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Empowering Automation for Everyone 05/29/2019


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Simply, safely, everywhere and at scale.
Watch this webinar to see what’s new in Puppet Enterprise 2019.1 and how we’re empowering everyone to automate simply, safely, everywhere and at scale.

This webinar will cover:

What’s new in Puppet Enterprise 2019.1
Bolt enhancements including YAML support and agentless networking support
Extended capabilities of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise like module delivery pipelines, impact analysis and more
Featured speakers:

Carl Caum, Sr. Product Manager, Puppet
Alexa Sevilla, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Puppet

Published in: Technology
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Empowering Automation for Everyone 05/29/2019

  1. 1. Empowering Automation for Everyone
  2. 2. Alexa Sevilla Sr. Product Marketing Manager Carl Caum Sr. Product Manager Your Presenters
  3. 3. Adopting and scaling infrastructure automation is not easy.
  4. 4. Tradeoffs Safety Speed
  5. 5. The DevOps Leader The World’s Largest Body of DevOps Knowledge 2019 State of DevOps Survey
  6. 6. High-trust culture Cross-functional teams Aligned around business goals Low-trust culture Siloed teams Lack of alignment Organization Desired State:
  7. 7. Lots of manual work Long cycle times Poor visibility Mostly automated work Short cycle times Fast feedback & insight Processes Desired State:
  8. 8. High burnout Stagnant progress Checking boxes High job satisfaction Able to grow & develop Creative innovation People Desired State:
  9. 9. IT Teams need a simple way to get started and a solution that grows with their automation footprint.
  10. 10. Individual Work done locally on laptop Evaluation based on OSS technology Need to automate systems or processes Team Work is controlled centrally Multiple users have access Need auditability of what is going on s Organization Work involves multiple teams contributing Larger surface area to manage risk Automation that meets you where you are +continuous delivery
  11. 11. Automate Simply, Safely, At Scale What’s new in Puppet Enterprise 2019.1 and more.
  12. 12. Automate Simply • Get started faster with automation and reuse existing investments (scripts, content on the Forge, etc). • Automation that meets you wherever you are on your DevOps journey • Simplify complex problems and start safely scaling automation across your organization
  13. 13. ● Next generation automation tool lowering the barrier to entry for getting started with automation. ● Quickly automate complex automation tasks in a simple agentless way. ● Orchestrate multiple steps across distributed infrastructure, using remote transports like SSH and WinRM ● Start from what you know, Bolt supports code written in any language, right from your workstation Automation Made Easy with Bolt
  14. 14. Automate Safely ● Safely scale Puppet automation across multiple teams with continuous delivery for infrastructure capabilities ● Adopt CD for infrastructure directly from the Puppet Enterprise console ● Enable non-Puppet experts to deploy infrastructure changes with Simple Puppet deployments
  15. 15. Scale Safely with CD Practices for Infrastructure Automation Impact Analysis Enable teams to safely own the automation code for the infrastructure services or application deployments they own Module Delivery Pipelines Increase change velocity by having Puppet module changes move independently through the software delivery lifecycle process without blocking changes to other modules. Protected Puppet Environments Protect mission critical Puppet environments using CD for PE’s Protected Environments capability.
  16. 16. Adopt CD Practices Directly from PE ● Adopt Continuous Delivery (CD) practices directly from Puppet Enterprise, with the click of a button ● Install Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise within 30 minutes ● Easily set up a pipeline to continuously deliver your Puppet code. Default pipelines help guide you if you’re just getting started.
  17. 17. Simple Puppet Deployments for Everyone ● Simplified Puppet Deployments for Continuous Delivery for PE perform git management, Code Manager deployments, orchestrator jobs, and Node Manager manipulations ● Enable non-Puppet experts to deploy infrastructure changes and eases adoption of automation ● Perform rolling deployments to ensure changes are deploying out safely ● Stop problematic deployments and prevent an entire group of nodes undergo maintenance all at one
  18. 18. Cross-team sharing is the key to scaling DevOps success.
  19. 19. Automate Everywhere, At Scale ● Automation that meets you where you are with enhanced agentless support ● Expanded features for anytime automation
  20. 20. Agentless Support in Puppet Enterprise ● Simplified onboarding workflow ● Save and reuse credentials for connecting to targets without agents ● Store agentless inventory alongside the rest of inventory ● Run agentless Tasks across infrastructure
  21. 21. Scheduling Flexibility in Puppet Enterprise ● Scheduled Puppet Runs and Bolt Tasks ● Support for recurring schedules with granular options ● Run jobs now or later right from the console ● View scheduled jobs with details
  22. 22. Automate Simply, Safely, At Scale Next steps.
  23. 23. Achieve Automation Everywhere Current Puppet Customers: ● Upgrade to Puppet Enterprise 2019.1: ● Install Continuous Delivery from the PE console: ● Try Bolt, share how you use Bolt with #puppetbolt: New to Puppet: ● Try Bolt, share how you use Bolt with #puppetbolt : ● Download free trial of Puppet Enterprise:
  24. 24. Q&A