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Puranik city neral mumbai and its imperiously launched story


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Puranik developer is one of the most trusted real estate developer in Mumbai. Puranik developer has recently launch new project called Puranik City Neral. This luxury apartment is located at Neral Mumbai. Apartment is coming with all latest amenities and facility.

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Puranik city neral mumbai and its imperiously launched story

  1. 1. Puranik Real Estate Builders In Mumbai With its inception in the year 1990, Puranik Builders succeeded in constructing the residential and commercial spaces. Up-to-date Puranik developed an area of 4, 21,422 sq. ft. Completing 29 projects and 24 more projects are in hand. With its progress in constructions in the real estate moving in a very fast pace, to evidence another success, it is now launched a new project called the ​Puranik City​ ​Neral​. It is launching its first phase consisting of 4 sectors and 30 buildings with 1BHK and 2 BHK preferences with carpet size for 1BHK carpet size for of about 34.22 sq. mt and 43.82 sq. mt are respectively. Puranik City Neral
  2. 2. Puranik City’s success story Puranik City apartments are pinned at Near Pimploli Village Old Market, Neral, Maharashtra 410101. These ​apartments with 1 BHK and 2 BHK​ are perfect for nuclear families. All its positive goodwill and its thorough advancement helped them to meet the choices and taste of individuals helped to launch this splendid residential project successfully. This affordable property is reaching the hearts of those individuals who are dreaming to own a house. With all the perfect essentials installed in the property is the prior reason to help them to launch this project successfully. Puranik City Neral Mumbai
  3. 3. Puranik City Neral Amenities: Puranik, from the time of its origin never gave any chance neither for the customers nor the competitors to point out the lack of provisions being assured in its projects. It always said what it can provide and proved by rendering the mentioned services. Amenities for a place, house, apartment or villa, are very crucial. With no proper amenities, no individual will be attracted nor take a risk of buying the property. So Puranik ensured in providing the residents in the property will be happy and sound with the following amenities being installed. ● Healthy amenities:​ ​Health of the residents is the priority of Puranik builders. Considering this, Puranik City was chosen to be in the namesake outskirts as a reason which can lead to a peaceful life. A little open area, made with beautiful sceneries in the open 85% of land covered with green lushes is so soothing. The outskirts evidencing a peaceful life is what they want to render to the customers. There will be set up of jogging track, for the kids, adults amidst the green lushes for the foot reflexology which also improves blood circulation. All the measures will be taken to provide a fit and healthy life. Swimming pool with proper maintenance by the full time workers is assured. A separate meditation deck is set up for the interested in doing yoga and meditation. ● Fun amenities: ​Having fun with family and neighbors in a safe and fun way, this is the place. Puranik City is with an in-house club also. Family like neighbors, are always with us for any events, parties or occassions to celebrate. There will be a separate play area for the kids and adults with indoor games as well. With all the attractive amenities and possible payment plans, Puranik City launched successfully and is making the customers delight with their choice. Residents are so enthusiast to relish their moments in the succeeded Puranik City apartments.
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