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PuppetConf track overview: Modern Infrastructure


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From containers to Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes — you'll hear about it at PuppetConf 2016 in San Diego. Learn more and register at

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PuppetConf track overview: Modern Infrastructure

  1. 1. t Track Overview: Modern Infrastructure 19 - 21 October San Diego
  2. 2. Service Discovery and Puppet Want to know how to allow Puppet to react to dynamically changing platforms? In this talk we will take you from the basics of what service discovery is, all the way to real life examples of dynamically changing configuration managed through Puppet. 2 Thursday, October 20 | 11:15 am Modern Infrastructure DevOps Hacker, Ukon Cherry Marc Cluet
  3. 3. Using Puppet With Kubernetes and OpenShift OpenShift is Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service that allows developers to quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. OpenShift is also available in an open source distribution called OpenShift Origin. OpenShift provides an integrated set of tools for managing your container-based applications, everything from deployment to container repositories to access control and built-in metrics and monitoring services. Since V3, OpenShift has been built around Kubernetes, the cluster manager released by Google. Red Hat have been one of the main contributors to the open source Kubernetes project since its release. Puppet recently released a module for managing Kubernetes resources (like Pods, Replication Controllers and Services) using Puppet. In this briefing, we'll look at how you can use that module to power your OpenShift-based PaaS. 3 Friday, October 21 | 1:30 pm Diane Mueller Daniel Dreier Senior SysOps Engineer, Puppet Director, Community Development, Red Hat Modern Infrastructure
  4. 4. The Challenges with Container Configuration Introducing containers into your infrastructure brings new capabilities, but also new challenges, in particular around configuration. This talk will take a look under the hood at some of those operational challenges including: * The difference between runtime and build-time configuration, and the importance of relating the two together. * Configuration drift, immutable mental models and mutable container file systems. * Who configures the orchestrators? * Emergent vs. model driven configuration. In the process we will identify some common problems and talk about potential solutions. And we'll show some demos along the way too. 4 Thursday, October 20 | 2:30 pm David Lutterkort Principal Software Engineer, Puppet Modern Infrastructure
  5. 5. Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, and...Puppet? Don't panic! Because Puppet is a common language for delivering and operating modern infrastructure, organizations that rely on Puppet find it easier to adopt new technologies. Project Blueshift represents Puppet's engagement with our community – as well as with leading-edge technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos, and their communities – to make it possible to use Puppet to provide and manage next generation software in a simple, reliable, and consistent way. We'll discuss the current state and future plans for Blueshift, and talk about the relationship between puppet and all the shiny new things happening in the operations universe. 5 Thursday, October 20 | 4:45 pm Deepak Giridharagopal CTO, Puppet Modern Infrastructure
  6. 6. There is a Storm Coming: Untangling the Strings of Your Puppet This session aims to discuss how the complexity on your Puppet repository can frustrate your team and the new hires. The importance of step back once in awhile and take a look at the path your repository is taking and how meaningful tools like Pull requests, and code review are for a team. 6 Friday, October 21 | 11:15 am Rhommel Lamas Site Reliability Engineer, Ebay Classifieds / Gumtree AU Modern Infrastructure
  7. 7. Friday, October 21 | 1:30 pm Gareth Rushgrove Running Puppet Software in Docker Containers Containers are an increasingly interesting way of packaging and running software. What happens if we package Puppet software into containers? What challenges arise and what new capabilities present themselves? In this demo-heavy talk we will: * Package up Puppet software (like Puppet Server, Puppet agents, PuppetDB and more) as Docker containers. * Demonstrate Puppet running on container-centric operating systems like CoreOS, using containers as the runtime. * Stand up various Puppet stacks using Docker Compose. * Show how to run Puppet software on top of cluster managers like Kubernetes. * Discuss a number development and testing use cases that are made easier using containers. 7 Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Modern Infrastructure
  8. 8. Heresy in the Church of Docker Docker (and by extension, microservices-based architecture) has expanded our horizons with respect to how the industry builds and supports applications at scale, which helps to explain why so many people seem willing to throw away decades of experience in favor of untested tools and barely functional design principles. In this entertaining and somewhat irreverent talk, Corey presents the "other side" of the containerization craze: how configuration management fits into a world consumed by the DockerDockerDocker madness, how "containers all the way down" can blow up in your face when you least expect it, and how promising technologies should perhaps be vetted a bit more thoroughly before you try to run a hospital on top of them. 8 Friday, October 21 | 3:45 pm Corey Quinn Director of DevOps, FutureAdvisor / BlackRock Modern Infrastructure
  9. 9. Want to explore more PuppetConf sessions? View our full agenda and other tracks at
  10. 10. t Modern Infrastructure: Speakers 19 - 21 October San Diego
  11. 11. Marc Cluet DevOps Hacker, Ukon Cherry Marc Cluet is the Co-Founder at Ukon Cherry, a London based consultancy specialising in DevOps and software development. Before this Marc has over 19 years of experience in the Industry, including companies like Rackspace or Canonical and several startups across five different countries. Marc has also spoken in some of the most prestigious conferences including FOSDEM, LISA, OpenStack Summit, UDS, and several meetups. Marc also is one of the organisers of London DevOps which is the second biggest DevOps group in the UK. Marc has contributed code to several projects including Puppet, mcollective, Juju, cloud-init and helped create MAAS. Marc loves solving complex infrastructure problems and applying solid and repeatable solutions, he is also an expert in building up Engineering teams.
  12. 12. Daniel Dreier Senior SysOps Engineer, Puppet Daniel is a Senior SysOps Engineer at Puppet, where he recently moved Puppet Forge and to AWS. He's also one of the Portland Puppet User Group organizers. Prior to joining Puppet he ran a web hosting business and did technical consulting scaling web applications, mostly using Puppet.
  13. 13. Diane Mueller Director, Community Development, RedHat Diane is the Community Lead for OpenShift Origin, the leading Open Source Container Platform that upstreams Kubernetes, supports Docker natively and runs on OpenStack (as well as AWS, GCP, Vmware, and bare metal). She also runs the OpenShift Commons and manages the cross-community collaboration with all the upstream projects and across the diverse and ever-expanding OpenShift ecosystem. She has been coding and tinkering for over 30 years; and founded @GetMakered Labs to help connect underserved and remote communities to new technology in the Pacific Northwest. She serves on the board of the SC Maker Faire. She was named one of the top 10 Women in Cloud in 2015.
  14. 14. David Lutterkort Principal Software Engineer, Puppet David is a principal engineer at Puppet, where he’s worked on various bits and pieces such as application orchestration and Razor, the best provisioning tool, ever. Before joining Puppet, David worked at Red Hat on a variety of management tools and served as the maintainer of Apache Deltacloud. He was one of the earliest contributors to Puppet, and is the main author of Augeas, a configuration editing tool.
  15. 15. Deepak Giridharagopal CTO, Puppet Deepak guides Puppet's technical development. He has played an integral role in every version of Puppet and Puppet Enterprise shipped since joining Puppet in 2011. Over the years, Deepak has overseen development of major versions of core projects, including the Puppet language, Facter, PuppetDB, Puppet Server, and major features such as application orchestration.
  16. 16. Rhommel Lamas Site Reliability Engineer, Ebay Classifieds / Gumtree AU Rhommel is a site reliability engineer for the Ebay Classifieds Group, currently working on the Gumtree AU platform, one of the TOP 20 sites in Australia. He has been working with puppet since 2008. In the past year an a half he has been helping companies embrace best practices around Config management using Puppet. Currently most of his work revolves around Containers/Schedulers. He also helped put together Devops Days Barcelona in 2013.
  17. 17. Gareth Rushgrove Senior Software Engineer, Puppet Gareth Rushgrove is a senior software engineer at Puppet. He works remotely from Cambridge, UK, building interesting tools for people to better manage infrastructure. Previously he worked for the UK Government Digital Service focused on infrastructure, operations and information security. When not working he can be found writing the Devops Weekly newsletter or hacking on software in new-fangled programming languages.
  18. 18. Corey Quinn Director of DevOps, FutureAdvisor / BlackRock Corey has a long and storied history as a consultant -- long, in that every year he did it felt like three years, and storied, in that he's got a few. Prior to his current role as Director of DevOps at FutureAdvisor, he spent most of the past few years at a Bay Area consulting firm, where he served as a systems architect, ad-hoc recruiter, advocate for driving transformational change throughout organizations, and (due to a misunderstanding around what a "standup meeting" really was) an improvisational comic. A former trainer for Puppet, Corey also has a rich history of contributing to various open source projects.
  19. 19. t Get on the path to a better future Join us 19-21 October in San Diego Register now Summer Savings: Save $240 until 15 September