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PuppetConf 2016: Puppet and vRealize Automation: The Next Generation – Ganesh Subramaniam, VMware


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Here are the slides from Ganesh Subramaniam's PuppetConf 2016 presentation called Puppet and vRealize Automation: The Next Generation. Watch the videos at

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PuppetConf 2016: Puppet and vRealize Automation: The Next Generation – Ganesh Subramaniam, VMware

  1. 1. © 2016 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Puppet and vRealize Automation: The Next Generation PuppetConf 2016 Ganesh Subramaniam, VMware Bruce George, VMware Sanjay Maru, St. Joseph Health
  2. 2. Agenda 1 vRealize Automation & Configuration Management 2 VMware & Puppet Joint Solution / Demo 3 Customer: St. Joseph Health 4 Q & A 2
  3. 3. A Tale of Two Teams Infrastructure Team Applications Team Duplication of Efforts Extensibility: Inconsistencies, Inflexible approaches Unsupported Home-grown Solution Agility: Slow IT Service Delivery
  4. 4. vRealize Suite: the Control Plane of the SDDC CONFIDENTIAL 4 Delivering the Enterprise-Ready Cloud Management Platform Any Device Business Mobility: Applications | Devices | Content Any Application Traditional | Cloud Native One Cloud Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) Cloud Management Platform Compute Networking & Security Storage Multi-Cloud Virtual / Cloud Infrastructure vRealize Automation VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) vRealize Operations vRealize Log Insight vRealize Network Insight (Arkin) vRealize Business DevOps Extensibility vRealize Code Stream Management Packs
  5. 5. Unified Blueprint Model and Design Canvas 5 Graphical drag and drop design canvas across vRealize Automation services Design Components •  Infrastructure •  Networks •  Security •  Software •  XaaS Drag and Drop Components to Design Applications •  Relationships •  Dependencies •  Networks •  Security
  6. 6. vRealize Automation - Policy Management Business Groups B A C USERS A C B A Authen,ca,on & Role-Based Authoriza,on Authorized Users Resource Reservations Cost Profile A Tier 1 Public Physical Virtual Shared Infrastructure Service Blueprints A Requisi,on Cost Profile Provision Manage Re,re Public Physical Virtual C B B A B A C BA “Who provisions what and where”
  7. 7. Extensible to new services Portal branding per tenant App store experience Service category Your logo Custom Service Entitlements and Approvals for each item Unified Service Catalog: Infrastructure, Applications, Custom IT Services
  8. 8. IT Automating IT Illustrated §  IT requests services in the services catalog on behalf of consumers §  IT delivers infrastructure services to apps teams §  Later, App teams can be entitled to request services on their ownIT Teams Apps / LOB Accelerated delivery of infrastructure services vRealize Automation Service Catalog Compute Network Storage Dev Test Prod 1 2 3 4 Summary
  9. 9. Provisioning a VM is fast and easy, but... ●  May not be security hardened or compliant with org’s Standard Operating Environment (SOE) ●  Consumer still has to add their own components, likely manually. ●  You could easily consume a week’s worth of work manually completing the build-out of the newly provisioned server ●  VMs can get thrown over the wall: no central visibility into what the Consumer has done to the VM or what state it is in now ●  No way to automate updating the VM once it has been provisioned
  10. 10. Integration with Configuration Management Solution Self - Service Infrastructure Services Cloud Automation Heterogeneous Infrastructure Policy-Based Governance with Automated Delivery Drift Remediation Service Catalog Blueprints Configuration Language VMware Cloud Management Marketplace Puppet Forge Community Ecosystem Configuration Application Services Custom Services Publish to Self- Service Catalog Apply Governance Control Through Policies Define in Blueprint for Consistency
  11. 11. 1 vRealize Automation & Configuration Management 2 VMware & Puppet Joint Solution / Demo 3 Customer: St. Joseph Health 4 Q & A 11
  12. 12. vRealize Automation - Puppet Plugin OS Configuration, Application Provisioning, and Lifecycle Management •  It’s a collection of vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) workflows •  Works with both Puppet Open Source and Puppet Enterprise vRealize Automation New vRA- Puppet Plugin – Announced yesterday!
  13. 13. Use Cases 13 Install, Configure & Auto-Sign Plugin Single-VM and vRealize Automation Orchestrated converged Blueprint Creation Consumer Provisioning from a Blueprint Workflow Decommissioning and Machine-Level Day 2 operations
  14. 14. Node Management vRealize Automation vRealize Orchestrator Step 1: ✓  Provision VM from vRA ✓  Install Puppet Agent ✓  Register w/Puppet Master ✓  Assign Puppet role ✓  Dependencies set via vRA Blueprint Step 2: Puppet Master determines correct config. for each role e.g.: VM1 is a DB Step 3: Puppet Enterprise performs ongoing life-cycle management vRealize Automation & Puppet Workflow Database Web Service Load Balancer Puppet Master
  15. 15. Key Value Proposition vRealize Automation leverages Puppet's ability to fully configure machines to make them production ready Maintain visibility into drift and ability to make Day 2 change during the machine's lifecycle Doesn't need to do anything differently to provide content to the vRealize Automation admin Easy to create offerings that delivers production-ready infrastructure to their consumers Once the blueprint is created, no further intervention is required Doesn't need to know much about Puppet. Leverage vRA's governance capabilities as well as orchestration Get what they want immediately by clicking one button Don't need to know anything about Puppet or vRealize Automation Do get compliant infrastructure and don't have to spend time manually adding additional components 15 Consumer vRealize Automation Admin Puppet Practitioner
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. 1 vRealize Automation & Configuration Management 2 VMware & Puppet Joint Solution 3 Customer: St. Joseph Health 4 Q & A 17
  18. 18. St. Joseph Health at a glance
  19. 19. St. Joseph Health IT at a glance
  20. 20. St. Joseph Health IT: Virtual Data Center Value Business Goals Menu-Based Provisioning • 1 to 1000’s or servers in seconds/minutes Zero Touch • Administra?on • Support Dev/Test/Prod Environments • Eliminate accidental outages • Protected environments • Test before deploy Business Con?nuity & DR • Recover in minutes • Con?nuous recovery tes?ng Security • Industry leading security • Automated audit/compliance • Con?nuous configura?on management Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) • Performance • Availability • Support
  21. 21. St. Joseph Health IT: Auto Provisioning, Continuous Delivery & Configuration Management
  22. 22. 1 vRealize Automation & Configuration Management 2 VMware & Puppet Joint Solution 3 Customer: St. Joseph Health 4 Q & A 22
  23. 23. Questions 23
  24. 24. Thank You