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Report Opn Achanak Mdp Mar10

  1. 1. “Mission 10vi Pass” Operation Achanak for Std # 1 17-27 Mar 2010 Ninad Patil 27th March 2010
  2. 2. Mission 10Vi Pass • By now most of the SPTM members know what “Mission 10vi Pass” (MDP) is all about. It’s a Pune City wide campaign to significantly improve traffic discipline & is a brain-child of SPTM. (Save Pune Traffic Movement) • As the traffic discipline in Pune city is deteriorated to it’s highest low, time has come for “back-to-school”. • The campaign is a citizen’s campaign with a step- by-step reinforcement of traffic rules, starting from the simple to more difficult rules to implement. (10 steps/ standards)
  3. 3. Opration Ishara & Achanak • As a part of on-road awareness and “Visibility” of the campaign, it was decided along with Police (DCP Traffic Mr. Manoj Patil) that SPTM volunteers would create awareness on select crossings in Pune, where traffic infrastructure is in place (Signals & Zebras in working condition). • This part was named as “Opration Ishara”, (Alarm) which is now being followed by “Operation Achanak” (Sudden action on violators) carried out by Police. • Sections of busy Karve Road, Paud Road and near by sections were selected for Oparation Achanak . • These included, – Nal Stop, Athavale chowk, CDSS, Karnatak highchool, Hutatma Rajguru (Karishma) chowk, Mrityunjayeshwar madir chowk, Karve Putala chowk and Ogale chowk on Paud Road.
  4. 4. Operation Achanak • The crossings and the time slots were then pre- allocated to the team of Police Constable, Traffic Wardens & SPTM Volunteers. • The entire activity was pre-decided and supported by Police under the guidance of API Mr. Sureshkumar Raut & PI Amrut Shivtare of Kothrud Police station. • The idea was to hide near the crossing and catch the “zebra” violators in ‘achanak’ way. While Police were supposed to catch and fine the violators, SPTM volunteers’ job was to counsel the violator, in case the violator was referred to SPTM by Police.
  5. 5. Operation Achanak • Following SPTM volunteers were part of this operation and SPTM is proud to have such dedicated pool of volunteers. Thanks a ton to all of them. – Sameer Dhere Madhukar Bhatia – Pramod Sanjagiri Vaijayanti Divekar – Archana Joshi Bhalchandra Hebalkar – Ninad Patil Sujoy Bose – Kshitija Athavale Ketaki Karandikar – Parag Kulkarni Mayur Bhave – Animesh Prabhugaonkar Chandrashekhar Kolhatkar – Abhijit Wadadekar Nitin Khamamkar – Madhuri Shinde Rishikeh Ghare – Harshad Abhyankar Rajendra Sidhaye • The team of Police & SPTM caught over 600 Zebra Violators during these 10 days !!
  6. 6. Operation Achanak in full swing
  7. 7. Operation Achanak in full swing
  8. 8. Here are some ‘reactions’ from our own volunteers • Parag Kulkarni: All in all, it was a good experience. We successfully convinced people how they have broken basic rule. We caught 19 defaulters during 45 mins. Commuters respect volunteers, even when Police are not around. • Ninad Patil : One college going boy started arguing with Police too heavily that how come they are letting others (especially car owners) go. Being witness to the entire episode I intervened myself. Cooled the boy down and told him about the entire mission and how it is humanly impossible for police to catch everyone. I urged him to take all ill feelings out and start thinking of making difference to his own future !! He then said (to my surprise) that I would like to join you right now and help you catch/ counsel the violators. He then helped wardens to identify and catch violators. At the end of his 30 mins stint, he was a convert !! • Vaijayanti Divekar: On the bright side, during many cycles of the signal, ALL the people stopped before the stop line without any cop in sight. Yes, I think we are making a difference.
  9. 9. Here are some ‘reactions’ from our own volunteers • Sujoy Bose: I was @ nal stop this morning. I waited there for about 20 odd minutes for Police arrive. At around 1030 one constable arrived (After The Alloted TIME to US). SO my score for the day was only 10 . But the positive part is my total score is 68. • Kshitija Athavale: This guy started arguing with the constable as soon as he stopped him and took his license. The constable then asked him to talk to me. I explained him the rule and asked him to pay the fine. He started with "Madam, yeh rule to pata nahin tha. Aaap ko pahle logon ko batana chahiye." And the next sentence was very funny. "Mumbai mein aisa rule hai yeh to pata tha. Par yahan pe bhi yeh rule hai ye pata nahin tha. Ab muze pata chal gaya hai, toh agli bar se dhyan mein rakhunga.“ Then I said "Sir isi liye toh aapko fine bharna chahiye. so that agli bar se aap jyada acche se dhyan mein rakhoge." • Chandrashekhar Kolhatkar: Later I telephoned API Mr. Raut to thank him for helping Op. Achanak. He appreciated work done by whole of SPTM team and expected continued co-operation and Op. Achanak on a continued basis. Found that during operation almost 85-90 % of vehicle riders were following traffic discipline. Still there were 10 -15 % arrogent people deliberately violating Traffic Rules. These 10-15% are the people who encourage good people to follow them and break traffic rules. On regular basis if Police catch such people and force them to fall in line I am sure Traffic Situation will improve fast.
  10. 10. •Thank you