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Building self-service on demand infrastructure with Puppet and VMware


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"Building self-service infrastructure with Puppet and VMware: An intro to vSphere automation" by Cody Herriges of Puppet Labs at Puppet Camp London 2013. Find a Puppet Camp near you:

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Building self-service on demand infrastructure with Puppet and VMware

  1. 1. Building self-serviceinfrastructure with Puppet and VMware An intro to vSphere automation
  2. 2. Really about…•  A little about Operations at Puppet Labs.•  Why we choose on premise virtualization over giving everyone EC2/Rackspace credentials.•  How we’re tackling the ramifications of that ^ decision.2 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  3. 3. Building self-serviceinfrastructure with Puppet and VMware An intro to vSphere automation
  4. 4. Who am I?•  Cody Herriges•  Operations Engineer•  Joined Puppet Labs in 2010•  Been using Puppet for 5.5 years•  Currently responsible for internal Virtualization and Storage architectures.4 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  5. 5. Puppet Labs Operations•  Three senior infrastructure engineers.•  Two desktop support engineers.•  Two Jr-ish infrastructure engineers. •  Both start while I am here in Europe.5 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  6. 6. Our current strategy•  In the cloud? •  Our production web applications; forge, redmine, ask,•  All other production? •  On premise data center.6 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  7. 7. Defining focus•  We were always chasing things that were “broken”.•  We weren’t making any personal growth.•  No time to innovate.•  Infrastructure design and implementation never matured.7 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  8. 8. VMware•  Our implementation was holding us back.•  Rebuilt everything.•  Networking infrastructure provided by 1GbE Cisco and 10GbE Juniper.•  Storage over iSCSI, backed by EMC VNX and Nexenta.8 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  9. 9. IaaS•  Pros •  Operational over a capital investment. •  You get off the ground fast. •  Don’t have to worry about power, rack space, cooling, cable management, networking. •  On demand unlimited resources at your finger tips.9 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  10. 10. IaaS•  Cons •  Performance is expensive. •  Scale is expensive. •  Redundancy can increase cost and/or application complexity. •  You lose most of your control over networking.10 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  11. 11. Internal Infrastructure•  Pros •  Performance and scale per dollar is much less. •  Redundancy is loads simpler when you control layer 2. •  Infrastructure can fit into the way you work and develop. •  During an outage there is always something you can do about it.11 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  12. 12. Internal Infrastructure•  Cons •  You have to buy things. •  There is a datacenter to manage. •  Initial roll out will take time.12 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  13. 13. Internal Infrastructure•  Other considerations •  If you have a physical office you’ll will have some amount of internal infrastructure. •  There will always be a point where you out grow that converted coat closet. •  The product you develop may require it.13 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  14. 14. Loading ESXi•  vSphere hypervisor (ESXi) uses kickstart.•  Razor, capable of loading ESXi to non-volatile storage.•  vCenter’s built in gPXE system, vSphere Auto Deploy.•  We’ve used both.14 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  15. 15. vCenter Automation•  Self-contained environments•  Easy permission management•  Modules • vmware_lib • • at_puppetlabs15 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  16. 16. DISCLAIMER I had to fork these modules…they’ll get merged in soon…16 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  17. 17. vCenter Automation•  The “transport” resource17 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  18. 18. vCenter Automation•  Creating folders with “vc_folder”18 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  19. 19. vCenter Automation•  Creating vDS port groups with “vc_vdsportgroup”19 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  20. 20. vCenter Automation•  Setting permissions with “vc_permission”20 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  21. 21. More from Puppet Labs Operations••• | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  22. 22. Questions? About anything really! 22 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY