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The DevOps Deep Dive: How performance varies by industry, region, and more


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For the past six years, Puppet has produced the annual State of DevOps Report based on survey responses from 27,000 IT professionals. Respondents come from companies large and small, representing various regions, industries, and levels of DevOps adoption. 

This year, we released our first-ever State of DevOps: Market Segmentation Report, making it easier to benchmark your organization’s performance against companies like yours. 

In this webinar, two of the report's authors, Alanna Brown and John Tonello, discuss the findings — some of which didn’t make it into the report. We’ll take a closer look at:

• The most surprising results — outliers, trends across seemingly disparate segments, and the link between DevOps and IT automation
• The factors that are the strongest indicators of DevOps adoption and overall IT performance
• Predictions for the coming years — which industries and regions will make the biggest gains?

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The DevOps Deep Dive: How performance varies by industry, region, and more

  1. 1. The DevOps Deep Dive How performance varies by industry, region, and more
  2. 2. Hello! John Tonello Sr. Technical Marketing Manager Alanna Brown Director of Product Marketing
  3. 3. Agenda • A brief history of Puppet’s State of DevOps Report • Who took the survey • Key findings: Market Segmentation Report • Where does the DevOps journey start? • The impact of DevOps on IT performance • Where are you still doing manual work?
  4. 4. Download at
  5. 5. A brief history of the State of DevOps Report 2012: What is DevOps? 2013: DevOps adoption is accelerating. 2014: Holy cow! DevOps works! 2015: IT goes lean. 2016: Shifting left. 2017: DevOps works for all organizations.
  6. 6. Who took the survey
  7. 7. Who took the survey
  8. 8. Who took the survey
  9. 9. Key findings: Market Segmentation Report ● Organizations start their DevOps journeys to address acute pain points. ● Automation is not as pervasive as you think. ● The larger the company, the higher the proportion of low IT performers. ● Industry matters.
  10. 10. Where does the DevOps journey start? Most common: ● 66% cited deployment automation ● 62% cited version control ● 59% cited continuous integration ● 57% cited infrastructure automation Least common: ● Lean practices, security and change approval
  11. 11. DevOps starting points by department
  12. 12. High-performing teams achieve both faster throughput and better stability.
  13. 13. IT performance is impacted by DevOps More frequent code deployments 46x That’s the difference between multiple times per day and once a week or less. Faster lead time from commit to deploy 440x That’s the difference between less than an hour and more than a week.
  14. 14. IT performance is impacted by DevOps 96xfaster mean time to recover from downtime That means high performers recover in less than an hour instead of several days. 5xas likely that changes will fail That means high performers’ changes fail 7.5% of the time instead of 38.5%.
  15. 15. IT performance by region ● Regions with the highest percentage of high performers: India, Japan and Northern Asia (24 percent) and Mexico, Central and South America (20 percent). ● The United States and Canada had the highest percentage of low performers (45 percent).
  16. 16. IT performance by industry ● Media and entertainment, and the retail industry have the lowest percentage of low IT performers, at 23 percent and 31 percent respectively. ● Financial services, insurance and industrial and manufacturing companies had the highest proportion of low performers at about 53 percent each. ● The highest proportion of medium performers, at 62 and 51 percent respectively, were found in media and entertainment and retail.
  17. 17. IT performance by company size ● As company size grows, so does the proportion of low IT performers ● 29 percent of respondents working for companies with less than 100 employees said their organizations had low IT performance ● 50+ percent of those working for companies with 5,000 employees said their organizations had low IT performance
  18. 18. Automation is a huge boon to organizations.
  19. 19. They do less manual work and have automated: 33%More of their configuration management 27%More of their testing 27%More of their deployments 27%More of their change approval processes High-performing teams love automation.
  20. 20. Where are you still doing manual work? Regardless of industry, about two thirds report still using manual processes for many tasks, including change approval processes, the last horizon for the "human-knows-best" function.
  21. 21. Manual work percentage by company size
  22. 22. Manual work percentage by infrastructure size
  23. 23. Conclusion ● Regardless of your industry, company size or region, automation will help you achieve your goals and expand your DevOps practices ● No matter where you are on your DevOps journey, there’s always room for improvement – and opportunities to best your competitors ● You don’t have to be part of a large organization to reap the benefits of automation. Remember, DevOps typically starts as a grassroots movement. Start small and grow.
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Get your copy: whitepaper/state-of-devops- market-segmentation-report