Egypt tns 2011.1


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Egypt tns 2011.1

  1. 1. Egypt Mood Survey was done 3 months after therevolution and another one 6 monthslater by TNS. National survey covering both sexes and ages 15- to 60+ November 2011
  2. 2. Egypt Pulse SurveyKey issues ;inflation, unemployment, securit Compared to 3 mths post revolution these issuesy weights further increased indicating slow progress
  3. 3. Egypt Pulse Survey Major drop from the 71% 3mths postOnly 21% see Egypt is heading in the revolution showing that people areright direction losing faith
  4. 4. Egypt Pulse SurveyQuality of life Is seen as worse than before the revolution at 42% whichincreased from 4% 3 months post revolution while 7% see it better, a declinefrom 84%. Showing that people had major expectations after revolution thatwere not met
  5. 5. Egypt Pulse SurveyAs for democracy, and freedom of speech it is seen to be still better thanbefore revolution at 66% , a drop from 84% affected mainly by increasedfreedom of expression.
  6. 6. Egypt Pulse Survey77% are supporting the revolution A drop in the support of the revolution and, 12% against it increased opposition vs previous wave
  7. 7. Egypt Pulse SurveyEgyptians had many expectations of the revolution which explains thedisappointment, mainly fighting corruption and poverty which were notaddressed seriously in the past months.
  8. 8. Egypt Pulse Survey43% said nothing was done in fightingcorruption. Even undecided 42% Majority see that poverty was notindicate so as well. addressed at all.
  9. 9. Egypt Pulse SurveyProsecution of corrupt figures was notachieved according to majority of Social equality was seen by most as theEgyptians same since before the revolution.
  10. 10. Egypt Pulse SurveyMajority are satisfied with SCAF Satisfaction levels have decreasedperformance compared to prior wave
  11. 11. Egypt Pulse SurveySatisfaction of SCAF performance is mainly Dissatisfaction of SCAF performance isdue to national security mainly due to slow decision making
  12. 12. Egypt Pulse Survey• Multiple Expectations from SCAF, key border and domestic security
  13. 13. Egypt Pulse Survey• Most see national • 38% find that domestic security not security achieved achieved with 46% undecided !
  14. 14. Egypt Pulse SurveyMajority find that Inflation was notaddressed
  15. 15. Egypt Pulse SurveyMain expectations from the government Bottom of the list is quality ofrevolve around economic demands education, infrastructure
  16. 16. Egypt Pulse SurveyOver 50% seen that corrupt 45% find that police return inemployees were not Egypt streets has not beenquestioned achieved
  17. 17. Egypt Pulse Survey Domestic security is seen byInflation has not been 38% as not achieved withaddressed according to 56% majority undecided !
  18. 18. Egypt Pulse Survey Majority are ok with Sharaf continuing as PM indicatingPeople are split over satisfaction of government that they don’t see him responsible for poorperformance with a skew towards dissatisfaction government performance
  19. 19. Egypt Pulse SurveySatisfaction with Sharaf due to his Dissatisfaction with Sharaf due toassociation with revolution and to his weak stance and failure take orbeing respectable enforce decision
  20. 20. Egypt Pulse Survey • Peoples Expectations from the government are mainly economic in nature
  21. 21. Egypt Pulse SurveyMajority see that quality of life has Majority see that inflation has notnot improved been managed
  22. 22. Egypt Pulse Survey Pricing issues were seen byOver 50% find that corrupt employeeswere not questioned most as not resolved
  23. 23. Egypt Pule surveyFighting governmentcorruption has not been Narrowing Rich Gap poor seenachieved accroding to 51% unachieved by majority
  24. 24. Egypt Pulse SurveyMajority dissatisfied with minimum Majority find that between 1000wage of LE 700 and 1,200 should lie the minimum wage
  25. 25. Egypt Pulse survey• Police performance is seen to have improved compared to 6 months ago
  26. 26. Egypt Pulse SurveyCrime rated is seen to have increased While 91% said that they personally didaccording to 92% of respondents not face any issues.
  27. 27. Egypt Pulse SurveyMajority of Egyptians favor civil Reasons varied from not favoring a certaingovernment faction to freedom
  28. 28. Egypt Pulse SurveyTOM parties were mainly Parties like Misreyeenahrar and wasat gotWafd, Horreya&Adala and Ghad 10% and 8% TOM
  29. 29. Egypt Pulse Survey• People plan to vote for horeya and adala and Wafd primarily with 20% each .
  30. 30. Egypt Pulse Survey• 44% find that if MB got majority it would have negative implications, 26% undecided
  31. 31. Egypt Pulse SurveyFear Of MB mainly due to mixing religion with Positives of MB is fighting corruption andpolitics and applying rules in a wrong manner. executing muslim sharia3a.
  32. 32. Egypt Pulse Survey• 55% think if Salafis gain Parliament majority it will have negative implications
  33. 33. Egypt Pulse SurveTOM presidential candidates,Moussa leads by Sabahy, Bastaweesy have low75%, followed by Baradei and Noor. Sharaf has 25%despite the fact that he is not running TOM
  34. 34. Egypt Pulse SurveyIf people vote tomorrow for a president, it will be for Moussa. Shafik Sabahy and Noor have very lowcomes 2nd despite low TOMBaradei only 4% reflecting people disinterest in him prospects
  35. 35. Egypt Pulse Survey • People are mainly looking for a president who has political experience and integrity explaining previous choice of Moussa and Shafik
  36. 36. Egypt Pulse SurveyPeople find protests a positive While they find sit ins a negativeact act
  37. 37. Egypt Pulse SurveyKey findings:People are losing patience and faith with the revolution quicklyKey demands revolve around the economic situationMajor confusion among many Egyptians evident in being undecided in manyrather obvious issuesPeople are emotional in their decision making, dissatisfied with government yetwilling to elect Sharaf for President, want him to continue as PMPeople respect authority and despite SCAF not delivering on key issues they aresatisfied with their performance.Majority want a civil government yet there is polarization in society on positionregarding religious majority in parliamentNew parties have not left any impression on Egyptians except for the strongIkhwan party ‘horeya and adala’
  38. 38. Egypt Pulse SurveyKey Findings:People plan to vote in a very traditional and not a revolutionary manner forparties and president alike.Egyptians are looking for a president with political experience giving littlechance to the new faces who don’t have experience in that field despitetheir non association with the old guardEgyptians are all for protests but not sit ins.Security fears are unfounded given that majority has not experienced anycriminal incident