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puppet                  labs                          Case Study“Collaborating with the Puppet community at Puppet Camp he...
puppet                     labs                             Case Study“When building out our second data center, it took u...
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Clickability Puppet Case Study


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Published in: Technology
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Clickability Puppet Case Study

  1. 1. puppet labs Case Study“Collaborating with the Puppet community at Puppet Camp helped our team get up to speed on Puppet as a core component of their infrastructure management capabilities. The Puppet PUPPET HELPS CLICKABILITY Master Training provided by Puppet Labs was reasonably priced, and greatly DRAMATICALLY increased the value we have gained from implementing Puppet at Clickability.”- Tom Cignarella, Vice President of Technical Operations & Support, Clickability INCREASE THEIR SPEED OF DEPLOYMENT AND ENSURE CONSISTENCY ACROSS ALL SERVERS INDUSTRY: Web Software CHALLENGE: Configuration consistency Clickability is the global leader in on-demand Web Content Management. They provide the market’s only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that SOLUTION: combines Web Content Management with world class website delivery Puppet & Puppet Training infrastructure to host and manage websites for large enterprise customers such as NetApp and media companies like PR Newswire and the Minneapolis RESULTS: Star Tribune. Delivering and powering hundreds of customer sites, Clickability’s Faster deployment, improved top priority is to make sure their services are secure with a high degree of troubleshooting, rapid system changes scalability and reliability. STARTING ENVIRONMENT KEY OBJECTIVES • The technical operations team at Clickability is responsible for • Scalability and Reliability – Ensure a highly the entirety of Clickability’s production web infrastructure and reliable and scalable environment for the operations. They run web servers and support applications that technical operations team to quickly build, power hundreds of websites, manage databases, ensure security, and manage, and make changes to their servers. provide capacity planning for over 300 servers split between two • System Consistency – Provide a consistent, clean data centers. environment for the technical operations team to • The technical operations team supports the Clickability Platform, deploy applications, add capacity, and architect which is built on the company’s own java-based application. The new SaaS services. underlying IT infrastructure is primarily based on open source • Increase Technical Capabilities – Growing from technology (Linux, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, etc.). one to two data centers, Clickability needed to • As a SaaS company, they are a true multi-tenant environment. They step up its internal technical capabilities. They have hundreds of customers and many thousands of users that all chose Puppet as a tool to rebuild their data center share the same infrastructure and supporting applications. architecture and manage all server configurations, • Always playing catch up and fixing the problem of the moment, including web servers, application servers, Clickability required a configuration management solution that databases. could quickly build machines and ensure their systems were running exactly the same configuration at all times.
  2. 2. puppet labs Case Study“When building out our second data center, it took us a lot more time to un-box and BENEFITS OBTAINED rack the servers than it did • Speed of Deployment – Puppet has enabled Clickability to improve their speed of to configure and build them. deployment. For example, when they deployed four blade centers, the 94 individual With Puppet, we had them up servers were completely built and ready for production in 20 minutes. With Puppet, and running within minutes building servers went from taking days to minutes to complete. of being powered up and • Consistency of Servers – Puppet allowed Clickability to go from an inconsistent on the network. In building environment to a predictable homogeneous environment. The ability to make rapid out our infrastructure, we’ve changes and upgrades simultaneously on hundreds of servers ensured consistency gone from a manual, time across the data centers. consuming, error prone • Improved Troubleshooting – The consistent environment ensured by Puppet meant process, to a best-case scenario that trouble shooting problems became more effective and more efficient. With a of full automation. This is a consistent hardware and software environment, the technology teams could more key to meeting our customer readily focus on determining root causes, thereby more quickly diagnosing and SLAs and successfully resolving application and infrastructure problems. delivering our SaaS platform.” • Rapid System Changes – Rolling out changes to hundreds of servers went from- Tom Cignarella, Vice President taking hours to minutes. For example, configuration changes can be rolled out to 50 of Technical Operations & web servers within minutes, and if a mistake is made, the change can be rolled back Support, Clickability just as quickly. WHY PUPPET? • Ease of Use – Compared against CFengine and other solutions, Clickability chose Puppet because it was easy to understand, implement and maintain. Puppet proved to be far less complicated and provided additional benefits for web server configuration. • Greater Flexibility – Clickability felt Puppet was a robust, flexible system thatAbout Puppet Labs was well suited to their current web operations environment. By streamlining the build and configuration management processes, Puppet meets Clickability’s highPuppet Labs develops and expectations and operations needs.commercially supports Puppet, theleading open source platform for • Training and Support – The Puppet community has been beneficial to Clickabilityenterprise systems management. by addressing any limitations and problems. Attending both Puppet training classesWith millions of nodes under and Puppet Camp helped Clickability’s system administrators better understand howmanagement and thousands of to resolve common issues and increase the value they obtained from implementingusers, including Twitter, NYSE,Zynga, Genentech,, Puppet.eBay, NYU, and Oracle, Puppet • Supports Rapid Growth – Clickability has grown from 100 million pages servedstandardizes the way IT staff deployand manage infrastructure in the for their customers to over 600 million pages served for their customers in the pastenterprise and the cloud. two years. This rapid growth would have been impossible without the configuration management automation provided by Puppet.www.puppetlabs.com877-575-9775411 NW Park Avenue, 5th floorPortland OR 97209 © 2010 Puppet Labs All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.