, sports or gastronomy, among others.PURAVERA is a company dedicated to responsible adventure tourism and has created aReservation Centre (Bookings website) to raise awareness of the region of La Vera;geographical heritage, history and culture.Historical ResourcesInhabited since prehistory, the shire of la Vera has been a land of passage and where manycultures have settled; Romans, Celts, Muslims or Jews, among others. People from diversebackgrounds and cultures that have left remains of their presence as Celtic prehistoric tombs;layout of roman roads and bridges, as well as a leading civil and religious architecture, built onthis land since the medieval Gothic to Baroque in the Golden Age, without forgetting the“verata” popular architecture.In this land of adventurers who conquered the New World, the Emperor Charles V retired inhis old age choosing the monastery of Yuste as his final place of rest; a paradise situated in theshire of la Vera. 2
  3. 3. Discover Extremadura and The Shire of la VeraNatural ResourcesSpeaking of La Vera is talking about water and life. The 47 gorges, its 113 streams and the riverTietar make this region a unique place in natural resources including: forests, meadows,marshes ... Places inhabited by a diverse flora and fauna and place chosen by the birds to restduring their migrations. Undoubtedly its one of the best places in Europe for bird watching.GastronomyThe abundance of resources and its long cultural background makes its cuisine unforgettable.Land of the Iberian pig, La Vera is famous for its olive oil, paprika and cherries for their fruitand their vegetables. Quality products, carefully prepared with care in the kitchens followingthe traditional recipes.PURAVERA offers you the possibility to enjoy the shire of la Vera through its reservationcenter (booking website) www.casasruralesenlavera.comYou may find accommodation, holiday rentals, cottages, activities, restaurants, cultural tours,nature trails ... We design itineraries to suit the taste and possibilities of our customers, tomake you enjoy a unique experience.Choose quality service and responsibility to enjoy the shire of La Vera.Accommodation / Holiday rentals in Extremadura • Rural Houses / Farm Houses • Country Hotels • Holiday Cottages 3
  4. 4. Discover Extremadura and The Shire of la VeraActivities • Tree adventure • Abseiling (Rappelling river gorge) • Canoe • Eco- 4x4 routes • Rock Climbing • Skiing • Golf • Seasonal routes; Natural, cultural & gastronomic • Bird Watching • Paintball • Quads • Horse riding, donkey ride • Cycling & Mountain bikingAnd more activities and places for discover in this Region. Contact Information:Central Office:Address: Avenida de La Vera Alta, 6. PC: 10450.Jarandilla de la Vera – Caceres / Spain.Tel:+34 927 560 429 / Movil:+34 630062188 E-mail: info@puravera.esWebsite: www.puravera.esBookings: 4