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Introduction to Puppet Enterprise for your Windows Environment


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If you're new to Puppet Enterprise, this is the webinar for you. You'll learn how Puppet helps lay the foundation for your DevOps practices, treats infrastructure as code, and achieves better collaboration between dev, ops, InfoSec, and networking. We will show you the following in a Windows environment:

Installation of an agent
Managing resources (packages, files, services, etc.)
Granular visibility through reporting
Managing change for more efficient workflows
Presented by: Mike Smith, Sr. Sales Engineer, and Connor Gibbs, Account Representative

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Puppet Enterprise for your Windows Environment

  1. 1. Introduction to Puppet Enterprise on Windows The shortest path to better software.
  2. 2. Agenda Puppet Overview Demonstration Q+A
  3. 3. Meet our Speakers Connor Gibbs Sales Development Rep. Mike Smith Sales Engineer
  4. 4. Digital transformation DevOps initiatives Container adoption Shifting budgets Tool proliferation Modernization Cloud migration Technical debt Skill gaps Security Compliance Agile IT Automation Shadow IT
  5. 5. Deliver better software, faster.
  6. 6. DevOps and automation are key for everyone.
  7. 7. Download at
  8. 8. A Leader in Configuration Management Automation Source: Forrester Research, Configuration Management Software for Infrastructure Automation, Q4 2017. Download at
  9. 9. Reduction in IT operational expense 5.4% Source: ESG Economic Value Validation Report. Results are average of >200 Puppet Enterprise customers. Download at 3.1x Faster deployment speed 2.8x Increase audit success 2.5x More frequent deployments Fewer outages 2.7x Less time fixing security issues 76%
  10. 10. 3 challenges 1. What do I have? Where do I start? 2. How do I automate infrastructure changes at scale? 3. How do I break down automation silos?
  11. 11. Live Demonstration let’s see it in action
  12. 12. Next steps Contact Sales to see how Puppet can help you Get Puppet Enterprise trial for 10 nodes Check out our Learning VM View our self-paced trainings Search the Forge
  13. 13. Q & A