Acti-Fresh: for fresher cakes


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By exploiting the specific properties of different types of enzymes and emulsifiers, Acti-Fresh improves a cake's freshness by improving the four dimensions that determine freshness: softness, moistness, resiliency and cohesiveness.

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Acti-Fresh: for fresher cakes

  1. 1. The Cake Freshness Lab The first stop in your quest for freshness
  2. 2. Freshness is the #1 criteria when judging the quality of a cake! “When I buy a cake freshness, flavour, and price are the most important characteristics! “When I eat a cake, its taste, freshness and smell are the most important criteria for me!”
  3. 3. N 1 criteria for consumers judging the quality of cake Softness Moistness Cohesiveness Resilience
  4. 4. Challenge for packaged baked goods For packaged cakes, consumption moments can exceed weeks and even months after baking
  5. 5. Puratos Solution:
  6. 6. Puratos Solution: Impact of Acti-Fresh on Loaf Cakes Loaf cakes are family-size cream or pound cakes. Packed, they can have a long shelf life and it is a challenge to maintain their fresh mouthfeel. Acti-Fresh ensures the freshness of every long-shelf-life loaf cake recipe, eliminating any rancid off notes due to oxidation of the fats.
  7. 7. Puratos Solution: Impact of Acti-Fresh on Muffins Small size and extensive crust causes muffins to dry out quickly. Inclusions such as chocolate chunks, candied fruit and nuts absorb water, further contributing to the drying out of the crumb. Acti-Fresh helps you to get the most out of these trendy recipes.
  8. 8. Puratos Solution: Impact of Acti-Fresh on Chocolate Cakes Chocolate cakes face special challenges regarding freshness because the cocoa powder dries out the cake, resulting in a faster hardening of the crumb. With chocolate cakes being the #2 preferred cake worldwide and chocolate the #1 flavor in sweets, ensuring the freshness of your chocolate cakes is vital to your business. Acti-Fresh provides the solution.
  9. 9. Puratos Solution: Impact of Acti-Fresh on Cake Donuts Because of their extensive crust and small size, cake donuts are particularly vulnerable to staling and drying out. Also, the fact they are fried and not baked, presents additional challenges. Acti-Fresh is an ideal, high-performance freshness enhancer for all pre-packed cake donuts.
  10. 10. Puratos Solution: Impact of Acti-Fresh on Snack Cakes Enhancing the freshness of your cake recipe doesn't have to impact the label content. See the following example of a snack cake for which the use of Acti-Fresh allowed for simplified labelling.
  11. 11. Acti-Fresh improves the freshness of cakes, resulting in a better product appreciation, great distribution advantages, and very few stale returns. Your benefit
  12. 12. The Cake wheelWhitepapers Value Calculator Find out more on The Cake Freshness Lab
  13. 13. Fresh Thinking New Innovation paper: The catalyst for cake innovation in 2014 and beyond – How can cake producers achieve market stand-out and leverage the latest customer trends? Business paper: Capturing the value of freshness – How can cake producers grow their business while capitalising on the current cake freshness emergency? Technical paper: The science of mastering time – How can cake producers master the essential scientific concepts of cake freshness
  14. 14. Discover the future of freshness with Acti-Fresh Visit the Cake Freshness Lab and put us to the test!