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Puppet at Scale – Case Study of PayPal's Learnings - PuppetConf 2013


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"Puppet at Scale – Case Study of PayPal's Learnings" by Stan Hsu, Senior Dev Manager, PayPal.

Presentation Overview: Large scale and app level management pose challenges to any implementation of puppet. Come and learn some of the challenges PayPal Deployment Systems team faced and the how these were overcome.

Speaker Bio: Stan Hsu is the Senior Dev Manager for PayPal's deployment systems team. His team is currently responsible to build out a new deployment system based on puppet. In his tenure at eBay/PayPal, he's had the unique experience of having had access to all data centers in both eBay and PayPal to help build out of new deployment systems for production and QA environments. His interests include application at scale, scalability, performance tuning, and usability. In his previous roles he has managed teams at Tibco, Crossworlds, and HP.

Puppet at Scale – Case Study of PayPal's Learnings - PuppetConf 2013

  1. PUPPET AT SCALE: CASE STUDY OF LEARNINGS AT PAYPAL Stan Hsu, Harendra Narayan, Chris Huang August 23, 2013
  2. PAYPAL SCALE 2 Confidential and Proprietary • PayPal is part of eBay Inc • 132 million active registered accounts • 25 currencies in 193 markets • Net Total Payment Volume: $43 Billion in Q2 • 7.6 million payments per day • $5,277 in Total Payment Volume every second
  3. THE CHALLENGE 3 Confidential and Proprietary • 100GB+ and counting… • 4000+ packages • 20-50 new packages introduced every release • complex dependency graph across domains and services • Build a new system for deploying application and system software • Massive scale in production across multiple data centers • Thousands of stages in QA • 3000+ dev & QE in 10+ offices across time zones and geographic regions
  4. SCALABILITY CHALLENGE Challenges: • Traditional 1 app 1 module does not scale • High velocity environment with ever increasing speed of change • New pkgs, sunset pkgs, dependency changes, dev staff operating 24x5 • Lack of puppet expertise to complement 3000+ technology staff across geographic regions Solution: • Ninja engine generate resources dynamically • Dependency discovery • Puppet code change not required Confidential and Proprietary
  5. ROLES & LABELS Role • One role per pool • Define a set of packages to install Label • A set of versioned packages • Backed by a yum repository 6 Confidential and Proprietary
  6. 7 ROLES & LABELS Confidential and Proprietary Pool Host Label abWeb abSvc deploy deploy
  8. 9 SYSTEM HIERARCHY Confidential and Proprietary HomeWeb 1001 HomeWeb 1002 HomeSvc 1001 HomeSvc 1002 HomeBE 2020 HomeBE 2021 Host HomeWeb HomeSvc HomeBEPool SF NA ProdEnv DC Geo LAX
  9. ENC / HIERA 10 Confidential and Proprietary • Mongo DB for hierarchical datastore • Reduced multiple Hiera calls to one for classes, role, parameters look up • Efficiency & easier debug • Created a web based tool to visualize Hiera data • REST API for CRUD operations on Hiera data
  12. MCOLLECTIVE AT SCALE • Query systems through facts, agents, or regular expressions [peadmin@puppet ~]$ mco find -F processorcount=24 • Verify package versions in all systems for simple auditing purposes [peadmin@puppet ~]$ mco package status python-qpid ---- package agent summary ---- Nodes: 3366 / 3366 Versions: 3356 * 0.14-6.el5, 10 * absent Elapsed Time: 34.68 s • Kick off puppet runs • ssh script replacement • REST API enables Mcollective to web and other tools 13 Confidential and Proprietary
  13. 14 Confidential and Proprietary Large number of Applications and Services Real Time Status Updates of Puppet Runs
  14. WHY’S IT TAKING SO LONG? ETA? Confidential and Proprietary
  15. PROGRESS PUPPET MODULE Sample Update Message (JSON): { "host": "", "time": "2012-04-25T10:00:37Z", "type": "puppet_run", "catalog_version": 1335348026, "puppet_run_status": "running", "package": { "status": "successful", "name": "axis" } } Confidential and Proprietary
  16. PROGRESS PUPPET MODULE • Open source code available at • • Modified since then • To enable/disable messages for different puppet runs • To format JSON messages when writing to a file Confidential and Proprietary