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Company culture hacks for competitive advantage

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Company culture hacks for competitive advantage

  1. Company Culture hacking for competitive advantage David Lutz @dlutzy
  2. Competitive advantage? There’s more to company culture than...
  3. hack1 Infrastructure as code
  4. "Infrastructure as code" is pretty clear. Treat your infrastructure as code. Programmable. Testable. Deployable. - lusis Remove all that error-prone, hand-crafted, manual, boring old-school sysadmin stuff! - me
  5. Infrastructure as code: ● Aligns Dev and Ops processes ● Builds transparency and trust ● Brings Dev and Ops closer together Pull request for a firewall change anyone?
  6. hack2 Build interdepartmental empathy
  7. So you want root access on production eh?
  8. hack2.1 Build interdepartmental empathy Induction for new starters
  9. hack2.2 Build interdepartmental empathy Cross Skilling
  10. Sysadmin at the end of a week on call
  11. hack2.3 Build interdepartmental empathy Devs on call
  12. Developer at the end of a week on call
  13. hack2.4 Build interdepartmental empathy Doublejacking with Support
  14. hack2.5 Build interdepartmental empathy Embedded engineer
  15. hack3 Extracurricular hacks
  16. hack3.1 Extracurricular hacks Food hack. On Premises barista? Do you Eat lunch together?
  17. hack3.2 Extracurricular hacks Company sports So, how about that local sports team. Eh?
  18. hack3.3 Extracurricular hacks Company band
  19. hack4 Hack days
  20. hack5 Flexible working conditions
  21. hack5.1 Flexible working conditions The 9-5 job is dead. Long live flexible working conditions.
  22. Sysadmin on call at 9am standup
  23. hack6 Accommodate people’s working styles. Hack your seating.
  24. hack6.1 Accommodate people's working styles The Desktop is dead. Long live the laptop.
  25. hack6.2 Accommodate people's working styles The wired LAN is dead. Long live wifi.
  26. hack7 Open Source is a culture hack
  27. hack8 Career development hack
  28. hack9 Metrics hack
  29. hack10 Measure happiness
  30. Niko Niko Charts
  31. More subtle ways of measurement. Who's wearing the company shirt?
  32. hack11 Celebrate success via Allspaw :-)
  33. hack12 Team structure hack
  34. 1 Infrastructure as code hack 2 Build interdepartmental empathy 3 Extracurricular hacks 4 Hack days 5 Hack your working conditions 6 Accommodate different working styles 7 Open Source is a culture hack 8 Hack your career 9 Metrics hack 10 Measure happiness 11 Celebrate Success 12 Hack your team structure Questions? Comments? @dlutzy